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The irony is that this is actually a blast of a game in so many regards -- which makes this decision seem that much more ridiculous. Yesterday I was in an online game with tons of destruction, literally the whole game was hunting each other down. I'm quite sure that it's a bug that some people get a bad sport quite quickly while others don't at all, this system needs to get revamped. I don't understand why R* made a penalty for destroying player's cars in the first place, it's really not that big of a deal. I got jacked out of a stolen 9f and the guy left his personal vehicle behind so I blew it up, fair exchange in my book.

I Think if someone blows up your car they should get automatic 5 stars, instead of Bad sport.
The most important factor to consider before purchase is the high speed, because the tuning parts have less impact on that criteria and it’s a good advise to have a car with a higher end-speed as a base. I usually hate it, but yesterday it was actually fun as everyone joined in, ended up in quite some hilarious moments, lots of kills and blown up cars, and NO ONE got a bad sport rating. The turbo and engine tuning have more impact on acceleration and almost any super car can be brought to 100 percent. So why intentionally limit people's ability to fight each other by -- of all things -- preventing them from blowing up the enemies car?!?!

First he rams my car off the road for no reason, apparently manages to kill me with one shot (in free aim mode) while hes shooting from his own car. A good way to save some money is to buy the Los Santos Customs in South Grand Senora Dessert with Franklin.

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