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Loss of libido is very common during menopause, and many women find it highly frustrating and embarrassing because they can't understand their lack of sexual desire. During menopause women can suffer from a variety of undesirable symptoms which can leave them feeling frustrated and drained. In addition to cooking your partners favorite foods, discuss creating meals that include natural aphrodisiacs.
During menopause it is important that sexual activities takes place slowly so that the female body has enough time to prepare for intercourse. It is important to be aware that loss of libido is sometimes intensified or brought about by vaginal dryness. Loss of libido is a very common symptom of menopause, anywhere between 20 – 40% of women experience it. So remember to keep a bowl of Good & Plenty candy next to your wife’s side of the bed! Additional information regarding scents which increase sexual desire can be found in my book Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You; What Your Libido Reveals About your Life. By making small gestures, like cooking for your partner, you can help elevate her mood and demonstrate your support.

Foods like oysters and salmon, which are high in zinc, will increase testosterone levels as will foods that are high in vitamin E, like asparagus. In order to counteract this spend more time engaging in foreplay and invest in a water based lubricant. Communicating with one another about your fears and insecurities is central to overcoming any intimacy issues menopause creates.
If you are looking for ways of intensifying the intimacy of your relationship together, read on to discover how even food plays its part.
Draw the curtains on the stresses of the outside world, light some candles and put on some music.
It's vital to remain aware that your partner's body might require more time to prepare for penetration than before.
Remember that the hormonal imbalances that trigger libido loss are naturally occurring phenomenon's that your partner has little control over.
Signs of low testosterone that you may notice in your menopausal wife include: low libido, lack of energy, and an increase in mood swings.
Join a gym, take an exercise class, or purchase some free weights for your home, and encourage one another to get fit and have fun.

Lauded as the best aphrodisiac, oysters are great for increasing testosterone and are high in zinc which makes them an all-round beneficial food. Not only that, but you can share a romantic oyster dinner together, which will show your wife that you’re committed to helping her, and staying by her side.3. Revitalize the bedroomAlthough this isn’t the be all and end all of testosterone, generally the big issue is a loss of libido.
By taking care of the children more often, helping out around the house, and being there for what she needs, your wife’s levels of stress will decrease.
The transition causes many changes to the female body, and it is important to understand them all, so you know how to deal with your wife’s low testosterone.
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