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Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk MechanismWith this hardware kit, you can build a bed that doubles as a workstation!
When you fold your bed up against the wall, the mechanism lifts your desktop to working height with all of your items intact.
Building a screen porch can be a great DIY project if you have some prior building experience. Screened porches can be very sophisticated and visually appealing if designed properly and can be used year round in some locations. Before building consider how much room do you need, will your porch be used by many or just a few? Enhance The Look Of Your Patio with Wood Patio FurnitureThere are a lot of kinds of woods that can be used as materials in making patio furniture sets. Enjoy the Night With Outdoor Deck LightingWhen you use outdoor deck lighting there are so many things that you can create with it. Wooden Deck Boxes Can Make Your Life EasierWooden deck boxes are beautifully made pieces of furniture which will suit your outdoor needs as well as your indoor needs. Get the Most Out of Your Patio with Patio HeatersMost of us look for some brand new home improvement items that can really enhance the overall look of our home. Outdoors With Wood Porch SwingsIf you think that a healthy lifestyle can only be obtained by eating a fat-free diet and doing a 30-minute run every day, well, you are wrong. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Give Your Hallway and Porch a Make-Over.How do you entice a buyer to get beyond the driveway to the front door? Double glazing windows & double glazing doors from Glass Tec WindowsGlass Tec Windows, are manufacturers of high quality double glazing windows, doors, conservatories and aluminium shop fronts. How To Get Inspiration To Start Landscaping Your Garden, Yard or PorchComing up with landscape ideas can be a problem, when all your neighbors have already tried everything. PLUMBING VENT DEFINITIONS, TYPES - CONTENTS: Definition of plumbing vent terms, types of plumbing vents. This article defines plumbing vent system terms, distances, and functions, and other specifications and code requirements. We define the soil stack, waste stack, wet vents and dry vents, and we summarize the distances permitted between plumbing fixtures and their vent piping. Our page top sketch of a plumbing stack vent and other sketches included below are provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates. Imagine a full soda bottle with its cap off, turned upside down: the soda does not flow nicely out of the bottle.
Now perform the same experiment, but punch a hole in the bottom of your soda bottle just before you turn it upside down. Here we show the main building vent pipe, the plumbing stack vent, connecting inside plumbing drains to a vent pipe that extends above the building roof in order to let needed air into the drains and to vent sewer gases harmlessly above the building. Below we explain how building plumbing vent systems work and why plumbing vents are needed for drain function and plumbing drain safety. Where there is a snow-cover risk (snow can block the plumbing vent) the vent should extend 24" above the roof surface. The soil stack pipe, as shown in Carson Dunlop's sketch, carries waste from toilets to the house trap (if one is installed) and there connects to the sewer line extending outside the building and on to a public sewer or private septic system. The soil stack pipe is normally extended outdoors above the building roof, as shown in the page top sketch.
Other main building drain piping sections that slope closer to horizontal are connected to the soil stack but move waste horizontally where needed in a building.
The waste stack pipe shown in the sketch refers to any other vertical drain piping in the building that does not carry soil (sewage) from a sanitary fixture (toilet). As we discuss at DRAIN NOISES, if the horizontal distance between a plumbing fixture and the vertical vent piping is too great, the fixture may not drain properly, producing slow drainage or gurgling noises. Poor drainage is not just an annoyance, it can be unsafe since there is also the risk that the poorly-vented plumbing fixture will lose the water from its plumbing trap, then permitting sewer gases into the building.
As we show in Carson Dunlop's sketch, the distance allowed between a plumbing fixture (actually the fixture plumbing trap) and the vertical vent piping varies between a minimum and maximum as a function of the pipe diameter. Below our tables 1 and 2 summarize common plumbing code specifications for fixture venting and vent pipe sizes and distances that a plumbing fixture can be located (horizontally) from the vent stack. Special routing and connections are required for proper venting of plumbing fixtures such as kitchen island or peninsula sinks or dishwashers - plumbing fixtures that are located where a direct vertical vent stack connection is not possible.
Basically,larger piping diameter allows longer distances between a plumbing fixture and its vent stack. But if a plumbing fixture is close enough (five feet or less) to the main waste stack pipe (vent), the fixture does not usually require its own plumbing vent piping, and it is considered a direct-vented plumbing fixture.
Of course this rule presumes that the drain piping between the fixture trap and the waste stack is properly installed and properly sloped.
In many buildings we find that the toilet is located quite close (within 5 feet) of the main building waste stack. When you flush a toilet it sends a sudden large volume of waste and wastewater into the building drain waste vent (DWV) piping.

It is exactly this condition that produces the gurgling or even siphonage out and loss of water in nearby sink or tub traps when you flush a toilet in a building where the vent piping is inadequate.
A toilet that is located too far from the soil stack can be wet vented as shown in Carson Dunlop's sketch. But a wet vented fixture requires a larger drain pipe diameter in its wet portion as we show in the sketch. Also note that wet vented fixtures (toilet, bathtub, shower, or floor drain) are permitted for bathrooms on the same floor level, not between floors. An AAV is basically a one-way valve that allows air to enter the drain to satisfy the vacuum caused by water passing down the drainage system, but that prevents sewer gases from backing up through the vent into the building. The table below gives required clearance distances to various building features and cites pertinent model plumbing codes. Nearest window, door, opening, air intake, or ventilation shaft: distance to plumbing vent. We interpret this rule to apply to the required separation distances between a plumbing vent and nearest chimney on the building - Ed.
Vent pipes shall terminate not less than 6 inches above the roof, measured from the highest point where the vent intersects the roof. EXCEPTION: Where a roof is used for any purpose other than weather protection, vents shall extend at least 7 feet above the roof and shall be properly supported.
Continue reading at PLUMBING VENT REPAIR or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below.
Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. Sewage Levels in Septic Tanks - what are normal and abnormal sewage levels in septic tanks and what do they mean about tank condition, leaks, etc.
The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors.
I’ve talked before about some alternative growing systems, but I want to use an article I just read as an excuse to cover them again. Nowadays when you talk about hydroponics, mist people think about illegitimate uses for the method, generally oriented around growing pot. Generally speaking, most hydroponics systems consist of growing beds, a growing medium, nutrient solution, and water. Aquaponics is quite similar to hydroponics, but it addresses a major drawback of hydroponics.
Aquaponics doesn’t eliminate the need for external input into the growing system, but it definitely reduces it to something that most people can handle on their own, which is important for sustainability.
So this post was triggered by reading an article from Fast Company about a guy who is using shipping containers to house portable hydroponics solutions. I have also thought of an off-grid setup, either as a proof of concept, or just to save some in electricity costs. I stumbled upon this link a while ago written by an electrical engineer who decided to live off grid. It would be a fun experiment to get a few car batteries, solar panels, this battery desulfator and see how self sufficient the system could be. You could even grow duckweed to feed the fish with, the only input after setup would be light from the sun! This finely engineered hardware is counterbalanced for smooth operation without binding or overextending. We actually bought a house once because of the screened porch – and never regretted that decision! You’ll be considerably happier if you consider the architecture of your home when designing or purchasing your porch. Will it be used primarily as a quiet respite for you and your sweetie or are you going to entertain lots of friend and family? This will help you determine what type and how much furniture will be needed on the porch.
We don’t like giving our boyfriends a gift that is something sports related, kills things or helps his car. We explain how plumbing vents work on buildings, why plumbing vent piping is needed, and what happens to the building drains when the vent piping is not working.
Allow building drains to flow freely by allowing air into the drain system, avoiding the vacuum and slow drainage that would otherwise occur at fixtures. As some soda spills out, the spillage has to nearly stop to let some air into the bottle to fill the vacuum created by the soda leaving. In these notes, the plumbing stack vents and other sketches included below are provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates. Note that there are other restrictions: for a roof that is also used as an occupied space, for example, the vent has to extend at least even feet above the surface and be secured with stays. That is, dry vent piping carrying only air, sewer gas, or moisture to above the roof line is unrestricted. If a plumbing fixture is located too far from the main building vent stack, then its own drain pipe must have its own vent stack connection piping.

This surge of wastewater can certainly create a vacuum problem in the waste line if the vent piping system is inadequate, blocked, or missing entirely. The drain piping for a sink (basin) or other fixture located closer to the soil stack than is the toilet can provide a pathway to let air into the horizontal waste piping used by the toilet to carry waste to the soil stack. This diameter increase helps assure adequate air flow into the drain system in the event that the sink basin (in this example) happens to be draining at the same moment that the toilet is flushed.
Where a conventional plumbing vent system is not available or not feasible the local plumbing inspector may permit an air admittance valve to be installed. No vent terminal shall be located directly beneath any door, window, or other ventilating opening of a building or of another building, nor shall any such vent terminal be within 10 feet horizontally of such opening unless it is at least 2 feet above the top of such opening. The Horizon system runs on always-available cloud-based software for office computers, laptops, tablets, iPad, Android, & other smartphones.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
Hydroponics uses a mineral nutrient solution in water to grow plants without any sort of soil.
The growing medium helps the roots have something to grab onto, and can hang onto some of the nutrients after the nutrient system has receded somewhat. The growing medium sits in a growing bed, which is periodically flooded with the water containing the nutrient solution. Here’s some resources of various types that you can check out for more information or even instructions on how to do it yourself. In hydroponic systems, you’re dependant upon nutrient solutions that come from outside the growing system. Tilapia in particular can be fed duckweed, which can be grown in the hydroponics system, which helps reduce the overal systems input required. It’s a lot easier to find duckweed for tilapia or worms and bugs for trout than it is to find a chemical nutrient solution for a hydroponics system. The system provides the exact amount of water, lights, and nutrients that a crop requires–so there is no wasted energy (though the pods are still hooked up to the power grid). Mechanism uses a sophisticated piston lift system rather than old-fashioned springs that can snap back. Screen porches are considered outdoor living spaces and therefore have less building code restrictions than a three season or four season porch. Because sewer gases may flow back up into the building drain piping from a public sewer or private septic system, and because some sewer gases are included in building waste flowing through the piping, the plumbing vent system needs to carry these gases outside, usually above the building roof, where they are disposed-of safely and without leaving unpleasant, or possibly dangerous smells and gases inside the building. However the piping does need to be protected from nails - use nail plates to protect vent and drain piping both where where piping passes through studs, joists, or rafters. Our sketch above shows a toilet located close to the waste stack - an installation that should work fine.
People have been experimenting with hydroponics since the 1600s, though it didn’t actually work without any soil until 1859.
The waste byproducts from the fish accumulate in the water, which is converted to nitrates by bacteria in the system. However, if your screen porch plans include adding heating or cooling, you would need to comply with all of the codes for indoor living space like insulation, heating, lighting, and electrical.
Many people choose to enclose part of their porch or deck leaving a portion totally open to the outside. Pressure-treated lumber and simulated wood products (poly-woods) made from a blend of recycled materials and wood fibers are insect and rot resistant and weather to a nice color of grey. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order.
Most people don’t realize they have several options of screening material to fit any budget.
But since he probably doesn’t want homemade soaps or a yarn mittens, what else can we do? Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home.
You can use the enclosed portion for insect-free dining or entertaining while also having space to decorate a little differently. From nylon to copper and from aluminum to brass opt for porch screening that is both attractive and functional.
Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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