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We've gathered 20 Tumblr-created John Green photo quotes that make us feel, well, all the feels. Get faster updatesDownload the free Breaking News app for faster updates, alerts and live video. The Colorado River is one of the principal rivers of the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico (the other being the Rio Grande). Known for its dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids, the Colorado is a vital source of water for agricultural and urban areas in much of the southwestern desert lands of North America.
Beginning with small bands of nomadic hunter-gatherers, Native Americans have inhabited the Colorado River basin for at least 8,000 years.
Major engineering of the river basin began around the start of the 20th century, with many guidelines established in a series of domestic and international treaties known as the "Law of the River". The damming and diversion of the Colorado River system have been opposed by the environmental movement in the American Southwest because of the detrimental effect on the ecology and natural beauty of the river and its tributaries.
Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. Vivid depiction: The liquor store where 23-year-old John Juarez was shot in the 2004 murder, also seen in Garcia's tattoo. The great celebrity house price slump: Suddenly, stars can't shift their mansions - no matter how many millions they lop off the price.
One of the most vicious and titanic struggles during WWII was the infamous Eastern Front–the war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. One of the major factors that contributed to the devastating losses the Soviets suffered at the hands of the Germans was Stalin’s purging of the professional officer corps within the Soviet Army. Soviet Commissars were known by the red star on the sleeve of their uniform.  The Germans later implemented the merciless Commissar Order, which called for the execution of all captured Soviet Commissars on site. But as one evil ruler (Stalin) of a giant state machine set his own military and people up for untold suffering, Der Fuhrer (Hitler) was setting his own military and people up for annihilation as well. When the Nazi armies first entered the Ukraine, they were welcomed as liberators–such was the hatred for Stalin.
A gruesome photo of the Gestapo officers shooting a Russian peasant through the back of his head. Desertions and suicides among the Wehrmacht (German Regular Army) were beginning to increase after the failure of the Kursk Offensive and the crushing defeat of Field Marshal Von Paulus’ Sixth Army at Stalingrad on the banks of the Volga River in early February 1943. As dissension began to grow among the ranks of the Wehrmacht, the German High Command (OKW) began to implement severe measures against their own troops. But by 1943 as the tide of war changed for Nazi Germany, the Feldgendarmerie were given the task to maintain discipline in the Wehrmacht. Of course, not all Germans approved of the barbaric tactics being employed by their own leaders. I wonder if I could do what the young German conscientious objector age did back during those awful times. Author, blogger, editor, researcher, graphic artist, software engineer, carpenter, woodworker, guitar shredder and a strict constitutionalist. This entry was posted in American Culture, American Patriotism, American Sovereignty, Christianity, Communism, Conservatism, Fascism, History, National Defense, National Security, Totalitarianism, War, Word War II. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.

Just ask Tumblr, where there seem to be photo quotes from his books, YouTube videos and interviews abound. Fellow Nerdfighters, click through the slideshow below and tell us, which one is your favorite? The 1,450-mile (2,330 km) Colorado River drains an expansive, arid watershed that encompasses parts of seven U.S. The river and its tributaries are controlled by an extensive system of dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts, which in most years divert its entire flow to furnish irrigation and municipal water supply for almost 40 million people both inside and outside the watershed. Between 2,000 and 1,000 years ago, the river and its tributaries fostered large agricultural civilizations, which may have been some of the most sophisticated indigenous cultures in North America. During the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, environmental organizations vowed to block any further development of the river, and a number of later dam and aqueduct proposals were defeated by citizen opposition. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before.
At first, like most boys my age, I just wanted to check out the pictures–tanks, planes, soldiers and the like. In my own experience, many Americans aren’t very knowledgeable about the ferocity of the fighting which occurred in the cities and lonely steppes of Mother Russia following the German invasion. The Soviets suffered over one million casualties in the first months of Operation Barbarossa alone.
There have been numerous incidents recorded of the NKVD being better armed than the Soviet troops in battle against the Nazis, yet these arms were used against Soviet troops who would run from the front-line because they had not been armed. Hitler’s maniacal insistence to fight to the last man at Stalingrad proved disastrous for the German Army and the momentum then swung to the Soviets. Many ordinary soldiers deemed to be deserters were summarily executed by Feldgendarmerie units. One story that clearly illustrates the struggle to heed one’s conscience in the midst of death and destruction can be found in a series entitled The German Wehrmacht (Pt. The Colorado's large flow and steep gradient are used for generating hydroelectric power, and its major dams regulate peaking power demands in much of the Intermountain West.
These societies are believed to have collapsed because of a combination of severe drought and poor land use practices. Several expeditions charted the Colorado in the mid-19th century, one of which, led by John Wesley Powell in 1869, was the first to run the rapids of the Grand Canyon. As demands for Colorado River water continue to rise, the level of human development and control of the river continues to generate controversy. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buried.Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. It was an illustrated encyclopedia of the Second World War that arrived as a weekly supplement. But once I had bored at looking at the same image over and over again, I attempted to start reading the articles. It was a colossal clash of two giant state machines that resulted in the brutal deaths of millions and millions of people. Soviet defenses were simply overwhelmed by the violent onslaught of modern combined operations being employed by the Germans from the air and the ground.
Some have stated it was due to a grudge Stalin formed when he was refused entry into the Russian Army during World War One on medical grounds.
The Nazis engaged in a brutal and genocidal rampage which turned the Ukrainian population firmly against the Nazis.
This earned them the pejorative Kettenhunde (English: chained dogs) after the gorget they wore with their uniforms. I believe in individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and a strong defense.

This intensive consumption has dried up the lower 100 miles (160 km) of the river, such that it has reached the sea only a few times since the 1960s.
Most native peoples that inhabit the basin today are descended from other groups that settled in the region beginning about 1,000 years ago. American explorers collected valuable information that would later be used to develop the river for navigation and water supply.
Most of the major dams in the river basin were built between 1910 and 1970, and the system keystone, Hoover Dam, was completed in 1935. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. The magazines provided an objective, chronological, and comprehensive history of World War Two. The Soviet Army was ill-prepared to deal with a well-disciplined fighting force like the German Army (Wehrmacht) and Luftwaffe (German Air Force).
But one might surmise the reason for the purge was Stalin’s need to gain complete control over the military. The arbitrary and brutal policing of soldiers gave them the other nickname Heldenklauer (English: hero-snatcher) because they screened refugees and hospital transports for potential deserters with orders to kill suspected malingerers. After entering Mexico, the Colorado approaches the large Colorado River Delta at the tip of the Gulf of California between Baja California and Sonora.
Europeans first entered the Colorado Basin in the 16th century, when explorers from Spain began mapping and claiming the area, which later became part of Mexico upon its independence in 1821.
Large-scale settlement of the lower basin began in the mid- to late-19th century, with steamboats providing transportation from the Gulf of California to landings along the Colorado River that linked to wagon roads into the interior of New Mexico Territory. The Colorado is now considered among the most controlled and litigated rivers in the world, with every drop of its water fully allocated. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever. Many of the articles were written by people who had experienced the conflict first-hand–both military and civilian.
But as I read more and more, my interest increased into why such a horrible struggle had ever occurred in the first place.
Rear-echelon personnel would also be checked for passes that permitted them to be away from the front.
Early contact between foreigners and natives was generally limited to the fur trade in the headwaters and sporadic trade interactions along the lower river. Lesser numbers settled in the upper basin, which was the scene of major gold strikes in the 1860s and 1870s.
By the time of the German invasion, there were very few competent and trained officers to lead the Soviet troops in battle. Russian civilians were regularly raped, tortured and executed by German forces at the Eastern Front. It was the Russian people and military that won the war against the Nazis on the Eastern Front, not Stalin.
Heinz Drossel, a former Wehrmacht soldier who served from 1941-1945 on the Eastern Front, described his experience of witnessing a young 20 year-old Wehrmacht soldier (unknown) who turned in his weapons to his ordinance officer after three days of fighting on the Eastern Front (Pt.
Drossel claims he tried to talk the young soldier into just firing in the air, but the young 20 year-old Wehrmacht soldier would hear none of it. Drossel alleges the young Wehrmacht soldier was led out early in the morning to be executed by firing squad by his own men.

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