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Crossing paths can be frustrating enough, but if you see or hear about your ex with another man just a few days or weeks after you broke up, the pain can be almost unbearable. This may not help alleviate your heartbreak after finding out your ex is seeing some new guy already, but the reality is her new boy-toy is just a rebound. Most rebound relationships last 3-5 weeks, and the few that survive longer typically tend to slowly die away after a month. So, we’re established that this new guy your ex girlfriend is dating is almost certainly just a rebound. When your ex does end up breaking up with her rebound partner, she’ll probably be almost as depressed as she was when she broke up with you.
This is where you can probably start to see why your ex girlfriend’s rebound relationship is actually good news for you and your chances of getting back together with your ex.
Because your ex girlfriend is having these second thoughts and doubting her decision to end the relationship with you, you’re in a perfect position to re-establish communication.
By taking advantage of the fact that you suddenly look like a great option in contrast to the loser she was dating as a rebound, you can make yourself look like a much more desirable, logical choice for your ex girlfriend. Like I said, your goal is to paint yourself in stark contrast to this guy your ex dated as a rebound. You need to re-initiate contact slowly, beginning by sending either subtle text messages that offer no clues about your intentions or by calling and asking simple non-threatening questions that have absolutely no connection with your relationship and romantic interests in getting back together. Again, I’ll have to stress that re-starting communication with your ex should be done slowly and carefully.

If you need step-by-step instructions on how to send Strong Signals and make your ex girlfriend see you in a new light, consider investing in The Ex Factor Guide, which will give you a complete walk-through on the process of re-seducing your ex and building a healthier future together.
ReplyMMJune 11, 2015 at 2:24 pmHi, I have a question about how to go about getting my ex girlfriend back. Relationship Repair 101How To Survive A BreakupWhat you need to do to survive the initial post-breakup depression & begin healing.
QUIZ: Can You Get Your Ex Back?Use this free, interactive quiz tool to find out whether there's still hope for your relationship -- or whether it's a lost cause.
Ways To Make Her JealousLeverage the power of jealousy to trick your ex into changing her mind.
Sneaky Texts To Send To Your ExSend her one of these powerful text messages to get her thinking about you again. Rebounds: Dating After BreakupConsider dating other women as a strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. Stealing Her Back From A New BoyfriendEven if your ex has moved on and is dating a new man, you can still win back her heart. Preventing Breakup & Keeping Her InterestedMaintain a healthy relationship & prevent breakup by employing these simple strategies to keep her interested.
15 Traits Women Look For In A ManLearn how to resolve differences and effectively manage conflict in your relationship. He is doing his damnedest to win his ex-wife Paula back, and the music video for "Get Her Back" off his new album "Paula" is no exception.The clip is shot in a stark contrast and features a plethora of presumably real text messages exchanged between the former love birds popping up throughout.Look how sorry he is!

Just because your ex is already dating someone new doesn’t mean your chances of getting her back are dashed forever. It’s just a way for some people to deal with the pain and loneliness that accompany breakups.
And we’ve discussed the fact that the vast majority of rebound relationships only last 3-5 weeks, and then come to an abrupt halt. In fact, sometimes the end end of a rebound can be even worse than the initial breakup it was intended to cover up.
You need her to think that you’re smart, funny, and sexy while this rebound dude was a boring loser. Well, that’s another topic that needs significantly more time and space than is available in this article.
In rare cases the rebound may eventually turn into something more genuine, but that’s definitely an unlikely scenario.
The entire process should be done without her ever realizing that you want to get back together with her. This new guy wasn’t right, so how many men will she have to date before she finds someone who is compatible?

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