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To the list of things that are quintessentially Canadian—Robertson screws, hockey, maple syrup—I’d add the Muskoka chair.
For this project, I revised the chair’s design a bit and made the seat easier to get out of, and incorporated a footstool for added comfort. With the base pieces joined together by the seat slats, it’s on to the front and back uprights. Spam attacts on this website have become extraordinary, so the user registration has been turned off. I bought a 2006 Shadow VT750 Areo in October this year and really loved riding for a week or so b4 the snow started falling. I put a little bit of a Stabilizer fluid into the tank and let the engine run for about 5 minutes or so. Full tank and stabilizer are good, but I was always told to turn the petcock off and run the carb dry. I prefer moving the bike at least once a week to prevent the tires from remembering the bulge at the ground.
I modified my motorcycle floor jack so it would clear the bottom of the engine and raise my motorcycle using the frame.
I changed the oil and filter before storing last year, thought was fresh oil no acids or particles left in over winter. The two most important things are Stabilize the gas, and don't start the engine during storage unless you can RIDE it up to normal operating temperature. I just checked it out and from the colours it seems to be 90% desert and 10% green countryside with no indication of a city. That would imply that they knew how their next GTA would look like when they when developing GTA IV.
QUOTE (gtamodeller @ Saturday, Jan 26 2013, 10:39) is this maybe the edinburgh castle? To create the shape, lay all back pieces together tightly and make sure they are square at the bottom.
I like chair arms big enough to accommodate a beverage and a novel, which is the recipe for a great day in your new chair. The length of the arm has a gentle curve but is square on the inside edge of the back end to allow for easy attachment to the back upright. Spray finishing is often easier with a project such as this if it has been assembled first. Although there are various other ways to make nail buttons, this method uses a standard button die to make the button. I top off the fuel, add a good fuel stabilizer (I use Star Tron) and for the last month I rode around with fuel stabilizer in the tank just in case that was my last ride.

When I lived in cold country I just used a 6x6 or 8x8 under the frame and shims to get the weight off the tires.
Modern tires don't flat spot when aired properly, and it won't hurt them to sit on cement for 3 or 4 months. The fuel inside will evaporate in a month or so anyway, and the carb will be dry at start up either way. Is this it?EDIT: yep pretty sure its just a castle: Who is Alex from the note on the right? Rockstar North is set edinburgh I think that's pretty spot on, look at the shapes, the castle block and the round bit just under, and on a cliff. Leave the last slat, the one that will be behind the vertical back slats, off until the back is in position.
The seat slat attached to the bottom of the back slats should rest in the notches in the base pieces.
Cut an arm with a jigsaw, then transfer its dimensions to another workpiece to create a mirror copy.
Once the finish has dried, grab a sunny location and a cool drink and relax on a truly Canadian work of art.
In my opinion, the Canuck version is a better, more sophisticated design, as the Adirondack has a straight back (often just a solid plank) and a flat seat; whereas, the Muskoka chair has curved back slats and an arched seat. Make one by driving a nail through one end of a thin, straight board and taping a pencil to the other.
The upper back support should be roughly 23" from the bottom, but verify its location using the back uprights, which will sit just beneath the upper back support. The front of the footrest is capped with a wider, longer front slat, which you should cut and attach now. Attach the last seat slat to the bases and drive a few screws through the end back slats into the back uprights. I used a radius of 30" across the tops of all the back pieces and a 6" radius for the sides of the end pieces. If the legs pivot nicely, remove the screws and place a washer on each one, between the leg and the rail, to ensure a bit of clearance when the footrest is slid under the chair.
Attach the wedge-shaped arm supports to the outside of the front uprights and the bottoms of the arms with two more screws each.
I shut the fuel petcock off and run the carburetor dry (I know there are different views on this one some say yes - others say no) but in 40 some years of running fuel out of the carb, I have NEVER had my gaskets dry out, leaks, etc. Potty and crate training were very easy and she was sleeping through the night after only three days at home.
Cut and attach the rail guides to the inside of these bases, then test to make sure the footrest slides in nicely.

The screw heads will be hidden later, behind the second-last slat, once everything is in place.
It doesn’t hurt to keep things a little loose to allow for any wood expansion that may occur. I will put a cover over my bike shortly so it doesn't get dusty or full of snow when I open the garage and it's blowing outside. A If you have heard from any of the other owners - I would love to know how big her sisters are.A I hope you are well - thanks for breeding the best labs!
When we sit on the sofa he lies on us.Saw snow for the first time on Sunday and is addicted to it. He even used to jump in the tub with Madison whenever he was in the bathroom with us.A  Thank goodness I finally broke him of that habit though. He really seems to love going to school.A  It seems that Shiloh loves life and everyone that comes into his.
He is excellent with other people, cats, dogs etc.A  He waits for the mailman everyday- for him to pet him over the fence! They were going to be euthanized at the SPCA but we saved them in the nick of time and now we are fostering them until they are old enough to be adopted to permanent homes.Scout loves them! Ia€™m sure John will have more details (and pictures too) about this, but Lexi has been a great hunting dog too. She gives him kisses all the time and he is just starting to learn how to play fetch with her. I will send some pictures when the baby arrives so you can really see how big Lexi has gotten. The vet was very impressed with her and even said that he hasn't seen a puppy that nice in a long time.
She is picking it up fast she hasn't one time since she came home had an overnight accident. She was the youngest puppy there and she was just so excited that she just ran around in circles trying to get other dogs to chase her.A  She still LOVES to swim just as much as when she was very little.
The only newest picture that I have of her is with Allen snuggling on the couch-which is their absolute favorite thing to do.

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