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If you want to make a website with your own domain address, you will both need to buy a domain address and web hosting. A domain address is organized in different levels, where level 1 is the part of the domain address to the right, level 2 is the next and so on.
The part of the domain you can choose yourself, is marked in the figure below as domain-name.
When you buy a domain address, you can create multiple addresses, where you put a subdomain to the left of the address.
Domain names is case insensitive, which means that there is no differens between writing it with capital letters or writing it with small letters. When you enter a domain address in a browser, the DNS (Dynamic Name System) converts the address to an IP address, which is a unique address for all units the internet is composed of (e.g. The characters aloud in domain names are ASCII characters, but it is also possible to buy domain names containing other Unicode characters, such as ?, O and A that are used in Denmark.
The rules of the TLDs is managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
Each TLD is also maintained by an organisation that holds a registry of all domains that are registered on that TLD.
Both the registrars and the registries can take an annual fee from the domain holder for delegating the domain name.
I am Andreas from Denmark, working with search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing and website development while studying medicine in Denmark.

Please Login and use the Contact User form to contact the advertiser directly instead of adding a comment below. Singapore Expats - The Leading Expatriate & Singapore Property PortalSingapore Property, Singapore guide on expat relocation, Singapore housing, living. This marks a major milestone in the development of the Web, as it corresponds to an expansion beyond the current 20+ generic TLDs and more than 200 country code TLDs (ccTLDs) available. The part to the right is folders you can create on your FTP-server, if you have a web hosting of your website.
In this case the Unicode character domain is transferred to a ASCII character domain, using a Punycode encoding system, e.g. They also have the rights to authorize domain name registrars, companies that have the right to register and reassign domain names.
When you buy a domain, you actually buy the right to use the domain name for a year and the right to renew the registration for the next year.
When a registration of a domain has been made, it is written in a database called WHOIS – so this is the database you can find the holder of a domain. Typically registrars also offers a webhosting solution that your domain name can point at, but they also sell the domain name alone, if you have your own server to point it at. This means that you can now register a domain with a variety of extension options.Currently, 250 million domain names are registered, with an average of 10 million new domain registrations every year.
So instead of entering the IP address directly in the browser, you can enter a domain address, that is easier to remember, into the browser and then get to the unit.

The registrar also have a name server, where the link between the domain and IP address is saved. It can be that you belong to a certain organization, that you come from a certain country or that your site should have a certain content. With the new gTLD Program, ICANN wants to increase the percentage of new gTLDs registered per year.
If there are special cases, the process would move to step 2.The RSP determines if there are conflicts in the registry concerning stability and security issues. Despite the benefits of new domain extensions, controversies and technical issues arise from this program.
Companies claim that there is a lack of operational readiness for the said program, and the program is said to be only money-driven.
Some even raise technical issues regarding the stability of the Web with new gTLDs.The new gTLDs present a new competition era in the domain space, and the effects are hard to predict. Businesses and people who would venture on the program should have the budget for application and marketing, and should have the patience for the gTLD to be approved.

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