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If you’re looking for a better way to manage your documents from any computer – not just your own – then Smart Docs may be for you! As a busy real estate pro, you probably couldn’t go a day without your smartphone (are we right?). If you have yet to be introduced to the CRMLS Matrix platform, the SBAOR offers courses to explore the power of the latest tools and products to manage your business productivity.
It’s quite common for top-producing real estate agents to have a particular focus or niche. If you’re ready to enter the real estate market as a home seller, it’s important to consider that potential buyers don’t already live in your community.
Every real estate agent knows that much of their time spent working is also time spent on the go. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. January 9, 2011 by ~theBrokerList Team 1 Comment Nobody knows where the license laws are going in our industry. One day in the future our industry may have a National Real Estate Brokerage License; but until that time, we have to rely on getting to know each other.
Yes, I am a CPM and CCIM, however, even with those networks, I do not have access to EVERYBODY, especially the international folks!
Whether professionals you know in the CRE industry are in leasing, investment sales, property management or facility management, so long as they are functioning in the role of a broker or sales representative, with product or representing buyers or sellers, they should be on theBrokerList.
Today there are over 1000 1,450 2,246 commercial real estate brokers on the list and that demonstrates there is a need and folks really do want to network and have access to who is who in our industry. Filed Under: Business Trends Tagged With: Great debate State or National Real Estate License, National Real Estate LicenseWant to Advertise Here? The Brokerage Firm with the Best Commission Structure Is…This post originally appeared on tBL Marketplace Partner member The Massimo Group’s Blog The Massimo Group Blog and is republished with permission.

A Simple Checklist for Negotiating a Right of First RefusalThis post originally appeared on tBL member Troy Golden’s blog Golden Group CRE Blog and is republished with permission. Nurture “Not-Ready” Leads with These 5 Content Marketing TacticsThis post originally appeared on Marketplace Partner, The News Funnel’s The News Funnel Blog and is republished with permission. Time is like gold, and anything that will help you to get your job done faster, easier, and from anywhere is a great thing.
The CRMLS Matrix is a gateway portal for member agents to access benefits as well as manage property searches and listings. But now, the education needed for this kind of gig is more accessible than ever thanks to, yeah! You know, the app that makes you more efficient, your job easier, and clients easier to manage. Did you know that by investing in energy efficient equipment or installing energy systems there are rebate and tax credit programs you might qualify for? In Illinois we are merging sales and brokerage, in other states, changes are blurring many lines. As a midwest CPM and CCIM I get calls for west coast and east coast needs; but I do not know those markets, so I am learning who to call so I can find out who the “best” is for those referrals. When you have news to share, submit your news to us at Add News and we are happy to make your news a blog post. It is definitely something the commercial real estate industry needs, not so sure about residential. Truth be told, there are apps that can actually streamline your business and help you work more efficiently, which helps you to be more productive. Well, in order to obtain your real estate license, you need to qualify for passing a written exam.
If you know of talented and reputable folks in the commercial real estate industry, worldwide, send them to theBrokerList.

For the last half-decade, developments in technology tools for CRE have been coming at a rapid pace. Millennials make up the largest generation in US history, according to statistics accumulated by Goldman Sachs. This is our way to say thanks to all of our hard working bloggers and team bloggers and Marketplace Partners, who blog with us at tBL! This is a great way to say thanks to all of our hard working bloggers and team bloggers at tBL! Tags : General Google Analytics Website Several people have recently asked me questions about Google Analytics, which is partially responsible for why I’m sharing this blog post with you.
The Right of First Refusal on Office Space Often referred to as ROFR, the Right of First Refusal is a powerful tool for office tenants. 3 Ways to Finding Actionable Leads in Your CRM Using a commercial real estate CRM is a powerful way to increase efficiency in an array of areas and tasks.
Quite frankly, we are being expected to know it all; different markets, real estate types, specialization areas, etc. In a client’s mind they figure we can just pick up the phone and find the “best”, on a moment’s notice. As an industry we know our comfort level and feel it better to work together and NOT try to be all things to all people. So many owners have properties across multiple geographies and many managers, brokers and leasing agents need to be able to assist their clients across those geographies. The more we reach out to each other and get to know who is the “best” at what, the better we actually become.

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