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Hatch, match and dispatch threadSad news, the BIG man of opera has passed away at the age of 71.
Quote: Motherwell captain Phil O'Donnell has died after collapsing towards the end of his side's Scottish Premier League game against Dundee United. The 35-year-old midfielder fell to the ground just as he was about to be replaced with Marc Fitzpatrick near the end of Motherwell's 5-3 victory. He made a massive contribution to the entertainment industry, I think we should give him a big hand. Stuball wrote: If you are a regular McDonalds eater you might want to hold a moment of silence.
Raymond, 82, the son of a Liverpool lorry driver, founded a huge pornographic empire which included magazines such as Mayfair and Men Only. MULTIMILLIONAIRE porn baron Paul Raymond, once dubbed the ’King of Soho’, has died aged 82. A friend said the impresario, who was said to be worth ?650m in 2004, had passed away on Sunday morning. Restaurateur Mark Fuller, a family friend and joint owner of Embassy Restaurant and Members Club, confirmed the death and paid tribute to Raymond.
Raymond made his name in 1958 when he opened the Raymond Revuebar strip club in Soho, which at the time was the only one in Britain to stage live striptease shows. Gary Gygax, co-creator of the first role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, has died at the age of 69. Gygax, who developed the game in 1974 with Dave Arneson, had been suffering from health problems for several years.

Famous for its mythical creatures and odd-shaped dice, Dungeons and Dragons was an instant success that spawned a slew of video games, books and films. Gygax was also a author who wrote numerous fantasy books, including the Greyhawk series of adventure novels. His father, a Swiss immigrant, read fantasy books that got his son hooked on the genre, according to Gygax's widow Gail. Gygax was working as an insurance underwriter in the 1960s when he began playing war-themed board games. It was these that inspired him and Arneson to develop Dungeons and Dragons, in which players create fictional characters by rolling dice that determine their skills and abilities.
An estimated 20 million people worldwide have played the game, with more than $1bn (?505m) spent on equipment and books. Gygax and Arneson sold their rights to Dungeons and Dragons in the 1990s, when the game's popularity began to wane. Alex Glass wrote: There was a discussion about that very subject on the ebay forums last night apparently. Neil Aspinall - The fifth Beatle diesI am ashamed to say that as a Beatle fan I missed this news and should have posted in a couple of days ago. A true Glaswegian and a strong family man my thoughts are with his family at this very sad time. A rare breed was Tommy, he was just your typical down to earth regular Glasgow guy with a passion for the game and has left a large void not only in his family but in Scottish football as a whole. Clive Hornby, who played Jack Sugden in ITV1 soap EmmerdaleIt was announced in January that Hornby would be taking a break from the soap because of ill health.

The star had been in Emmerdale for 28 years after signing up on a three-month contract and was the soap's longest-serving cast member. Hornby, the third actor to play Jack Sugden, enjoyed success as drummer with 1960s Liverpool band The Dennisons.
After The Dennisons split up, Hornby became an actor, attending the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art before working in repertory theatre. He went on to appear in a number of TV shows including Gerry Anderson's Space 1999 and army sitcom Get Some In, which also starred My Family actor Robert Lindsay. Jack, the son of Jacob and Annie Sugden, married teenage sweetheart Pat in 1982 but she died in 1986 leaving him to bring up their baby, Robert, on his own.
I use to read his column in the Pink Times where he answered any question on football and it was always interesting to read the answers he provided. The legendary movie voice guy known as Don LaFontaine passed away on Monday at the age of 68.
Former Lord Provost Bob GrayBob Gray who was the Lord Provost on Glasgow District Council from 1984-88 died on Thursday 11th September 2008 age 80. Hugo Drax wrote: I saw them perform The Wall in Earls Court back in 1980 - happy memories. He clearly was not getting enough love or something and decided to turn himself in mincemeat by jumping off a building.

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