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Enter your email address to get an email every time we post a cute quote or a boyfriend rule. And more importantly, what Disney Prince does he represent or remind you of?Which Disney Prince Is Your Boyfriend?#1. Snow White’s PrinceSnow White’s Prince is strangely never jealous or threatened by the large amount of guys she hangs out with. He is attracted to your optimism even when it borders of naivete but does he sometimes put you on pedestal?Does this leave you wondering whether he even knows what you or women in general are all about?
He might be one of those guys who just doesn’t know women and therefore thinks they are all princesses. He is a bit obsessive and sometimes you would love to sneak some chocolate or ice cream but you feel guilty with him.#4.

Family values are also important to them and he prioritizes supporting his loved ones above all else.
He’s goofy, sweet and attentive when it is just the two of you but your friends don’t like him. He also has a bit of a temper but he is one of the smartest and most insightful men you have ever known.#7. Li ShangLi-Shang from Mulan is serious, determined and sometimes obsessive about his goals. And once he does he is not the most articulate guy in the world but he does love deeply.#8. Prince NaveenPrince Naveen from Princess and the Frog is a little immature and irresponsible but fun.

Is he the center of attention at parties with a beer in one hand, telling funny stories and making new friends? Sometimes you are afraid that he will get tired of you like he did with all his previous girlfriends.
He also has obnoxious friends that he has had since childhood but you have gotten used to them.

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