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Our readers can personalize ViralBlog in Zite alike ways, and schedule e-mail alerts to get the most relevant answers to their specific questions. First of all, there’s no hidden formula to make your app go viral (although the viral coefficient comes pretty close to mathematically breaking down virality for you). There’s an easy-to-remember acronym that will break it down for you: Value, Intuitive, Reward, Ability, Like-able. You need to be absolutely sure that your app is exactly what your audience needs and answers a critical need – and how do you do this? Constantly test and integrate feedback at every stage of development, so when it becomes release time, you are positive that your target audience will be satisfied with your product.
Achieve this by making signing in through social media accounts automatic (today’s users don’t like mountains of usernames and passwords to remember). Uber’s recent $20 for referrals and for the new sign-up is one example of a great reward campaign.
Because of it’s intuitive set up and instructions, the ease of sharing across social networks, its like-ability (both literally and figurability), the rewards (filtered pictures to make your friends jealous), and because, compared to other apps, it was just, well, awesome. Mold your brand accordingly to ensure you are creating a product they don’t just need, but they like and want to share with others. You’ve heard it time and time again: today’s users are more informed but have less time and more options. When it comes to going viral, first impressions matter – and following these 5 key tips may not promise virality, but they will certainly give you an advantage over other apps. This post was written by Eric, Bitshakers resident tech junkie who loves everything digital and sharing his knowledge.
Viral video is highly sought-after, but making your content go viral on the internet is no magic. If your video is not interesting in the first few minutes, you are likely to lose half of the audience. Put something amazing in the first 10 seconds in order to grab the attention of your viewers.

While the content of the video is highly important, the way it travels is also equally important.
If you can manage to get your video appear on high traffic sites like Buzzfeed, you can be sure that your content would definitely go to a large number of active audience.
While putting your video on the website, make sure that you make it easy for the users to share the video.
Sharing the video in appropriate platform where target audience gathers will increase the chance of receptivity. There is a lot of repetitive and similar content on the internet, so everybody is searching for some new information each day.
The biggest difference between plant cells and animal cells is that plant cells have a cell wall surrounding their cell membrane.
Animal cell membranes have all sorts of receptor proteins that become activated to trigger an opening in the membrane to allow hormones, nutrients and waste to move into and out of the cell.
Some apps go viral because they follow tried-and-true methods, such as Smashing Magazine’s viral app test. Value: You may think your app is perfectly suited to your target audience’s needs, but you know the saying about what assuming does. Intuitive: Your app needs to have intuitive design, and, more importantly, extremely intuitive sign-up and share functions, to ensure that users don’t get frustrated at the beginning stages. Reward: Reward users with incentives and promotions to encourage them to share and invite friends to join. Think about it – there are countless apps similar to yours, but what separates the fails from the successes is making an app that makes the user feel cooler.
If, like being awesome, this seems too subjective to you, think about it in target audience terms. Browse our category Viral & Social Video, join us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, GOOGLE+, RSS or get our weekly e-mail newsletter for updates and free bonus content. When a viewer come across a video, he would definitely check its length in order to make the decision of watching it or not. This can be done by attaching social media share buttons and links in intuitive spots near the video.

If your video targets audience of a particular age group, try to publicize it among such a group.
If you don’t share the video among target audience, it will not create a good impact and all the effort you have put on making the video will be of no vein. If your video has some new interesting information to share, it definitely will attract the audience. Some substances, such as water can diffuse through the cell wall without needing a chemical signal to do so.
Your app’s brand needs to be like-able, both so users literally like it, and so they can “like” it easily across social media channels. After you have made a concise and beautiful video with a wonderful story, share it people who would appreciate and care to share it.
Respect the audience who their valuable time to watch your video by sharing some new information with the viewers.
Add engagement content in your video and through curious questions and try to answer their questions in order to make it sharable. The vacuole controls the movement and storage of nutrients and waste within the cell, and helps maintain the cell’s structure using fluid for support.
Plant cells are relatively uniform in structure – they are all roughly the same shape. The oxygen biproduct of photosynthesis allows Earth to be inhabited by air breathing organisms; simply put, plants make air for us to breathe.
Plant cells have plasmodesmata; pores in the cell wall that allow chemical communication between cells.

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