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Personally, I’d say to just avoid this type of guy altogether, but stay and play the waiting game if you want. And after previous heartbreak, many women may not feel like they even have the ability to be vulnerable anymore.
It is not truly possible to enter into a relationship with no risk of getting hurt; however, certain steps can be taken to lower the likelihood of emotional pain. There is no need to rush a relationship, and the sooner you tell him everything about yourself, the sooner he is likely to lose interest. Instead, reveal more and more about yourself with each date, being careful not to say more than you are comfortable with. Unless there is a solid reason why you haven’t met anyone such as you both live across the country from them, move along. Being gradual with the information you share will leave mystery in the air, as well as lower your risks of walking away with terrible heartbreak. Everything is in Your NameYou’ve moved in together and share everything but for whatever reason, everything is in your name alone. Now, if he has bad credit, it’s understandable to put things into your name AND his…not just yours. Ask him questions about himself, such as what his interests are, different life experiences he has had and what he believes in. You will not feel as pressured to talk about yourself, and he will enjoy the attention he is getting from you.

If he is truly a man worth spending time with, he will eventually want to know the same things about you. He Never Buys Anything With You Advertisement Along with the previous sign, an emotionally unavailable man will never make any joint purchases. This way, you can be emotionally open with him while knowing that he truly is interested in what you are telling him.
Things such as televisions and other semi-big purchases will never be “ours” but instead one or the other. By thinking that you have the power to change him or that you are the one girl he will not cheat on, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. He Doesn’t Know YouIf he never asks questions about you or attempts to get to know you on more than a superficial level, he is probably not emotionally available. Before you even date someone, make sure you know a little bit about the guy you are about to spend time with. He Doesn’t Make Future PlansSure, years from now is hard to plan but a month or two in advanced isn’t too much to ask unless you’re a brand new relationship. You may drive a man away if you are completely invulnerable, and this will cause emotional pain. The point of being careful when it comes to getting to know a man is not to be numb but to be wise and avoid heartbreak that is completely unnecessary.
At first that spontaneous, spur of the moment dating will be exciting, but eventually life will kick in and you will want a relationship in which you can plan a date a month in advanced.

Letting your guard down is eventually necessary to grow close to a man and build a lasting relationship. Let’s just enjoy each other and the moment.” In reality, this guy doesn’t want to put labels on the two of you because he doesn’t want the responsibility of the relationship. He Avoids EmotionA man in love will have no problem discussing any emotion whether it be sad, mad, or disappointed.
Some men are better at talking about their feelings than others, but all men can talk a little.
He’s UnreliableHe breaks promises, he doesn’t call when he says, he forgets to do things, he forgets dates, etc. He Never Spends the NightHe might stay until 4 am, but he leaves before morning every single time.
If he treats you like a booty call, you’ll feel more like a booty call and less like a relationship.

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