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Hopefully you followed my fabulous advice and changed your bra size as your breasts grew during pregnancy. On days when you feel totally overwhelmed and completely drained, the last thing you want to think about is your bra. Linda UnhookedLinda Unhooked is the place to solve all your nagging bra problems, with no-nonsense fashion advice for women of all sizes.
And don’t bring baby to a department store full of ill-fitting bras, in a small size range, that you will have to sift through for hours until you finally give up and bring one home out of desperation.
A hardworking Mom with two kids, struggling to keep them happy, her husband happy, and (dare I say it?) herself happy?
Many women wait until their kids are grown and out of the house to finally take care of themselves- and that includes finally getting a bra fitting!

On those terrible baby-barfed-in-the-car-and-spilled-macaroni-and-cheese-all-over-my-pants days, when you may or may not have had a few free minutes to wash your hair or put on makeup, do yourself a favor and slip on a well-fitting, sexy lace bra. After measuring you, and taking a look at your new shape, I will be able to suggest several different styles and a brand new size. Believe me, just knowing that you have on a super sexy bra will help get you through some of those “OMG. That’s why many girls think that funny girls do not attract boys and try do not make or crack jokes even in a group of friends. Women who never wore a molded bra before may suddenly be thankful for it’s shape-defining material!
The initial milk and inflation that ballooned your breasts during pregnancy and nursing have gone away.

To make sure that this is true, take a look at this awesomely funny gallery of girls chatting and blabbering. A well fitting bra, even a basic style, can bring back a youthful appearance, better posture, and a whole load of confidence.

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