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I’m writing this small review because I found a new chat-application which I want to share with all of you. Design: I really like the design of Whatsapp, the black background makes it really nice on a Lumia. Some parts are still missing in Kik Messenger, and I don’t know if they will ever included.
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Whether you're an existing vaper or looking to try vaping as a safer alternative to conventional smoking, the Vape 01 Starter Kit is an affordable solution that offers the very best in pleasure and performance. The KiK Vape 01 starter kit is manufactured to the highest standard for uncompromising safety and quality.

Unlike many cheap version on the market, the KiK CE4 Clearomizer supplied within each kit has 8 individual cotton threads to regulate the intake of liquid and to prolong the life of your clearomizer. Using the Whatsapp messenger on Windows Phone frustrated me since I started using it (but I can’t be without ?? ) on my Nokia Lumia 800, and I think I found a nice replacement. I like to receive them, but using Whatsapp on Windows Phone you get really small, I think unicode, signs that should be the emoticons your friend sent you.
On every update I checked the settings, to see if they included this functionality, but untill now it’s still not included.
The 650mAh battery uses Platinum Core Battery Cell Technology, offering the same great KiK you would expect with a longer life electronic cigarette between charges. Kik Messenger already has this feature (I only checked Windows Phone), see the settings and you will find the option to send your message using the Enter key.

The chat-screen is using soft colors, they are nice and in perfect combination but maybe I would like to see an option to have the black background there too. To be honest, I have to get used to it again, but the enter-button is bigger, and more easy to access, so finally it will safe me some frustrations of mis-tapping the send-icon in the toolbar.

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