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Tagged: rihanna, chris brown, chrianna, Jasmine Sanders, mijo, paula deanda, fan fiction, fanfic, the Zodiac, series, book 3, Pisces, chapter 32, R, astrology, . He smiled, she was so cute, even back then and some of the photos were so good for blackmail. She got sick of following them and their entourages around so she went back to school and got her MBA and started her own makeup line. It went well for awhile and was a best seller on the Home Shopping Network but she wasnt the next Mary Kay or Avon like she wanted to be.

As soon as they walked in the door, her mother reamed her about what happened at the Fashion Rocks after party. Jasmeen understood where her mother was coming from but she knew that her business would be a success. She just judged Jasmeen even further.Jasmeen had to drag her mother into the kitchen while she yelled at her. Her father followed them, he tried to be a ref in their disagreements but he always gave up.

Leaving Mijo standing there awkwardly in the living room with Jason, who was more interested in his new iPhone than anything.
Jasmeen had a glass of water for Mijo and he smiled at her as she put it down on a coaster.

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