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I think you could walk around with words and stick people drawn on your face and still look supercute. Also, one time I was lying across the couch on my back with my hair flung up while I was watching tv. When I was little my grandma used to say that I looked like Shirly Temple, and I bit her every time.
I used to get Nicole Kidman - referencing the early days of her natural colour and curl - all the time. Top stylists share their tress tricks in this time-saving guide that’s sure to help you get your glam on and put time back on your side! The back-to-school rush is on, and if the thought of spending hours on your hair makes you want to throw on a hat and call it a day, don’t reach into that closet just yet. Skip the morning rush by locking in your style while you sleep, says Rodney Cutler of New York’s Cutler salon. Pulling your hair back is a big timesaver, but be sure to keep it low and loose around the ears, don’t yank it skintight, says Stanley of New York’s Christopher Stanley Salon.
When buying hair accessories, Stanley suggests choosing something that matches your hair color because unless it’s a really expensive piece, you really don’t want to see it!
The glamorous look that’s in style right now is still disheveled and sexy, but there’s a bit more form to the curls, Cutler says.
What you’ll need: Portable table top dryer, 1800 watt blow dryer and nozzle attachment, wide-tooth comb, medium tooth rat tail comb, neck towel, spray bottle, and styling products. There are many techniques you can use to mix it up, like a bantu knot, which is where the hair is twisted and coiled up into little balls and then let out. Joseph of Signature Hair Salon in Philadelphia agrees, and says curlies don’t even need a daily conditioning step. “The natural oils of your, especially as you get older, are favorable to keep it healthy,” Joseph says.

Michael Cunningham of Salon Michael in Chicago also reminds curlies that when you don’t shampoo every day, choosing the right styling product is critical.
For long hair, Cypriano suggests saving time by focusing your styling efforts on the sections of the hair that will be seen.
Finally, a simple trick to use all day: Keep a mister bottle on hand to help your curls spring back into style, anytime, anywhere.
Make Time for You: Set aside fifteen to twenty minutes every week – either alone or with other teachers – to dedicate to relaxation. Give Yourself a Facial: There are a number of facial scrubs available – muds, peels, and masks. Close Your Eyes with Cucumbers: For tired eyes use a slice of cucumber as a refreshing treatment.
Get Off Your Feet: A warm soak feels especially good if you’ve been standing on your feet all day. If you have curly hair, daily cleansing with the wrong products can dry and damage your curls. Used to think that was an insult but the more movies I see with her I take it as a compliment cause she's such a great actress with distinctive features. Top stylists share their tress tricks in this time-saving guide that’s sure to help you get your glam on — and put time back on your side! First, apply a lightweight spray or gel and then twist your tresses into a couple of braids and sleep in them. Cutler suggests applying product and then securing curls with elastic or pins and leaving them in overnight. This next trick only takes a few minutes, with the help of a medium- or large-size curling iron.

Just grab two-inch sections, wrapping each one around the outside of the barrel, and let it set for three to four seconds. So spend your time only on the top portion of your hair, skipping all hair underneath and below the ear. Whether giving yourself a facial, a manicure or a home spa treatment, this time is meant to return your radiant glow. Cleanse your face thoroughly, apply the product, and then relax for approximately 10 to 15 minutes depending on the directions on the package. My mom isn't really getting why I skipping straigtening my hair this morning, but I'm so tired of pin straight hair. I have also come to realize that washing curly hair at night and just towel drying, makes hair much easier to handle the next day, and so much softer!! Stylists say it’s even more important to shampoo less in the fall when the air is drier and zaps moisture from your mane. Put aside thoughts of the difficult student, the overwhelming work load, or the disagreement at the faculty meeting.
A couple days later, we were watching LOTR and got to the part where Arwen was lying back with her hair all around (tried to find a pic to link here, but couldn't find it quickly).

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