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Overall I like her curvier, larger figure but the higher weight is not the most flattering.
I get what you are saying because people ask plus size models and Melissa Mccarthy that question. To be fair I reckon she is about a UK 14 so a US 10 is only a size larger than she says and if she is short under 5″5 yeah I could believe she is a UK 12 (us 8?).
I think Mindy rocks her appearance sooo hard with all that confidence, regardless of where she gets it or why she should or shouldn’t have it. I think the very fact that she believes people are insulting her by asking her where she gets her confidence, probably shows that she isn’t as confident on the inside as she appears!
But just how smart are you if you feel the need to smugly boast that you have such an high IQ. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
These Chase Oaks Church MOM’s are adorable in their challenge outfits, don’t ya think? Alison, I’ve been out of town for the last week and didn’t have internet access!
Get Your Pretty On, the GYPO logo and Style Challenge are registered trademarks of Get Your Pretty On. Adore this woman she is fabulous, also if you haven’t yet then do yourself a favour and check out her show it is hilarious.

Also, I think she’s carrying more weight than is natural, simply by looking at her upper arms. Also, I think she’s carrying more weight than is natural, simply by looking at her upper arms. You don’t like her appearance because of how she carries her weight, but good for her accepting her body and being confident. I’m happy to see a variety of shows with women leads on prime-time and she has plenty of reasons to be confident.
Its not true that race gender etc have no impact on our success because people of minorities in those categories face obstacles that others do not, making it more difficult to succeed. Should we celebrate confident women at the expense of being honest, about their looks, on a ssite thats designed to do just that, give opinions on celebrity looks? She never struck me as having any more confidence than the next girl, but ive never seen her speak. As a minority girl who visits this site often I’m very happy to see posts on white as well as non-white girls. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. It’s pure driven talent that makes us likeable and successful in whatever career path we choose, not our sex, race, etc.
It is always still possible though- it just takes MORE determination and courage and hard work and talent.

She’s just not attractive, stop trying to intellectualize into a race and gender discussion.
Shes not a contestant on a modeling competition or those retarded beauty pageants that she needs to feel like odd one out.
Then she says something that screams she is not confident when she seemingly lied about her size, making herself smaller.
I thought that the commenters would provide insightful ideas about the struggles that women face. If we cannot make you laugh, somehow we will build a time machine, go back in time, and make sure you get your time back.
She appears a bit overweight but to me the confidence she exudes is related to intelligence, fab sense of humor (the show IS quite funny), and ability to represent herself as a beautiful person, someone she’s happy to be.
But having this anonymous person spout things like Mindy looks similar to the new Miss America is hard to accept. Also, I only came to reporting this because I am very confident she would not be open to the suggestion of quitting the racist undertones. You might think you're funny, but are you funny enough to have your content featured on our site?

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