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Today we’re going to look at how to get your music on Itunes, the Amazon MP3 store, Spotify, Napster, and many other big online music shops using Songcast (Free to sign up to). In this article we will look at why you should get your music in the biggest online music stores, and how you can easily go about doing this (We provide you with the best way to distribute music). There are a few reasons you should be looking to get your music on these big online music shops, one of them being their popularity. The easiest way to get your music on Itunes and the other mentioned music stores, is to go through a digital distributor. A free UPC barcode, required to sell your music on these music stores (Some other services charge for this UPC). I’ve been using Songcast for a number of months now (You may have seen me talking about them in some of my previous posts), and have been nothing but impressed with their service and customer service. As I mentioned above, Using Songcast is how you get on Itunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and Napster with minimum effort on your part. Using a digital distribution service such as Songcast is the best way to go about getting your music on Itunes, as they provide you with a free UPC and do all the leg work for you. If you’re serious about getting yourself out there, you need to get your music in the biggest online music shops.
So now you know how to get your music on Itunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and more, you simply upload it to Songcast and let them do all the hard work! Excellent post will be checking out songcast, thanks a bunch, and good hope to see more posts soon!
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Google’s Music Manager application even integrates with your iTunes music library, automatically copying your music to the cloud so you can stream it from anywhere and easily download it to your Android devices. In addition to watching folders, Google Music Manager can also watch your iTunes or Windows Media Player library and automatically match and upload your music. To store music offline so you can play it without connecting to Wi-Fi or using any precious data, long-press an album or song and select Keep on Device. Uploaded music is also available at Google Play Music on the web, where you can stream it from anywhere.
While the above method is Google’s preferred method of putting music on your Android device, you can still do it the old-fashioned way. You can also use the excellent AirDroid to copy songs and other files over Wi-Fi without even connecting your phone to your computer. Although I'm not using it to sync my device any more, I gotta give a shout out to MediaMonkey!
WinAMP was one of the first PC media players out there; it hit the market back in the late 90's when MP3's were still mostly an underground thing.
There are also programs like SyncToy which simply synchronize folders in two different places.
DoubleTwist is a good point, and I updated the article with a mention of that and Winamp in the sync section. The fact is that we can't include every single solution out there, or the article would be almost never-ending. Personally I love the Google Play music player - all my music lives in the cloud, is accessible from anywhere, and you can easily download an album, or playlist, or song to your phone while on Wi-Fi so that it doesn't have to sync over 3G or 4G. I had actually forgotten that Google Play could cache tracks locally; I have been thinking of it as a cloud-only solution. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.
This 1999 revival of Irving Berlin’s timeless 1946 musical fantasy depicting the love affair between Wild West sharpshooting stars Annie Oakley and Frank Butler has been somewhat updated for modern times.
We've singled out a handful of methods in particular to look at, and we'll take you through them step by step. With your Android device plugged in you should be OK to just drag and drop music files between it and your computer. If you'd like a wireless upgrade to your drag-and-drop, you'll find one of the fastest ways to get there is AirDroid. Just select your files in AirDroid and wait for the app to tell you the file has finished uploading, then open AirDroid on your phone and tap each file to download on your phone.
DoubleTwist has been around for many a year now and is arguably one of the finest ways to interface between iTunes and Android. Speaking of Playlists, you can use the DoubleTwist desktop app to import your existing iTunes playlists as well as setting up some new ones. The exact same functionality is available wirelessly through the purchase of the AirSync application. DoubleTwist is perfect for folks with smaller libraries and those who like to chop and change what they're storing on their devices frequently. If you're looking for the fastest way to get from iTunes to your Android device, without any real considerations toward user interface and extra features that may or may not be useful, the folks behind iSyncr have exactly what you want. The iSyncr Android app comes in Lite and Pro versions, and the $4.99 upgrade gives you access to things like multiple iTunes account support and more feedback on your phone abut what is actually happening during the sync process.
As with DoubleTwist, Google Play Music has a desktop companion application for Mac and Windows to help you along with the process.
Google Play Music is perfect for everyone since it requires no extra apps and no extra cost for full functionality.
Spigen's Slim Armor case includes style and functionality to keep your Galaxy S7 edge safe. Google is working hard to make sure developer have everything they need to start writing apps for Daydream right now, and it's a great start.

This guide is a long-time over due, as getting your music out there to the masses should be an essential part of your music strategy. We also touch on a few other related topics, so if you want to get on Itunes have a read to find out all the info.
If you tell people they can buy your music from Itunes, they’re bound to take you a lot more seriously then if you tell them you can buy it from your own website. Many people already shop at Amazon and the Itunes store by Apple, so buying a song from their will be familiar with people. This is a third party company that will distribute your music to a number of shops and chase them up for the money on your behalf. They’re easy to use, and distribute to some of the biggest shops online (Itunes, Amazon MP3 store, Napster, Spotify, Emusic, Rhapsody and MediaNet).
You have the chance of getting featured on the front of the high traffic Songcast website, giving you extra exposure and potentially more sales. You can create your own Songcast profile where people can buy your music, as well as integrating them with Facebook Twitter, your mailing list service and more. If you’re looking for fast and effective digital music distribution, Songcast is the distributors for you. It can be a bit of a minefield and you’ve really helped clarify some points so that I can get going selling online. Now also includes insider information, competition announcements, and music marketing discounts.
However, there are several ways you can easily transfer your music collection to your Android smartphone or tablet. Google provides a desktop application known as Google Music Manager that can be installed on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Tell it where you store your music — either in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or custom folders.
If you want to download your music, you can use the Download my library button in Google Music Manager. The included Play Music music player will pick up music you’ve copied over manually, as will a wide variety of third-party music player apps. You could store your music in Amazon Cloud Player and use the official Amazon MP3 app to play it on your device. Other than Windows Media Player, it may be the oldest media player still in active development. Since my music collection is fairly large, and I don't listen on the phone all that often, it works out really well for me. That's the blessing and the curse of an open operating system; unlike Apple and iTunes, which force you to use one solution (whether you love it or hate it), Android gives you choice - a lot of choice. No other syncing software I know of removes the songs on the phone when the playlist has changed on the computer. You can manage any plug n' play device (and even sync wirelessly to Android devices - but I have not had much luck with this.
If you're moving on to pastures new with an Android device in your hand you're going to want to be able to listen to your music. There are a ton of features contained within this Desktop app for managing your mobile device without actually picking it up, and one of those feature is wireless file transfer.
Once the files reach your phone, your music app of choice should be able to play them right away. The basic Android app is free to download and comes with a free Mac or Windows companion app to help you move your music about. The sidebar on the left lists the content – photos and videos included – on both your Android device and your computer. This hooks into DoubleTwist on your Android device and lets your computer see it over your WiFi network.
The Android app is a superb music player and the desktop client gives you just enough options to make it easy to carry on using iTunes and not worry about keeping things in sync. The setup is incredibly simple, supports USB sync or transfer over your local wireless network, and is the closest to a one-click solution out there. Just as the name suggests, it's for users who have a music setup that is a little more complicated than most and is absolutely worth the upgrade in those situations. The biggest downside to Google Play Music is that it relies on the cloud, but if you're OK with that then you can't go far wrong.
Unlike DoubleTwist it only uploads music to the cloud and doesn't directly put it on your device.
Once installed and logged in, you're able to point the app at your iTunes library and tell it to automatically upload any new tracks that get put in there.
However, if you're not into streaming or don't want to keep having to download your music to listen to offline, you'd be better served looking at one of the other options up top.
If you've got any handy hints or tricks to pass on to those in need of help with this topic be sure to drop them into the comments below!
The South Korean vendor has also mentioned that all customers pre-ordering the phone will receive the CAM Plus module for free. While you will still make sales if you only direct people to your website, the social proof that Itunes provides will make people more likely to check it out. This will mean they’re more likely to buy, as they already feel comfortable with the process. They allow you to keep track of every thing in a single dashboard, so you can see all your sales and stats in one easy to manage place.
People are used to buying music from places like Itunes and Amazon, so doing so won’t feel out of the ordinary to them. Google Music Manager scans your computer for music and uploads it to your  Play Music account. You can stream your entire music collection from anywhere, assuming you have data or Wi-Fi access.

You can put music on your device and even listen to your entire music library when you have an Internet connection — no messing with cables or transferring music back and forth required.
You could subscribe to a music service like Spotify or Rdio for access to millions of streaming songs and the ability to download anything to listen to offline. Handles my huge library with ease and makes managing and maintaining my music library so easy. If you have a lot (read tens of gigabytes or more) of music and it's organized well, Subsonic is the way.
The latest versions can sync music to Android devices over WiFi, as well as play music both on your Android device and on the computer.
Let alone collects playcounts from your Android, feed that to iTunes so that intelligent playlist may change in the first place. Do any of the apps mentioned in the article work just as well with podcasts; if not, can anyone recommend one that does.
It's probably not as convenient as the "cloud" but if you're using the Android platform and you're on this website, you probably (should) know how to roll your own personal cloud anyway.
I say mostly because as I was supporting the wife's work efforts, I realized I'd not pulled down the audiobook I intended to listen to. While there is no iTunes for Android, there are actually a few different ways for you to get your groove on. All you need is the microUSB cable for your device, and if you're using a Mac you'll need to have the Android File Transfer app installed. AirDroid lets you select your music files for upload and then pull them back down using the app on your phone.
With a physical connection your device needs to be able to support USB Mass Storage mode, MTP isn't going to cut it with DoubleTwist. If you want to keep them in sync, tick the check box and every time you make a new playlist in iTunes you'll find it in DoubleTwist.
Better still, if you've an Apple TV or set of AirPlay enabled speakers, DoubleTwist can hook into that and broadcast your music from your Android device. All you need to do is install the Android app, grab the desktop companion, and either connect the USB cable or enter your IP address. It comes pre-loaded on all new Android devices and is a seamless way to keep your iTunes library synced.
The bonus is you get access to your music on all enabled devices – including any iPhones you might keep lying around now – with the drawback that you have to then download it from the cloud for offline access.
Just leave the app open and it'll take care of business in the background without you ever knowing. If you end up being one of their featured acts, you will get a flood of traffic to your sales page. If they’re buying from your own personal website however, they may not trust it as much and therefore decide not to buy. If you haven’t already got a Songcast Music account, sign up for free via the above link to try them out.
The Music Manager application starts automatically in the background and remains running, automatically uploading new music to your account. You could use a streaming app like Pandora or TuneIn Radio to listen to music anywhere you have an Internet connection. Gone are the days of required gigs and gigs of storage on my phone when I can just keep everything "in the cloud". There are several media players that sync to your phone iTunes style, and the article didn't mention any of them - just cloud services that suck bandwidth while you're on the go.
Once your device is mounted in Winamp, you can send any song, album or playlist to it right from your media library.
More precisely, I intended to listen to a book using the "Speak" feature of FBReader and as soon as I started it up, I realized that I should've just synced the audiobook.
But the tunes that made the cut remain some of the greatest moments of American musical theater, which is especially ironic when one considers that Berlin had to be coaxed into writing the show after original composer Jerome Kern suddenly died. You'll need to locate the directory on your Mac or Windows PC that houses the actual physical files. While this method can get a little unwieldy if you have a large music library, it's plenty fast enough for those who are only moving a few albums. Once the Android app and the desktop companion communicate, a scan of your iTunes library begins automatically. Everyone gets a locker for free big enough for 20,000 songs, and you're able to use it on up to ten different devices at any one time. There are also options to control what you want uploading, and even to send specific playlists to the cloud. And the more people that see your sales page, the more sales you will make (Provided your music is good of course). With playlists and individual files especially, this is much easier than trying to locate and copy the files one at a time.
Additionally, if you're transferring large music files from entire album rips or large podcasts you may reach the individual file size limit for the free version of AirDroid. You're prompted with a list of things to transfer once the scan is complete, and the transfer begins immediately after. It's a little on the messy side because of the clumsy user interface, but there's no arguing with the results.

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