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You may have had to work double or even triple time getting things prepped for your team or clients pre-break. 4) Look at your highest priority task on your list and complete it before opening your email. 5) When you do open your email ?a Remember, you are the only one that knows when you read an email.
Regardless of whether those priority emails or tasks are from your employer, team member, or a client, remember their whole world is not revolving around your assigned task. Labor Day was the first long weekend I’ve taken since starting my business back in January.

So here are five tips I use to help get back into the groove of work, while minimizing stress along the way. This may sound simple, and you may have prioritized before you left, but you will want to review it again to ensure your priorities haven’t changed.
This may sound terrifying for some of you (it initially was for me) but the chances of something ??blowing up’ within your inbox are slim to none. An extreme example granted (and one I happily don’t encounter any longer!), but true, and hopefully not the case where you invest your life-blood. In other words, they’re not refreshing their inbox every 30 seconds waiting for your reply.

If you open your inbox, you may sabotage your return to work, and delay or forgo your groove all together. Instead, you can take a moment and start adding these new tasks to your list and re-prioritize accordingly. We cover topics like marketing, business, social media, blogging, and a variety of other posts based on your interests.

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