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A designer named Peng ZhongA is so strongly opposed to PRISM, the NSA's domestic spying program, that he created a site to educate people on how to "opt out" of it. According to the original report that brought PRISM to public attention, the nine companies that "participate knowingly" with the NSA are Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple.
Zhong's approach is to replace your workflow with open-source tools that aren't attached to these companies, since they easily stay off the government's radar. This is a slower process than quitting cold turkey, but some children are so bonded to their paci that cold turkey might mean hell for awhile and break your heart into pieces.
Find a special blankie, plush toy, something your child already is or can become bonded to, and put that in bed with them at night and let them use it when they feel the need. If your child is 2 years of age on up, they should be able to comprehend most of everything that you say with clarity. Show your child through praise that going without the nookie is a really good and very positive thing. This is always an option but this can be brutal and I personally just don’t have the stomach for it. Do it to all of them so when your child goes for another nookie and another one (because we all know we have a stash of many), it won’t feel quite the same and may deter some children from continuing on with it.
Of course, only a slightly older tot will understand this concept, but it does work for some.
You can opt to simply wait out the pacifier situation, but the longer they are on it, the harder it is to give it up.

I’m in this age period now with my Annie and am going to start trying some of these things today. This is true because my 1st two many years ago were given pacis and were hooked, and one of the twins, (the one who happened to be in the NICU) was given a soothie and that is how it all began.
Try giving them access to the pacifiers less and less slowly over the course of a week or so.
Since using a pacifier is all about having something calming for baby, a better for them substitute might just help do the trick.
Again, this is best for older children who understand things and can rationalize and comprehend what you are saying and doing. It can be a really tough time for the child and parent, especially during times they like to soothe most: When they are sleepy, frightened, in the car, taking a nap, going off to bed at night. It may just end the problem altogether, much like is suggested for thumb suckers as well since you can’t physically take that away from them. Just be sure if you go this route to supervise your child while they are using it or attempting to use it should I say.
Explain to them on their level that the pacifier fairy takes the nookies and hands them off to little babies who do not have any nooks to call their own and really need them.
Later on they develop the motor skills to be able to locate it on their own and to pop it back in their mouths without trouble, but that takes some time.
My 6 year old and other twin did not get one in the hospital and did not become paci-addicts.

Soon enough the nookie may only be used for naps and bedtime and not for during the day soothing. Remember for small babies not to put stuffed animals and blankets in the crib overnight due to the increased risk of SIDS. Tell them or even show them that binkies are for babies and not big boys and girls which they now are.
When they see how happy and proud this makes you, they may opt to continue making mommy so happy by self-weaning from the nook.
The reality is that somewhere between the ages of 24 and 28 months pacifier sucking may have an affect on a toddler’s mouth and teeth. It may take all of these for us to get there with her, but later in life her teeth will thank us. Maybe it is that easy for some or maybe she forgot the massive meltdown that followed thereafter, but maybe it can be that simple in certain cases.

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