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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the main protagonist and main character in the How to Train Your Dragon series. He is 15 years old in the first film, the three specials, 16 in season 1 and season 2 of the TV series and the comics, 18 in Dawn of the Dragon Racers and Race to the Edge, and 20 in the second film. 20 years before the start of the films, Hiccup was born prematurely to Stoick the Vast and his wife Valka.
One night, a dragon called a Stormcutter broke into their house, finding baby Hiccup in the cradle. If you look closely, you'll notice that his hair has slightly grown between Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk and he is now wearing light brown vest and boot. Dragon Training and Riding: Though he only discovers this ability during the first film, Hiccup has grown to become the best Dragon Trainer on the island. Roar Call: He can make a roar noise that sounds similar to Toothless's roar, as a way for Toothless to find Hiccup. Precision: Like Toothless, Hiccup has amazing aim, like when he was able to shoot Toothless down in the first film and hit a Deadly Nadder in the chest using his shield while flying in mid-air during Appetite for Destruction. Endurance: While it may seem hard to believe at first due to his small stature, Hiccup always manages to bounce back from a severe injury. At the start of the film, Hiccup was a embarrassment life to his father, Stoick the Vast, the chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe.
When he goes to find his kill the following day, he discovers that the dragon is still alive. Meanwhile, Hiccup is enrolled in Viking training, where he's expected to learn to fight and kill dragons.
Soon, Hiccup has to fight and kill a Monstrous Nightmare as part of his final exam during dragon training. After freeing Toothless from his chains where his son could'nt, Stoick tells his son how proud he's of him just before Hiccup and Toothless fly off to confront the Red Death themselves.
After being woken by Toothless jumping on the roof, Hiccup grabs his helmet, mounts Toothless, and they go out flying to practice a trick they have worked on for some time during their flight and finally pull it off. The next morning, Hiccup is at Gobber's shop, building a new tail for Toothless that will allow the Night Fury to fly by himself, when Astrid stops by to offer him her yak nog.
Some days later, Hiccup follows Fishlegs, who is carrying fish for Meatlug, to his barn where Meatlug is chained up. At the Great Hall, Hiccup receives a kiss and a hug from Astrid for bringing the dragons back, but he is still worried about Toothless' whereabouts. The next morning, Hiccup wakes to find Toothless placed his old tail and saddle out in front of him in the snow.
Hiccup is known as the founder and head Dragon Trainer of the Berk Dragon Academy, starting it by confronting the problem of dragons causing havoc around Berk. Hiccup continues to act as a protector of Berk and leader of the dragon riders, but he faces two new obstacles: Dagur the Deranged, the unstable leader of the feared Berserker Tribe who absorbs The Outcast Tribe into his forces and becomes obsessed with acquiring Toothless as a trophy, and the Screaming Death, a massive Whispering Death subspecies that only appears once every three hundred years.
In a flashback during which most of this short takes place, Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders fly around to capture sheep that are running around and causing chaos in Berk. After Stoick arrives, Hiccup explains to him that he has chosen to replace the Regatta with Dragon Racing because he has had to make hard choices for the good of the people. During the first annual Berk Dragon Race hosted by Stoick, Hiccup teams with Fishlegs to create Team Hiclegs, and they compete against Team Snotnuts (Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut).
Five years after the Viking village of Berk has made peace with the dragons, dragons now live amongst the villagers as working animals and companions, and even take part in racing sports.
While investigating a wildfire, Hiccup and Astrid discover the remains of a fort encased in a colossal blue ice formation and encounter a dragon trapper named Eret, who blames them for the destruction of his fort and attempts to capture their dragons for an insane conqueror called Drago Bludvist. They are captured by a dragon rider named Valka, who is revealed to be Hiccup's long lost mother. Drago and his army lay siege to Valka's sanctuary, where he reveals that he has his own Bewilderbeast to challenge the Alpha. The dragon riders and Eret ride baby dragons, which are immune to the Alpha's control, and arrive at Berk after the Alpha had already attacked the village and taken control of the dragons there. Defeated, Drago and his Bewilderbeast retreat into the ocean as the Vikings celebrate their victory. Toothless is later very playful around Hiccup, and is also very protective of and loyal to him.
Their friendship is also strong in Gift of the Night Fury when Hiccup crafted a new tail for Toothless so he can fly on his own.
During How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup and Toothless are shown to only have their friendship grown as they have become more reliant and love of each other like when Hiccup has an idea to confront Drago and try to convince him to stop trapping dragons, Toothless remains more friendly towards Eret and his crew. Later, after being set free, Toothless trusts Hiccup enough to be his eyes and ears and binds them so the Bewilderbeast can't control him. It is thought to be an unsuccessful attempt that kills both Hiccup and Toothless, but when a blue color and sound similar to when Toothless would shoot starts resonating from the ice, everyone wonders what was happening and then the ice breaks, revealing Toothless, who is now covered in a blue color, similar to his plasma bolts, on his back and in his mouth and nostrils, is covering Hiccup from the ice and then uncurls from Hiccup. When Toothless, with his new found power and strength, attacks the Bewilderbeast, he proves that his love, friendship and companionship with Hiccup has only grown.
Hiccup's father is the Chief of the village, making Hiccup himself the next in line to become Chief. Though confused as to what to do about Hiccup's peculiarities as a Viking, Stoick is very protective of his son due on what happened to Valka; he is at first reluctant to send Hiccup to Dragon Training for fear that he will be killed. Stoick becomes proud of Hiccup when he hears of Hiccup's success in Dragon Training and is elated to finally have something in common with his son, although his attempt at conversation with his awkward son ended in failure.
In the second film, their relationship is strained because Stoick has decided to make Hiccup Chief of Berk, but Hiccup is reluctant to take on the duties and avoids him.
After Stoick's funeral, Hiccup says he was afraid of becoming chief because he didn't know how to live up to Stoick's job, showing that he had a great deal of respect for his father and what he did. Tattoos have always been in the first position when it comes to making attractive body arts. When we are talking about the practices that have been going along since the dawn of civilization; the specialty of tattoo making has likewise developed along the way of time.
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Although the new mother was worried that Hiccup would not survive his early birth, Stoick was confident that he would grow strong and Hiccup did indeed prosper. Valka rushed to his rescue but the dragon was curiously playing with him, proving that everything about dragons that Valka believed in. He was able to put himself in Toothless's place when he had the knife raised to kill him, and in his own words "I looked at him, and I saw myself". He's rather scrawny for his age, compared to the other Vikings, especially since he has little physical strength as he's barely able to lift a large axe, and isn't very tall, just being barely around Astrid's height.
In Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Hiccup wear a similar type of his armor which is dark brown along a long-sleeve dark green tunic with brown arm brackets. He's now the tallest of the teens at 6'1" and his hair is somewhat scraggy and unkempt with two small braids behind his right ear. He also managed to throw Inferno with enough accuracy that it landed right in front of Drago's hand just as he was reaching for his bull hook to control his Bewilderbeast.
For example, in When Lightning Strikes, he was struck by a massive and direct bolt of lightning to the head, and still managed to wake up just a day after. Too small to wield traditional Viking weapons and therefore unable to kill a dragon like the rest of his village, he works as an assistant to Gobber the Belch, the village Blacksmith. Despite his determination to prove himself to the community as a bona fide dragon killer, Hiccup is unable to kill it after seeing the fear in its eyes, and instead opts to free it. At first, he struggles to complete the simplest tasks and hold his own against even the most (relatively) benign dragons, earning the mockery of his fellow teenagers.
The other Vikings, particularly Astrid, take notice of his unexplained absences after dragon training sessions.
The task goes horribly wrong, however: when Stoick swings his hammer against the dragon training cage in response to Hiccup's blasphemous claims that dragons are good creatures, Hiccup's methods of dragon appeasement no longer work and the Nightmare moves in for the kill.
Hiccup manages to kill the Red Death by having Toothless shoot fire through its wings in mid-flight and nosedive toward the island so it can't pull up in time and crashes into the ground, its own flame triggering an explosion on impact. Although he lost part of his left leg in the battle, he's fitted with a prosthetic that matches Toothless's makeshift tail. As Hiccup and Toothless are heading back home from their ride, they fly straight into the storm of oncoming dragons, during which Hiccup's helmet is knocked off and falls into the ocean. As soon as Hiccup opens the doors to the barn, Meatlug breaks free and inadvertently takes Hiccup with her. Astrid turns Hiccup's face to where Toothless is, and Hiccup is overjoyed to be with his Night Fury once again. Hiccup remarks how Toothless has a new and better tail now, but instead of letting Hiccup get up on his back, Toothless keeps persisting. Hiccup's role in the series is still unquestionably that of the main character since most of the plots revolve around him and his actions. He's still shown to be one of the more intelligent Vikings in the Academy, along with Fishlegs and Astrid.
He appoints Hiccup acting chief in his absence and gives him strict orders to prepare for the Regatta. Stoick agrees to run the Dragon Race, to Hiccup's surprise, and comes up with ideas such as face paints to give a warrior feel. While Hiccup and Fishlegs are at a well (where Fishlegs will find the black sheep) and Fishlegs flies into the well, Hiccup spots Ruffnut and Tuffnut with a black sheep. Hiccup goes on adventures with his dragon, Toothless, as they discover and map unexplored lands and territories. The two riders return to Berk to warn Stoick about the dragon army that Drago is amassing, and Stoick orders the villagers to fortify the island and prepare for battle. She explains that she, like her son, was unable to kill dragons, and so, after being carried off during a dragon raid, spent twenty years rescuing dragons from Drago's traps and bringing them to an island haven created out of ice by a colossal Alpha dragon called a Bewilderbeast, to whom all dragons answer. A titanic battle ensues between the two Bewilderbeasts in a fight for control over all dragons on the island. Hiccup confronts Drago and a brainwashed Toothless while the other riders work to distract the Bewilderbeast. All the dragons now acknowledge Toothless as the new Alpha dragon, and Hiccup is made chief of Berk by the village elder.
The two of them do seem to see each other as equals, And everyone seems to acknowledge that Toothless is by far Hiccup's closest friend.
This is shown in how before, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out of the cove without flying, until he heard Hiccup's scream, then manages to climb out and fight off a Monstrous Nightmare in the Dragon Training ring before it could kill Hiccup, and refusing to leave when the rest of the village joins in on the fight, seeing them as a threat. They do occasionally have problems with one another as seen in The Terrible Twos and What Flies Beneath, but they always come through for one another.

Though when Toothless is controlled by Drago through his Bewilderbeast and kills Stoick, Hiccup gets upset at the death of his father and blindly yells at Toothless to go away, which Toothless reluctantly follows shortly before being controlled again.
When they eventually get put to the ground, Toothless sits behind Hiccup when he talks to Drago one last time and that is when Drago tells his Bewilderbeast to kill Hiccup which Toothless quickly jumps in to cover Hiccup from the ice.
Toothless celebrated his best friend's coronation along with Valka, Gobber, Astrid and the entire Isle of Berk. In the series, Hiccup was the de facto leader of the teens while Toothless was the de facto leader of the teens' dragons. However, the two seem to be complete opposites of each other: whereas Stoick is large, strong, brawny, and the best dragon fighter in the village, Hiccup is lanky, weak, brainy, and perhaps (initially, at least) the worst dragon fighter on the island.
Moreover, during a dragon raid, it is shown that Stoick, along with everyone else in the village, prefers that Hiccup stay inside and out of harm's way (though this may be because Hiccup is more of a risk to the village than the dragons are to him). However, after his son's relationship with Toothless is revealed, their small progress with one another is destroyed. However, partly due to Stoick's emotionally inarticulate nature and moments of unintentional insensitivity, his father's approval and acceptance still proves to be a major source of insecurity in Hiccup's life, and he is shown to go to great lengths to confirm that his father really is proud of him. In How to Pick Your Dragon, Stoick seems to ignore Hiccup's teaching about how dragons need trust. After Hiccup and Toothless were kidnapped by the Outcasts, he banned flying dragons to try to keep him safe.
Hiccup was very determined to rescue Stoick from Dagur's clutches when Stoick was taken hostage as a trade for Toothless in Cast Out Part I and Cast Out Part II. But it was restored after Hiccup found Valka, the two work together against Drago Bludvist. He then decides to continue his father's legacy and becomes Chief of Berk to honor him and not let him die in vain. It doesn’t matter how long it has been, how bad your break-up was or the number of years since you both agreed to never speak again. While there are many times you might want to text your ex, it’s rare that you truly need to.
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The Stormcutter was startled when he noticed Valka's presence, accidentally nicking Hiccup on the chin with a wing claw when he turned to look her way, and approached Valka.
Despite the fact that his father is the chief, he is not accepted into his village and is seen as a nuisance, which makes him reserved. This empathy allowed him to understand and befriend Toothless, and through him other dragons. He seems to have gained a leaner, stronger build as compared to the first movie and is no longer considered a runt.
His sketches are usually quick and slightly messy, but compared to most other Vikings he is quite good.
He's almost always the one to come up with the solutions to the problems that the Riders face. Also, in the end of How to Train Your Dragon, he was knocked off of Toothless by the Red Death's massive club-tail, and (with the help of Toothless, of course) managed to wake up about a week, (or longer), later. One night during a dragon raid, Hiccup leaves his indoor workpost and, with a bola sling named "The Mangler," manages to shoot down one of the deadliest and most feared dragons in the skies: the Night Fury. However, after managing to get close enough to bond with the Night Fury he shot down, which he names Toothless after his retractable fangs, he gains valuable experience and deeper insight into the mannerisms of most dragons, such as the fact that it's possible to scratch a dragon into submission if it's scratched gently under the chin.
Toothless, hearing Hiccup's scream, rushes to the scene and beats the other dragon back while at the same time revealing himself to all the Vikings. Hiccup and Toothless run into the Red Death's tail as they attempt to escape the resulting blast, however, and the two fall thousands of feet into the blaze below. At the very end of the film, Astrid kisses Hiccup on the lips, this time seemingly as boyfriend and girlfriend, as the rest of the village accepts dragons onto the island as pets and companions. Although Toothless attempts to get the helmet back, Hiccup decides it's best to return home to figure out what is going on.
As Hiccup holds onto Meatlug for dear life, he is taken to an island, where he discovers that Dragons have gone here to lay their eggs. Eventually, the dragon looks back at his new tail and smashes it into the ground, ignoring Hiccup's protests as he flicks it far away behind him. Throughout the series, he, Toothless, the teens, and their dragons are forced to overcome many different kinds of hardships. He has an "ornate" shield made from Gronckle Iron that contains a crossbow, a grappling hook, a bola-launcher, and a mini-catapult.
When they collect three sheep each, Silent Sven is then heard asking for the whereabout of his prized possession: the black sheep. Hiccup sadly tells the Riders that there will be no Dragon Racing, but they go against his orders and participate in Dragon Racing, which the villagers, as well as the Riders, view as better than the Regatta.
He goes back to the arena to congratulate Team Snotnuts for their victory, only to have Snotlout gloat over Hiccup's loss. Having come of age, he is being pressed by his father, Stoick the Vast, to succeed him as chieftain, although Hiccup remains unsure if he is ready for this responsibility. Stoick explains that he once met Drago at a gathering of chiefs and found him to be an unreasonable madman, but Hiccup refuses to believe that war is inevitable.
Drago's Bewilderbeast emerges victorious by killing the Alpha and seizes control of all the dragons, including Toothless, using a strange form of dragon hypnotism attributed only to the Alpha. Drago again orders the Alpha to make Toothless kill Hiccup, but Hiccup succeeds in disenchanting Toothless. The film ends with Berk being rebuilt with a statue of Stoick erected in his honor, and Hiccup doing his duties as chief, proudly declaring that while others may have armies and armadas, Berk has its own dragons. At first, both keep their distance after Hiccup shoots Toothless down with the invention he called the "Mangler", but their mutual curiosity leads them to try and learn more about each other. Later, when Hiccup is knocked off of him while attempting to escape the explosion that kills the Red Death, Toothless manages to reach for and protect Hiccup by wrapping him in his wings, even without his own prosthetic tail.
Hiccup and Toothless continue to grow closer throughout the series, and both of them risk their lives for each other multiple times.
In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless ascends to be the Alpha and leader of all dragons while Hiccup becomes the Chief of Berk. Their relationship is strained because of these differences, as Hiccup wants to make his dad proud by conforming to Viking norms and attempting to slay dragons, but ends up making things worse most of the time.
Stoick accuses Hiccup of siding with the dragons and later no longer considers Hiccup to be his son. In Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man, after being painted stronger than he is, Hiccup sets out on a treasure hunt that Stoick failed to prove himself.
Gobber told Hiccup that "it's a father's job to listen to his son, without letting on that he's heard a word".
While Hiccup respected his father, he felt he had to go behind his back in case Alvin attacked. Hiccup was even willing to join forces with Berk's enemy, Alvin The Treacherous, just to save his father. When Hiccup is threatened by Toothless, who was hypnotized by Drago's Bewilderbeast and ordered to kill Hiccup, Stoick runs to Hiccup's aid and pushes him out of the way right before Toothless fires a plasma bolt, killing Stoick. Long ago the craftsmanship just included straight lines, and afterward came outlines that were made with the straight lines.
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He is picked on by his peers for his weak nature, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in intelligence and his kindness.
If you look closely, you'll notice he has a small, white scar just below his bottom lip (which he got from when he was a baby, the night Cloudjumper took his mother away). His prosthetic is also different, as it's more mechanical and designed than before, making it like "a Swiss army knife for prosthesis", as Hiccup seems to have improved its ability (as he stated he would in the first movie). He's shown to be very cunning, resourceful and perceptive and possesses a great aptitude for strategy and tactics.
He's soon hailed a Viking prodigy, the time he spends with Toothless allowing him to ultimately keep every dragon he encounters during training at bay.
She runs off to tell the other Vikings, but Hiccup and Toothless stop her, flying her around the area on Toothless to calm Astrid down. Though Hiccup attempts to explain why he went against the Viking way of life and befriended a dragon, his father fails to listen, disowns him as his son, and instead takes advantage of Toothless, chaining him to a ship and using him to reach the Dragons' Nest.
As the village approaches the site of the explosion and finds that Hiccup is nowhere to be found, Stoick looks up to discover that, even without his makeshift tail, Toothless protected the Chief-to-be from the blast by folding him in his wings.
Upon returning, Hiccup is pelted with questions of where the dragons have gone to, to which Hiccup has no answer. Determining he ought to go home for Snoggletog, he persuades Hookfang for a ride as the other dragons follow with their hatchlings in tow despite Hiccup's protests not to, inadvertently starting the return migration. Toothless picks up and places the saddle on the snow in front of Hiccup and nudges it towards him, eyes round with request. Hiccup is looked up to by the teens as a leader, even if at times they don't like to admit it.
He and his father have actually grown to appreciate each other more and more as the series has progressed. Like the Academy sign, the shield has a picture of a Night Fury with a red tail-fin, (obviously a design of Toothless).
Hiccup tries to stop the competition, but the Riders take off without listening, so Hiccup decides to go for the black sheep also. But when Fishlegs arrives with another black sheep and Team Snotnuts' one is revealed to be a sheep coated in black paint, Hiccup and Fishlegs are announced as winners. After Stoick interrupts their plan to get Eret to take them to his master, Hiccup flies off with Toothless in search of Drago, to try and reason with him.
Simultaneously, Astrid and the other riders kidnap Eret to find Drago, but they are also captured and Drago learns of Berk's dragons. Drago then orders the Alpha to shoot the pair, and the Bewilderbeast successfully encases them in a large blast of ice, seemingly killing them. Hiccup starts to observe Toothless and learns many secrets about dragons from these observations that help Hiccup advance in his dragon fighting classes. Toothless is later overjoyed when Hiccup wakes up after the battle, jumping around his house with glee, and tickling him, before helping his human friend to walk on his new prosthetic leg.
At the end Toothless trashed his new tail showing that he wanted to need Hiccup for him to fly. Hiccup tries to make Toothless happy by finding more Night Furies, but his efforts are foiled when Mildew and Alvin trap them both.
Their relationship is later mended when Hiccup comes to the rescue of the older Vikings during their confrontation with the Red Death with the help of his classmates and the dragons used in training, showing his dad his otherwise unseen bravery and leadership.

Stoick apologized at the end for making his son feel he had to do something big to be accepted.
Hiccup is devastated, to the point that he yells at Toothless when he resurfaces, even though it wasn't his fault. However, provided that you are discussing the present day and well versed social order, then tattooing is a sign of upgrading the way you look.
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And if you’ve already made the (possibly inadvisable!) decision to do so, then at least you can do it in the least life-damaging way possible. If you hem and haw for too long your ex might get the wrong message and respond accordingly. He and the dragon started fighting with each other, the results led to Valka being abducted by the dragon, leaving her husband heartbroken. He's usually seen wearing a long-sleeve, light-green tunic and a dark brown fur vest that matches with his boots.
His outfit now is partly leather around his upper body with what appears to be a type of armor along with arm brackets that seem to all be designed by himself, making him look more like Toothless.
His devices were originally weapon like, and the Mangler cannon he designed allowed him to take down a Night Fury. The only time Hiccup and Toothless attacked first was against Alvin in We Are Family Part II. It's during this ride that Hiccup sees the Red Death in the very Dragons' Nest his father has been dying to find and destroy. As the adult Vikings leave in search of the Nest, Astrid encourages Hiccup to use his brains and do "something crazy". Using an old Viking ship, Hiccup is able to safely return the dragons, along with their babies, to Berk. Realizing Toothless would rather fly with him, as opposed to just carrying him like all the other dragons, Hiccup is all too happy to go out for another flight. Hiccup has also been seen to develop creative ideas for using and training the dragons which now inhabit Berk. Stoick then relieves Hiccup as acting chief, and Hiccup and Toothless decide to take off before his father changes his mind. Toothless, under the influence of the new Alpha, approaches Hiccup and fires a plasma blast. His victory is short-lived, as Toothless, now glowing with plasma, blasts away the ice, revealing that both he and Hiccup are unharmed. Toothless starts to trust Hiccup and even allows him to touch him, and eventually ride him.
In the end, Toothless remains happy to stay with Hiccup as his closest companion and to remain one of a kind.
This causes Stoick to apologize for his prejudice against dragons and say that he is proud to call Hiccup his son. While though he found it awkward at first, it is very important to him, as seen in Gift of the Night Fury. There have been a lot of inventions in the tattoo designs art and the way the art is now-a-days being done. The case is same for both men and ladies who now have bunches of alternatives to browse when they are trying for an amazing tattoo design.
This is not just the latest addition to the list but is also expected to play a huge role in the uplift of the art of Tattooing. Stoick became overly protective of his son while Valka formed a bond with the Stormcutter who abducted her, naming him Cloudjumper and became willing to spend the rest of her life staying away from Berk, including her family, fearing that her dragon might harm those she cares about. When he rides Toothless, he takes off his vest and wears a flying vest to help him stay on Toothless.
When flying with Toothless now, he's also seen wearing a spiked masked when he glides in the air, as his outfit doubles as a squirrel jacket capable of gliding. In the franchise, Hiccup is always the one looked to when dragon related problems or needs come up.
After training Toothless he shifted in his desires and started working on a new tail for Toothless.
Unlike Fishlegs who only spews out facts, Hiccup is able to use them for practical use and he does it very well.
When they land, Astrid kisses Hiccup for the first time and admires his loyalty to Toothless when he refuses yet again to tell the village about the Dragons' Nest and his bond with Toothless.
Astrid gathers the other Viking teenagers as backup, and Hiccup teaches them how to ride on the back of a dragon.
In Riders of Berk, Hiccup's main difficulties begin with keeping the dragons under control.
At the last instant, Stoick pushes Hiccup out of the way, and is hit instead, killing him instantly. The depth of their relationship is furthered when Hiccup fashions a prosthetic tail for Toothless, only to discover that the two need each other to use it to fly; Hiccup is needed to manipulate the prosthetic tail while Toothless does the actual flying.
Stoick shows how deeply he cares for Hiccup when he believes that Hiccup is dead and mourns, apologizing for not having listened to him before.
In Breakneck Bog, Hiccup is willing to face extreme danger, and a possible Fog Monster, to retrieve a lost gift from his mother.
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He also seems to be very good at crafting objects and weapons, which is seen as works as an apprentice to Gobber, the blacksmith, in his workshop.
After Dragon Training, he starts to wear a Viking helmet given to him by his father as shown in Gift of the Night Fury, made from half of his mother's breast plate (Stoick owning and wearing the other half). His pants are dark brown and has straps around them with a leather boot for his right foot.
He was able to solve all the riddles on Hamish's treasure map even when under pressure and the feat is especially notable because it was said that only a most brilliant mind could solve those clues. After that, the weather and harsh climate of Berk become a challenge that he must overcome.
When they compete in the Thawfest Games, both of them become rudely antagonistic towards each other. Hiccup angrily drives Toothless away when he approaches Stoick's body after the Alpha relinquishes control over him. This frees the other dragons from the Bewilderbeast's control and all fire at it, severely injuring the colossal dragon until Toothless fires a final massive blast, breaking its left tusk. He shows great happiness when he learns that Hiccup is still alive thanks to Toothless' efforts. When he decided to throw the race, he apologized to his father, and to himself, in his choice. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup not only reunites with his mother, but learns she has been living with, and rescuing dragons. Following the battle with the Red Death, Hiccup's left leg up to his shin is replaced with a prosthetic made by Gobber with a metal foot and spring, which is accessible for flying with Toothless.
This is noticeably faster than even Astrid who had to train the same type of dragon and does manage to do so but takes longer. In Cast Out Part II, Hiccup fought Outcasts and Berserkers without a problem using his shield.
Mildew serves as one of his primary antagonists, and Hiccup is forced to go to desperate measures to keep the Vikings from falling back on the "old ways". Hiccup snaps out of this with a little help from Astrid and his conscience, and he allows Snotlout to take victory for the sake of maintaining their friendship. Drago leaves Hiccup to his fate and, riding Toothless, again under the control of the Alpha, leads his now larger army to destroy Berk. Later, Stoick and the village welcome Hiccup as a hero and Stoick finally accepts his son for who he is.
Throughout the second film, she helped him discovering his identity as a Rider and a leader.
He's also able to keep an enraged Whispering Death from running over him by simply putting his hand forward in What Flies Beneath. Besides that Hiccup has managed to design a plethora of other objects, from winches to telescopes. While Hiccup does not do any direct fighting in How to Train Your Dragon 2, he does wield his Dragon Blade, Inferno, with great precision and skill, such as when freeing Stormfly or preventing Drago from reaching his bull hook. Stoick is given a Viking funeral and Hiccup, now filled with grief and regret at the loss of his father and his dragon, doesn't know what to do anymore. In the end, Valka stays with him on Berk and celebrated along wtih Gobber,Astrid and the rest of the villagers her son's coronation as Chief of Berk. Still, some dragon challenges (including said Whispering Death) are greater than his ability, but he can always rely on Toothless and the other teens to have his back. Perhaps their most deadly enemy, Alvin the Treacherous, shares the role of his book counterpart as being Hiccup's nemesis.
He doesn't usually take risks unnecessarily, but he seems willing to risk everything for the sake of his friends, especially Toothless.
Trying to encourage him, Valka tells him that he has a heart of a chief and a soul of a dragon. Hiccup has managed to devise a more effective method of calming wild dragons with Inferno as it produces the dragon fire of both a Monstrous Nightmare and a Hideous Zippleback.
Hiccup is forced into conflict with him and his Outcast soldiers many times throughout the first season, but Hiccup usually emerges the victor, much to Alvin's frustration.
Unfortunately this bravery occasionally becomes foolhardiness, and Hiccup has found himself in dangerous situations with no way to escape. Inspired by her words, Hiccup decides that he will fly back to Berk to defend his people and live up to his father's legacy.
This makes the dragons consider Hiccup as one of their own as only a 'dragon' should be able to wield dragon fire. Thankfully, he knows that he has Toothless and his friends to back him up, and throughout the series they are always ready to help him when he needs it.

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