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Get the Starting Your Own Business Overnight widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! I took a GED practice test and now I've been done with high-school for 3 years.I haven't really been able to figure out what I want to do with my life. I took a year off from all studying and now for 2 years I've been wandering around my house, looking for things to do.I was never really able to get a solid job after high school, just little jobs here and there from family. But this is supposed to be the only thing I'm qualified to do, I guess.Now my parents are saying that I need to go to college just to get an entry-level job to pay my way through school and get some traction in life.
But I don't feel that's right for me.I was supposed to qualify for entry-level work just with a GED!!I started researching about entry-level jobs in my area.

It horrified me to learn that even college grads can't secure entry-level jobs!I have zippo experience at anything except washing dishes, fixing my room and eating food, and babysitting.
But after seeing what college grads are going through, I've become nearly hopeless even though college isn't what I want to do.I came across your site while researching for trade schools. It gives a lot of good advice, I think, about starting your own business and how to get out of that box that everyone is trying to stuff themselves into. I don't think so!I know nothing that I could do to get started on building a business quickly. I mean, to me looking for entry-level job opportunities is like looking for a strand of blond hair in a hundred stacks of hay. And how will I know whether I will be good at it or not?========================================----- Arturo's Reply to Samantha -----========================================Dear Samantha,When lions are first introduced to a pride of their own kind, the cubs typically lack confidence around the adults, except toward those who raised them, namely their mothers.But a time comes when every cub must grow up and take its place in the pride. It takes a while, but by play acting as stalkers and even challenging other adults, the cubs become ready to hunt.This is the way of the jungle.

They delegated responsibility for your instruction to others, such as your school teachers.
You chose to fire the lot by taking a GED test.But as you still live with your parents, you are still their follower.
Let me, therefore, not outright contradict their advice to you to pursue for greater knowledge, if they cannot impart it to you any further.
However, let me say that you are correct to question college as the single most important source of knowledge, and this is worth discussing with them.Although you do not regret opting out of the college alternative you do bemoan your lack of experience. This should take some pressure off of having to ask yourself first and foremost what your talents are.Rather, look where other people's talents are failing them and ask whether they want these inadequacies resolved for them.

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