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Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs who announced his resignation recently is now Apple Chairman, yes we all know that, we also know he was adopted  he knows who are his birth parents, is happily married to Laurene and has four beautiful and amazing children, his oldest is our girl Lisa who is not a child anymore but a beautiful young woman with way too much potential and a great story to tell.. Lisa Nicole Brennan Jobs was born in California on May 17th, 1978 making this her age 33, when Lisa Jobs was born her father 23 at the time denied fathering her, he argue he was infertile and refuse acknowledge her as his child, he was already rich and Apple has just release the Apple Lisa not really because of her but because of Local Integrated Software Architecture aka LISA.
Without Jobs support, Chrisann Brennan had no choice but to raise her daughter on her own and on welfare, allegedly things didn’t resume there and their case went to court where Jobs denied fathering Lisa, swear he was sterile with no capacity to procreate a child. Growing up was not easy for her, she lived with her mother, relocating constantly, didn’t have a lot of things but they felt happy in their own world. Lisa went living with her father on 1991 or 1992 around the same time she was in Harvard it is believe he encourage her to be a writer taking her aunt novelist Mona Simpson, Steve’s biological sister. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, whatever her talent, would never have been published in Vogue, O and elsewhere if her aunt were not Mona Simpson and her dad not Steve Jobs. Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested Sunday in Miami on charges of criminal mischief after allegedly "going to a neighbor's house inebriated and causing a commotion," the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

This isn't the best look for Bryant, a three-year veteran of the Raiders and a Harvard graduate, who will become an unrestricted free agent March 12. Bleacher Report's Matt King mocked Bryant, comparing his mug shot to an unflattering screen capture of "Honey Boo Boo" star June "Mama" Shannon. Earlier it had been mistakenly reported that Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant had been arrested, Bleacher Report noted. Also, a video of new mom Chyna Blac onstage with her King of Diamonds colleagues from January, 2012. 40% of woman (all races) had children out of wedlock last year, 70% of all divorces are filed for by woman, they don’t want that commitment like they used to. Lisa Brennan Jobs is Apple former CEO Steve Jobs’ daughter out of wedlock, who he first denied fathering but later took responsibility for her. Lisa Brennan and her father reconnected on 1986, it was strange as first but things got easier and she would go on vacations with him, got to know him even moved in with him and Laurene..

Wallpaper and background images in the Princeton (Mindless Behavior) club tagged: princeton with his girlfriend???. Lisa’s work as a writer has been feature in Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Harvard Crimson, The Massachusetts Review and her own blog. My father was rich and renowned and later, as I got to know him, went on vacations with him, and then lived with him for a few years, I saw another, more glamorous world.

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