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1987 - 1997Melissa Leo dated actor John Heard in the 1980s, and the couple had one son together, John Matthew (Jack).
Leo is the only normal kid in the Davenport Family until Douglas gave him bionics in You Posted What?!? He was the only normal kid in the Davenport family, until Douglas gave him bionics in "You Posted What?!?" Pt.
He didn't return to the spin-off "Lab Rats: Elite Force", but he will make guest appearances. Laser Sphere Projection: In You Posted What?!?, according to Douglas, Leo can generate laser energy and form them Into laser spheres from his fingers.
Super Strength: Though Not as strong as Adam, Leo is shown to have superhuman strength with his right arm, allowing him to be strong enough to crush Perry's hand and making it become broken and swollen.

Energy Transference: This is one of Leo hidden abilities until Rise of the Secret Soldiers. Also, part of the purpose of that post was to marvel at the size of the guy’s hands like a patrons of a state fair. You’d think he has some kind of weird hand disease based on the size of them because each finger is like an extra limb. At school, Leo is considered the kid in the "bottom food chain" considering he gets wedgies on a daily basis from the football team.
Kawhi Leonard’s girlfriend is from San Diego, and they met while Kawhi was attending SDSU. With the help of his siblings, he starts to climb up the food chain and starts to get noticed in school.

Kishele has taken a recent interest in home decoration and design, saving all kinds of interior ideas on her Pinterest account.
It can certainly be said that she has big plans for her and Kawhi making a happy home together!

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