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A former editor at Cosmopolitan, Leah Hardy, recently wrote an expose about the practice of Photoshopping models to hide the health and aesthetic costs of extreme thinness.
Hardy, the editor at Cosmo, explains that she frequently re-touched models who were "frighteningly thin."  Others have reported similar practices. They had 22-inch waists (those were never made bigger), but they also had breasts and great skin. Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the principle writer for Sociological Images. Notice that her prominent rib cage has been photoshopped out of the photograph on the right, which ran in the October 2012 issue of  Numero.

Because for all our retouching, it was still clear to the reader that these women were very, very thin. They had teeny tiny ankles and thin thighs, but they still had luscious hair and full cheeks. This is an important point (made well here) and while I agree that some of the language is harsh, that's not what's going on here. The vast majority of the models who need reverse Photoshopping aren't women who just happen to have that body type. Their skeletal bodies, dull, thinning hair, spots and dark circles under their eyes were magicked away by technology, leaving only the allure of coltish limbs and Bambi eyes.

They are part of an social institution that demands extreme thinness and they're working hard on their bodies to be able to deliver it. This isn't, then, about shaming naturally thin women, it's about (1) calling out an industry that requires women to be unhealthy and then hides the harmful consequences and (2) acknowledging that even people who are a part of that industry don't necessarily have the power to change it.

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