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This Destiny how to get Exotic weapons guide explains where to find the most difficult to obtain weapons, the Destiny Exotic gear items.
Find out where to get Exotic Weapons in Destiny: The detailed overview for each of the Exotic Weapon locations is listed below! Although complete, this list is a work-in-progress and will be updated when more Exotics get discovered! Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock), Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Warlock), No Backup Plans (Titan), Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan), Lucky Raspberry (Hunter), and Achlyophage Symbiote (Hunter).
Where to get an Exotic Bounty?: You will at random get Exotic Weapon Bounties from the Bounty Trader at the Tower when you give him other finished Bounties. How to increase your chances to get an Exotic Bounty?: Complete as many normal Daily Bounties as possible, then turn them all in at once very fast to up your chances of a random Exotic Bounty reward! Another Destiny's story comes to an end – here's everything you need to know to unlock successfully the new exotic weapon Sleeper Simulant. Entering the correct sequence will let you access a new quest, which will ask you to speed run Cayde's tower in under four minutes. The black market vendor Xur, who sells it as part of his weekly changing inventory, can be found in The Tower on Earth in weekends only between Friday 9AM and Sunday. After following the first corridor to the end you can choose to either go left or right, take a right to the dead end where Xur is hiding in the shadows. Each of these are powerful assets in both PvP and raiding that allow for faster target acquisition as well as increased damage output within the detonation zone.
It’s a reward for completing an Exotic Bounty that you sometimes get from the Postmaster.

To begin with, you have to run The First  Firewall mission, going to the Cosmodrome, taking and completing it you will get an item called Curious Transceiver. Complete this quest and get the Ikelos Fusion Core, you will need to repair it before you can use, so here's the list of steps you've got to make. This quest will require you to defeat the Fallen SABER Strike at light level 280, and will reward you with the Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame, which you'll have to bring to Banshee at the Tower in change of the Sleeper Simulant. And with the recent release of Destiny 2.0, the debate on which actor did the better voice-work has already begun.
You have to survive only 5 Strikes, the counter is not reset to zero when you die in a Strike. If the next match you have 5 kills & 6 deaths, your counter goes down to 8, because 5-6=-1. It’s hard to imagine how “Eye of the Storm” would be especially useful for the already-accurate scout rifle. Boolean Gemini – The scout rifle formerly known as the 347 Vesta has the perks Unflinching, One Way (increased Agility after precision kills) and Or Another (increased Armor on non-precision kills), the choice between the last two being a no-brainer (why would you incentivize non-precision kills?). Is it still the Needler if it rewards multikills with orb spawns for our allies (Harbinger’s Spark)? Its nominal perk increases scope zoom as well as the ability to aim under fire while crouching, and it’s Blinding Light perk creates a chance of a flash bang effect on nearby enemies after precision kills. It also features Perfectionist, a perk that replenishes the whole magazine if all shots fired are precision kills. The Swords – The expansion’s swords essentially share the same perks other than their special moves, and together form a sort of paper-rock-scissors dynamic.

The Solar (Raze-Lighter), Arc (Bolt-Caster) and Void (Dark Drinker) swords all feature the melee attack Sword Strike, and all three have a parry against the other two kinds of attacks. As for special moves, the Raze-Lighter has the Phoenix Uppercut (a badass uppercut), the Bolt-Caster has Sword of Thunder (a badass lightning bolt with an AoE effect) and the Dark Drinker has the Supermassive Vortex (your standard badass AoE).
The swords are definitely game-changers, but of the three, we tentatively think the Dark Drinker could be the most effective.In response to overwhelming community opinion, Bungie hired voice actor Nolan North (the Uncharted series) to record the expansion’s new dialogue for Ghost, the game’s pithy AI character. They also recorded North over Peter Dinklage’s original lines, a move that should generate perpetual ammo for Northbot vs. Dinklebot arguments for the foreseeable future.Judging from the video above, the source of Dinklebot’s arguably phoned in lines wasn’t Dinklage’s performance, but rather the style of the dialogue itself (or Bungie’s voice work direction). North is able to bring a little more emotion to Ghost’s sarcastic, understated lines, but not much; for some, the new vocal treatment might actually vindicate Dinklage’s interpretation. The Taken King may take a different approach to better suit North’s voice-acting style, but for now, the jury is still out on the Northbot vs. Dinklebot question.No doubt, Destiny players are excited for the new loot and full changes that are coming in The Taken King. In the meantime, Bungie is tracking a few bugs that cropped up as part of the 2.0 launch, including missing quest and patrol rewards as well as a few game-breaking glitches.

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