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While chasing a Frisbee, a dog effortlessly nails a front handspring… despite the fence getting in the way. Front handsprings can be hard to nail when you’re just starting out in gymnastics, but once you do, nothing can stop you. Learn tips and techniques on how to do stretches and exercises to warm up for gymnastics in this free fitness video series on gymnastics stretches and warm ups.
As I sit here and write this, the current tallest man-made structure in the world is the Burj Khalifa. It has so many windows that it takes 36 workers about 3-4 months just to clean the whole damn thing. But have you ever wondered what keeps the Burj Khalifa and other super-tall structures erect?
But that’s what it takes to keep the structure we can see and enjoy today, from falling over. If you want a crowd-stopping, heart pumping speciality tumbling pass, you can’t start with the high level stuff.
Below are some of the fundamental skills you should not only take time to learn, but I’ll also show you how to master them. In fact, if you stopped doing any actual tumbling, and just spent your next month on mastering a handstand, I can practically guarantee you’ll come back and your tumbling will be stronger, faster and cleaner. While doing it on the floor is no big deal, (since you can master it within a few minutes) the real challenge comes when you either hold it for long periods of times, or while performing your tumbling skills like the layout. In case you don’t know what a good hollow body position should look like, see the picture on the right. The correct eye position should be to look at your own toes, which is also a great cue while doing layouts. If you have any more that you’ve tried or think I might have missed, throw them in the comment section below! The bridge is another one of the fundamental skills that is easy to get but takes time to master. One final thing I want to leave you with about the bridge is that while it definitely is a pre-requisite for the back handspring and whip, you don’t need to get super obsessed over it. Now I want to hear from you: What other fundamentals do you practice that have helped your tumbling? You speak the truth coach… but basics are so damn boring even though I know you have to do them.

Yes you’re right, a power hurdle with a proper step lunge is very key and in fact is quite challenging to coach properly to someone new. But having said that, it sure wouldn’t hurt for a cheerleader to master them at all and I can only see good things coming from it.
What I tend to do when teaching someone the handstand and they arch their back, is first – define if the problem is shoulder flexibility, or just technique.
I just got my full, but its not pretty, my upper body is down when I land and legs slightly apart. Your articles are great, it’s great to have a professional share their knowledge in an article that can be shared so easily. One of the things we need to add to this conversation is the importance of conditioning and flexibility needed to achieve these all important fundamentals and body shapes. All tumbling coaches should have a good working knowledge and understanding of bio mechanics- knowing how and why things work makes it easy to to come up with needed progressions to get from point A to B.
I have been coaching gymnastics for over 35 years, and work with a lot of cheer kids, teaching tumbling. Get Weekly Tumbling Tips Sent Right To Your Inbox!Join over 4000 athletes and coaches that have used my exclusive tips to up their tumbling game and dominate their scoresheets! Get Weekly Tumbling Tips Sent Right To Your Inbox!Join a community of athletes and coaches nearly 10,000 strong that have used my exclusive tips to up their tumbling game and dominate their scoresheets!
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Here are a few intermediate tips for anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level. The bottom line is, the quality of your handstand will determine the quality of your tumbling. Notice the details like the arms by the ears and how the body is curved, sort of like a banana. The biggest mistake is that people think a bridge is meant to increase and improve back flexibility.
While my lower back is just not what it used to be, I still have more fun doing handstands NOW than I did when I first started. So when I do layouts should I look like the dude doing the hollow body position or should I be dead straight like the handstand? If you JUST want to do a layout as your end skill, then yes it should be as straight as possible.

I have an athlete that was doing layouts near the beginning of the year and now doing doubles on Tumble Trak and I used the same transition for her.
I can easily do my handstand for 5 seconds on the floor without moving, but my body position is actually arched in my back. A strict conditioning program is needed to achieve the inner amplitude the athlete will have to possess to be successful. In my opinion there are to many inexperienced and unqualified people in coaching positions.
However, can I make a suggestion, given that the end users are kids (predominantly) can we avoid using curse words.
I have my backbend but for some reason I just can’t do a backbend kickover or a back walkover.
I find this this to be even more prevalent in beginning to intermediate cheer tumbling programs. If the coach is not teaching and demanding the mastery of the basics and fundamentals of tumbling before moving on to harder skills, then find another coach! We see him run right into it, go into a front handspring as though he’d always known how to do one, land and run after the coveted object without a moment’s hesitation. Both times, your hands should be as close to the wall as possible, no more than a hand-length away from it, closer if you can, and you should be thinking hollow shape in your head. It’s good for a coach to be passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic, but over zealousness in coaching tumbling should be avoided.
To forgo the mastery of each skill before moving on to the next leads to unnecessary injuries and can even result in permanent damage to the athlete.
What also helps sometimes, is if the athlete sees for themselves on a video the shape they’re holding, or sometimes a mirror would do, so doing it next to a mirror, where you can just briefly look sideways to see your position and shape might be a big help. Coaches should make sure that their athletes master each skill before moving on to the next.

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