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4 – You could try the jealousy game — try to get a little close with his other male friends and stir up some storm. 8 – Stop focusing on him too hard, but don’t just outright ignore your ex boyfriend or ex husband. 9 – Pretend that you know how much he cares about you, but do not show him that you are affected by it. There you have it, ten simple ways that you can follow to get your ex boyfriend or ex husband back. If you have ever been in a romantic relationship with a guy, you ought to be trying to get your ex boyfriend back. Chances are, if you talk to him the same way that you want to be spoken to, it will reignite the romantic feeling between the two of you.

Don’t ever stress yourself out by worrying about the things that you want to talk through with him.
Once he realizes that you are getting over him, he may be much more willing to do the turnaround. Once you made up your mind that you want to get your former spouse or boyfriend back, follow these ten simple ways – they may be able to help.
Try gaming on the hard to get side and let him remember the reasons he misses you and wanting you back.
Now that ought to bring back those “sweet terms of endearment” you both experienced when you first fell in love with each other.
Use you common sense and allow the truthfulness of your love to shine through — hopefully, your ex boyfriend will be back in your arms before you even know it.

Simply said, discovering what this is and making a change about it can help repair the problem. Perhaps you used to dress more attractively and maybe provocatively — try going back to those days.
Forget about the complicated issues for a while — appear to him that you can still have fun and chances are, it will reignite things accordingly.

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