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This past week at Microsoft’s E3 conference it was announced that the Xbox One will be getting backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles, only a few at the moment but many more as the program goes public and then continuing month by month.
3) Once you find an Xbox 360 game that you have digitally purchased in the past select it and it will bring up an information screen about the game.
Or if a game that you want isn’t in that list then you can follow large Xbox gaming personalities such as Major Nelson¬†or do a search through the Xbox One Twitch app for the game that you want and get to the store page through others who are streaming the game. It seems that Microsoft has patched it so that non-preview members aren’t able to see Xbox 360 games on the dash anymore which is a shame but also understandable. The draw here is that only people who are in the preview program, a system that required an invitation from another who is in the preview program, currently has access to this list of downloadable titles.

While you can’t purchase any of these games if they are games that you have purchased before digitally, owning the game physically wont work yet, then you are able to download the game for free. One final effort you can make is to head over to the Reddit thread where this was mentioned as people are letting people know of their GamerTags and what games they own. At this point in time if you want to get access to those Xbox 360 games then you will have to wait until the full release or get an invite into the preview program. I have been playing video games of all kinds since before i could talk and now mostly end up on the Xbox but i've been known to be on steam and PSN.
This has hundreds of Xbox One users taking to YouTube and Reddit comment threads requesting invitations when some other smart Reddit users have found a way to access these titles without the need of the Preview Program, you just need a friend or two.

If you wish to find someone to accept you into the preview program then I recommend that you head over to the Preview Program Megathread¬†and talk to users there who will invite you. I will invite some of you who have asked over Xbox but there’s just too many of you to get through reasonably. I hope that for those who were fast enough you are enjoying playing some Xbox 360 titles with the fantastic upgraded controller and for those who didn’t I am sorry and I hope the wait is bearable.

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