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How can one have creative energy when it takes all one has to get through the day? Seamus' focus in therapy is the healing and flourishing of the whole person rather than "fixing" some stress-produced symptom. Though skilled in the traditional (psychodynamic) approaches to therapy, Seamus often favors the result-oriented approaches of Cognitive (or Rational Emotive or Dialectic) Behavioral Therapy.
This approach is the one most often recommended for those suffering from stress-related disorders, depression and anxiety.
Cognitive Emotive Therapy is highly recommended also for those in recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction who have previously attempted to manage stress by chemical means. It is efficient in that it is by nature short-term and effective in that it gets to the problem and provides remedies speedily.

Where else is there to look for advice?The most personal and authentic guide to what we should be doing actually is our emotions. Oh really! My mother's desire that I become a doctor or my teacher's wish that I learn classical Greek etc].
Pain is the signal alerting the mind to the presence of an injury in some part of the body – a sore toe or damaged knee for example.
The Pain is clearly not the same thing as the Injury that it is reporting. If the pain message is interfered with or completely blocked by a pain-killer, the injury remains as bad as ever.

In that case though, the person can go on blithely ignoring the injury - playing tennis on the damaged knee, for example – until there is a mechanical collapse.  In a somewhat parallel way, Feelings are the transmission of information to the mind about what is happening in the Emotions. 55 CE – born a slave, became a Stoic philosopher — among his greatest admirers - who echoed many of his ideas - Marcus Aurelius, Emperor(161-180)           Some things are within your control and some things are not.

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