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I made a printable for you in case you wanted to add this to your Blogilates printables collection along with your other workouts!
I need to master the split by the end of october for a new tango routine I will be performing at a dance competition.
The straddle its a great strech for your middle splits, you can even do it against a wall if you want a deeper strech. I have been trying to get my splits for about a year now and have discovered stretching for an hour is not working for me. Please please do thighs and arms next :)) And thank you for all you’ve done so far with us!! I would love a two month challenge about endurance, because I’m playing football and I really need much endurance for the matches in a few weeks, and about flexible because I really like to be more flexible.
I would love to see a challenge with smaller daily challenges, for example drinking x cups of water, eating x many vegetables, one day meatless, stretching exercises, run a mile, etc. As for length, I think a 1-2 month plan would be best, since anything longer makes me doubt whether I’d be able to go through with it. Also, you could do like pop challenges with yoga so it would be faster paced for the cardio days. I’d love a three month challenge to keep us all exercising while the holidays and colder weather hits; most people tend to stay inside and hibernate during winter! I would love a challenge of two months (starting on November) to start 2015 at my ideal weight and have the body I always dreamed of having. We all love to watch the amazing split leaps and drool-worthy flexibility of some of the top gymnasts in the world.
There is no getting around the work needed to improve your splits, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can make a significant difference in your “barely there” 180 degree split and achieve that  gorgeous over-split!

In this How To Gymnastics video, I’ll share with you some of the most important steps you can take in order to create a split the judges will love. As you work to gain strength through your conditioning (that you love so much), don’t forget that your splits and other flexibility are just as critical to your success in learning and competing. So let’s get to it! The content on this site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I was doing your splits tutorial video and I wanted to write down all the steps, then I found this!!! I think you should do more cardio dance videos because they’re both effective and fun so I think that it would be great if you could make a challenge which has a lot of cardio dance routine in it. I was wondering if there were any specific stretches or exercises that you’ve found useful for getting the MIDDLE splits? I really want to be more flexible and I think a challenge would keep me motivated to work for it.
I tend to stay focused and on track while I’m on one of the workout plans, but then I slack off for a while after each challenge ends.
It could possibly also be a core challenge since many of the challenging poses require a lot of core strength. I show your videos to some teenage girls at a treatment center and they LOVE the song challenges! A plethora of people are affected yearly by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) with the changes in seasons, and often experience symptoms of depression. I am currently on a diet and I will start exercise today, so I’m super motivated and trust that this time I will make it happen. But if you’re just starting out in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or you’re simply not as naturally flexible as others, you may wonder if you’ll ever have a split that looks like the ones you see on television.

My seven year old cannot seem to get her pullover on the bar, any tips or how too for that? Alternatively, it could go on for one month and each challenge is passed on to the next day.
So when making this plan maybe you could incorporate some kind of easy and healthy meal plan. I see a lot of people wanting more flexiblity, and yoga has really strengthened me and increased my flexibility by a lot!! Not only does this split help your lines during leaps and jumps, but having good flexibility assists you in learning skills faster and can prevent injury. Or just comment below (or in the video comments on Youtube) to let me know some skills that you’d like to get some help with. No matter how many times I quit from time to time, every time I think about you it always motivates me to get back on track.
Also, if you are thinking of doing a food challenge, have you ever just done a dairy free diet? Could you also consider including more stretching routines to increase flexibility, and some routines focusing on correct form and posture? The third day to stretch for 20 minutes plus drinking water and not eating fruit after 2pm and so on and so on. To me it sounds like such a big commitment to follow a meal plan and this sounds like something I could challenge myself to do quite easily yet still ending up being very effective!

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