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There’s a popular old wives tale out there that says that men think about sex every seven seconds which equates to about 8,000 times a day. There is only one thing I can think of that women can use to match the intensity at which men think about sex. Just take a look at how much money Hollywood has made over the years with these generic romantic movies where you can predict the outcome before you even watch it.
It takes 30,000 words to say everything that needs to be said in order to teach someone how to make their ex fall back in love with them again. Because I wrote a book meant to be a step by step method for getting your ex girlfriend back and that is how many words it took me to explain the entire process. It literally will take you by the hand and show you everything that you need to be shown in order to be successful in getting your girlfriend or wife back. Lets focus on that first, why your ex girlfriend fell out of love with you or the resistance you are going to be facing. Essentially what happened in a relationship here is that your girlfriend got so bored of being with you that she just lost her feelings. This was pretty shocking for me to hear since I didn’t even get a hint that my friend was getting bored in his relationship. If you aren’t able to find a way to combat this boredom the result can be devastating with her falling out of love with you. In every single serious relationship that a woman enters into with a man she is going to be expecting that man to fulfill her emotional needs. When these needs aren’t met she is going to start doubting the relationship and slowly but surely lose her feelings for you. Lets say that throughout your relationship with your girlfriend you did not make her feel secure, you did not make her feel envied and she had no trust in you at all. For example, if you aren’t meeting your girlfriends emotional needs (resistance 2) then your girlfriend may go somewhere else to get them met.
Of course, there are always those men out there that actively hit on women who are married or dating just because they are jerks. If your girlfriend ever leaves you for another man then that means that she doesn’t love you. I feel that this quote is extremely insightful and applies to what we are going to talk about here with resistance 4 and lying. Lets make a big (and hopefully untrue) assumption by saying that you got caught in a lot of lies during your relationship with your girlfriend. Now, I don’t know about you but I tend not to fall in love with people who I know for a fact are going to lie to me. For example, when I was graduating high school all of my friends and I swore that we would keep in touch.
My point here is simple, all of us are on a path and sometimes that path takes us in a different direction than the other people we have grown close to. Maybe your girlfriend was looking for the next step, marriage, and you weren’t ready to commit.
Big differences in the philosophies of the relationship like those can be a force that causes two people to grow apart. Your ex girlfriend obviously has a lot of resistance when it comes to getting back together with you. In my opinion, overcoming the resistance is going to be your most challenging task because really the resistance is the only thing that is standing between you and her getting back together. So, the question you are probably wondering is how do you defeat these resistance thoughts she has? Well, there are really three things you have to do when you are looking to get rid of her doubts. Whatever the case I think it is really important for you to identify every possible resistance that she may have about getting back together with you. Oh, and I do feel it is important to mention that she could have more than one resistance about getting back together with you. Well, you aren’t going to break down her resistance about getting back together with you in a day. About a week ago I read a comment a reader left on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery that was absolutely heartbreaking. In other words, I tried to explain to her the best I could that this isn’t going to happen overnight and the more you rush it the more likely things will fall apart right in front of your face.
During your relationship with your ex girlfriend she began to notice certain negative qualities about you. Well, ideally what you want to have happen is that you are able to overcome her resistance (through her emotional attachment to you), prove that you no longer display the negative qualities she hates when she takes you back and as a result she will fall back in love with you. The problem you currently face is the fact that you really can’t prove you no longer possess the negative qualities which invariably led to your breakup right now because the two of you are currently broken up.
Because you really have to be in a relationship to overcome those types of negative qualities. Unfortunately, the resistance thoughts your ex has in her mind (because of those negative qualities) are preventing you from being in a relationship with her. So, right now your focus should be on attacking her resistance and I have found that the most effective way to do that is through the use of good old fashioned emotions. That is the number of women I have talked to as a result of Ex Boyfriend Recovery (the sister site to this one.) When you communicate with that many women about relationships you tend to learn a thing or two about how they make decisions. For example, if you can tap into the emotional center of a woman and make her feel something so powerful that no one else has the ability to she is going to be drawn to you. If a woman begins to associate a lot of bad emotions towards you (see the resistance section above) she is going to be want to get away from you. What we have to do is turn the tables on her so that she starts associating more of those strong and positive emotions towards you. Those of you who are unlucky enough to experience this feeling know how emotional it can make you.
Well, one way to make sure that you overcome your ex girlfriends resistance to dating you again is to make her miss you so much that it literally hurts her to be away from you.
Eventually though there will come a time when she misses certain aspects of your relationship with her and this will cause her to want to message you via social media, text you or call you. Lets pretend that this graph represents the intensity that your ex girlfriend misses you after the breakup. Well, it is highly likely that during the sharp incline, when your ex is missing you, is when she is going to reach out to you. Lets assume that she called you at this point of the graph, you picked up, answered and had a very long conversation with her. Instead of being patient, playing your cards right and showing some discipline by ignoring her call you decided to give in to your own desires and the price you paid for it was the fact that she no longer misses you as much. The better strategy, as I just said, is to ignore her call which admittedly might make her a little angry at first but the end result is almost always the same, she misses you more.
With this graph I marked the point at which your ex probably calls or texts you with an arrow. Trying to overcome the resistance when she misses you just a little bit or trying overcome it when she misses you a lot?
I know that for most on this page I have been kind of a debbie downer with me pointing out everything that you are doing wrong.
In other words, you have already proven that you have the ability to make this girl fall in love with you. You know, all the ones that made her so happy that she couldn’t even think straight for hours at a time. I am going to think back to the one of the happiest moments in my entire relationship with a woman. Now, before I go on I do feel it is important to mention that when you are doing this for your particular girlfriend you need to make sure that the moment you choose means just as much to her as it did to you.
Assuming that you do have the prefect moment picked out what is it that you have to do to bring your ex girlfriend back into the moment?
The memory you pick out needs to be so powerful that you shouldn’t even have to mention exactly what happened.
Oh, also I should mention that its important that you pick your spots with this text message. For example, the best time to use a message like this is when you are already having an in-depth conversation with your girlfriend.
If you are still confused about how that part of this process works please reference the guides above since they will explain everything to you. Of course, the main purpose of this guide is to teach you how can make your ex girlfriend fall back in love with you.
It’s ok though because I am going to show you what you need to do to raise your chances of making her fall in love with you.
Ok, if you have reached this point then that means you were able to overcome her resistance about getting back together with you. Now, I want you to listen up very closely because what I am going to be talking about here is a foolproof method for making a girl fall in love with you. From this point on this guide is going to be focusing on that, how a real man should treat a woman. For example, I have heard multiple stories where women will manipulate the guy to do things that she wants him to do and uses her leaving the relationship as the ultimate tool to do so. Knowing your own worth in the relationship is essential and is going to make you more attractive to your girl. While some women may find it appealing to be able to control a man it will get boring after a while and a relationship like that won’t last in the long run.
By having good communication skills alone you can add another element to your relationship that most people fail to bring to the table.
I was on YouTube the other day and I happened to watch this 20 minute marriage proposal video that had over 9 million views.

I want you to do something so romantic for your girlfriend that she won’t ever forget it for the rest of her life. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
I know she has feelings for me but I need to find out the most effective way to make them a lot more powerful and have her respect me more and want to spend more time with me. Oh and one more piece… It seems really apparent to me that she still wants to be together. Update: Went over to her house on Sunday to look at a beehive (I keep bees and if they were honeybees she said I could take them).
Hi there I just got dumped by my girlfriend a week ago she wreckens she has no feeling for me now but I don’t get after 3 years she can just forget, but we did have a boring relationship but we were so in love so I never thought she would leave but she has but I want her back so badly what do I do ? Sorry for my bad writing (english isn’t my first , I hope you all can understand the central idea, at least. Written BY: Aghori Babahow to get ex lost love back Aghori Baba ji provide you a magic love spell.
Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster Glover Raymond have been currently battling out their child custody case in the public but it’s not ALL bad between the two parental units. Understandably, the younger boys, Usher, 4, and Naviyd Ely, 3, are kept extremely insulated.
The single mom also owns several businesses Esstella and Estella Home (which she recently consolidated) and Kangazoom,  an indoor play palace for children ages 2-12. Staying true to that philosophy, Tameka’s oldest son is an assistant manager at her other venture, KangaZoom.
At this point in her life, Tameka no longer gives the rumors priority nor does she allow them to steal her positive energy. I don’t know how he deals with it, but I refuse to let the media manipulate what should be a personal situation and turn me into the villain. I dont know whether to believe her and say oh she has grown up some and put those crazy drama antics behind her or should I say she is trying to play the sympthy card since all this stuff is out in the open now. Hey i wonder how much Margueax oops i mean tameka is paying michelle just seem like a whole lot of phony going on smh! She didn’t say one eveil think about her ex,unlike Usher who tries to throw her under the bus every chance he gets. Blah Blah Blah who gives a rats ass about this heffa y r u doing interviews u ain’t no celebrity nor does anyone cares dat u married usher see how that worked out fucking ur friends n shit bitch go hide under a rock. As for beauty, Grace is not a good looking woman, not that looks are all that matter, but for the record, his ex wife is pretty.
I’m sure Grace, Mya, and the others are all sharing and passing him around like leftover roast. As for the looks dept, Grace is not at all good looking woman, not that looks are what matter, but for the record, his ex wife is pretty. I hope each of you black bitches who are on here trying to destroy Tameka’s character, get treated the same way Usher is treating Tameka. WOW the comments are crazy… You all act like you know Tameka personally and that she has done something to you.
From what I have seen (and I haven’t seen it all) Tameka has gone on the attack after she was attacked first. All you whores calling Tameka ugly, post your pics, I bet you bitches look like crackheads, prostitutes and transvestites. I don’t even know Tameka and its disheartening to see black women bash each other like this over a cheating no good man.
And for you people who are adults, raising children and are treating this woman this way, saying how ugly she is, how much of a gold digger she is, etc., I shiver at the thoughts of you raising children. She may be fighting for all the money she can get out of him but at least she is not slandering him. Based on accounts of the people who knew him during his short life, Petr Ginz was the perfect person to create and pilot an underground magazine. Two very different Israeli films about their titular princesses open in Los Angeles on May 27. While there is no research to back up that claim lets pretend for a moment that it’s true. The reason they are so successful is because so many women are so in love with love that they are happy to fork over money to watch a movie whose outcome they already know.
In fact, it’s so complicated that I used to tell people that it was impossible to put an actual word count on the amount of words that it would take to explain such a complicated idea. Since your ex has already dated you she knows your negative qualities (or the qualities that she thought were negative.) Your greatest challenge is finding a way to overcome these negatives by convincing her that this next time will be different. This way you know everything you are up against and what you are going to have to overcome to win back her love. Heck, she could have an entirely new resistance that I haven’t even listed on this page.
For you to even try to win her back and make her fall in love with you in a day is the most idiotic belief you could ever have. Eventually the negative qualities became so bad that she decided to leave you because of them. The question you are probably wondering is how in the world are you going to accomplish that when she wants nothing to do with you? This is exactly what you want but you don’t want to relieve her of her pain (as weird as that sounds) by messaging her back.
Well, after that conversation she isn’t going to miss you as much so it is highly likely that the graph will take the downward trajectory shown above.
However, instead of responding to her call or text message you decide to ignore it and look what happens as a result. Well, in this section that is all about to change because we are going to turn our focus to what you have done right. Rather, all you should have to say is a place and a time and your ex girlfriend should know exactly what you are talking about.
This way she is properly primed to go to a place where she can re-experience the emotions she experienced the day that (the memory you picked out) happened. I realize I kind of rushed through everything and didn’t give you the full step by step method that you should be implementing.
Now that you are back with her you can work on combating the negative qualities that she thinks you have.
As a result, assuming they do get their exes back, they make the relationship all about the girl instead of making it an equal partnership. When most people point out the problems of a relationship they point to things like not enough sex, emotional needs not being met and lying.
If both people communicate properly they will begin to understand what the other person needs on an emotional level. Granted, most of you here probably aren’t looking to propose to your girlfriend but if you can bring just a sliver of the spirit that this guy put into his romantic proposal into your relationship your girlfriend is going to appreciate it on a deep level. When she is on her deathbed she is going to look back on her life and point to this one incredible act as the most romantic thing ever done for her. We did brake up but are talking regularly, going out on dates, she didn’t but now calls me babe,baby and says she loves my quite regularly again. I’m confused about how to go about this because when she acts like this I feel uncertain and it makes me more clingy which drives her away and makes her more distant. We talked for about 2 hours, where she admitted to me that this new guy was kind of boring to her, and that when they’re together she feels the conversation is forced. Okay, if you really want her just apologise and change but it looks you like her best friend her too..
I had a friend that I loved but never admitted my feeling until 5 years later in a drunken day. We still together through this whole time, but, I feel the relationship is going bad and I fear to lose her love.
But I have a serious family limitation who doesn’t allow me to break her resistances. Surprisingly, even after the recent court revelations about Usher bedding one of Tameka’s bridesmaids, she only had good things to say about her ex! According to the interview, she keeps her older boys, Darrin, 21, Ryan, 13, and Kile, 11, in the loop so that they’re not caught off guard by anything they may read in the media. Still, she finds it more than a little ridiculous that people seem to not believe in true love. She cheated on her husband (so did Grace!) she will not be the first and I am sure not the last. She did an interview in the Billboard about 3 weeks ago with him on the cover in a blue jacket.
This Grace woman is light skinned, homely, with 3rd grade hair styles and bug eyes from what I see in every pic.
She did an interview in the Billboard about 3 weeks ago with him on the cover in a bright blue jacket. This Grace woman is light, bag lady, with 3rd grade hair styles and big buggy eyes from what I see in every picture. It’s amazing the amount of emotion that people have for someone they have never even met.
I think that people always expect Usher to be with some glamorous chick and that’s why she was bashed so much.
Most of you look just like Tameka, you aren’t LHLS chicks, yet you sit and ridicule a regular looking chick every single day. Tameka is a very beautiful woman and I guess because she is dark, she is being told that she is ugly. This question, simultaneously simplistic and complex, is not one normally asked of an actor.

You and your girlfriend had a relationship so both of you know what the other one brings to the table. In my own experience most women usually do not go outside of their relationships (to other men) unless their own relationship has some serious problems.
Before you can even think about getting her back and making her fall back in love with you, you are going to have to find a way to overcome this resistance.
One thing that we already know is that your ex girlfriend probably has a lot of resistance about getting back with you. Make sure you look at the situation from her perspective as that will give you good insight into what she is thinking. No, making another human being actually fall in love with you and choose to be with you will take some time.
I also told her that when she eventually does get to a point where she is talking with her ex she is going to have to be very patient and not try to rush everything at once. Instead, you want her to miss you on an even more intense level to the point where she is actually hungering for you to message her back. You see, they are so frightened that they are going to lose the girl again that they will completely disregard their own personal needs in the relationship. While all of those can be harmful to a relationship I really think a lack of communication is worse. They love those moments at the end of romantic comedies where the protagonist declares his undying love. It was a normal relationship with the normal amount of fighting, but overall I was very happy and I thought she was too.
She said she thinks two people can be in love and not be compatible, which I do agree with.
I did nc for a week after we broke up but we started to text again as there was a marathon coming up in which the both of us signed up months ago.
Sorry we don’t have a number but the email is being checked everyday so, you can send the whole story there instead if you want. She wants to marry me, I want to marry her, but If a marriage happens now, this will be the same to kill my mother (I’m a only child, she is divorced and have serious psychological diseases).
Her insecurities, baggage, stank attitude, and a few other factors ruined that relationship. Usher could not lie to his self any longer n must have left like an ass after seeing his self acting a pussy fool on TRL.Would these ppl stop interviewing her gosh. I guess the wife wasn’t for it either, you know how men lie and pretend to change then do the same shit over, over again.
I guess the ex wife wasn’t for it either, you know how men lie and pretend to change then do the same shit over, over again.
She is right, most of you are married to a damn poster, yet you want to bash a woman you don’t know.
How are you attacking this woman (from the very beginning) because she got him and you couldn’t. She is no longer in love with you and the worst part about it all is that you knew what things were like when she was.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
Well, when it comes to actually getting her back you are going to have to overcome any resistance she may have about what you bring to the table.
But I asked her what about us made us incompatible and she couldn’t think of anything. But she seemed to make excuses for him, saying she thought maybe it was his friends controlling nature that caused him to be so boring.
A week before the marathon, I rarely replied to her in which she asked if I’m alright due to my silence to her. He said my ex told them I’m not going the fact we haven spoke to each other about it. If you are not with the one you love for any reason, we can cast this love spell to shock and manipulate the one you love into coming to you. Grace is not a famewhore and understand his entertainer lifestyle and she helped him to get his fanbase back. She cheated on Ryan Glover with Usher and left him because she thought that she would finally become famous and be more than the ugly stylist. He only married her because she was pregnant with Cinco, and once she knew usher was on the way out, she hurriedly got pregnant with Naviyd. I know that she reacted in ways that weren’t appropriate, but people do things like that when they are pushed. Why do you have to down dark skin women day in and day out as if they don’t deserve happiness too?
I am sure she went through a lot of hurt, anger and grieving and she’s doing the best she can just like anyone else. She thought that I could at times be very abrasive, arrogant, emotionally unsupportive, and she felt that I didn’t give her enough attention. We are admittedly different but our personalities complimented each other very well I felt. I told her it would be best if we didn’t talk any longer as i tried to get rid of the cheating that might occur. For this I need any names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, photos or other information you can supply. This is why black people will never amount to anything other than rappers and football players. Anyways we talked and she said she liked talking to me because she feels she can truly vent about her life with me. The day before the marathon she texted me deciding that she’s not going for the marathon because she said I don need her anymore. Since then i broke up with my then girlfriend in hopes to be free so i wouldn’t feel guilty about my love confession. Usher Dismisses Restraining Order + Accused Stalker Speaks Out… *COURT DOCUMENTS*Raymond v.
Maybe it because shes a rebound or maybe the rumors about her being a regular industry jumpoff are true.
You don’t even have a plausible answer for that, yet you are on this blog wishing this woman loses her kids. Raising children is hard enough and raising young black boys is even harder if you are a single mother. I tried to change her mind but failed and had a small argument and eventually I went alone. She should have kept her mouth closed and enjoyed Usher’s love instead of that she wanted to be famous.
She should have kept her mouth closed and enjoyed Usher’s love instead of that she wanted to be famous. She staying very hard to get in good graces with the public but it’s not being bought.
He gave up his marriage thinking that he would get his fans back and most of them still didn’t return. How about you take your welfare receiving, child support receiving ass up off your fat ass and off the blogs and go get a damn job or open your own company so that you can leave a legacy for your raggidy ass children who are going to grow up to be either someone’s baby daddy, baby mama, crackhead, welfare receiving drug dealer.
We talked a little while and for about 2 to 3 weeks I gave into the normal temptations of begging. Grace is more feminine , with natural and from what I saw on her instagram she seems smart and good mom.
Grace is more feminine , with natural hair and from what I saw on her instagram she seems smart and good mom.
It think Usher messed up his family unit with being a whore, its sad to see because I think he really loved his wife, but could’nt stop humping around.
We hung out again this Monday, by which time her friend had made her go on a triple date of sorts (which she had objected to but went anyways and found out that this guy was pretty nice). I’m not surprised that she is pimping Usher’s kids on twitter because Ryan and Kyle looks like hot mess, they have no swag and looks like geeks.
But after sometime this love has gone due to astrological effects of our planet and some jealous person who cant see our happy relationAghori Baba +91-9166619266559 cases solvelost love spellsAGHORI BABA JI concentrate and communicate to your ex-lover the energies created by his lost love spells.. I guess they started talking according to her, but she’s not sure if she likes him or not.
This lost love spell intends to drive at your ex partner positive energies related to youAghori Baba +91-91666192661893 cases solveurgent !
That Monday night in question we got physical, not sex but she let me kiss her all over, and we both enjoyed it. She’s also afraid of getting into a cycle where we break up and reconcile and run through it over and over again.
And when we tried again we fixed almost all of the issues we had before, I thought we were better than ever.
I identified the relationship problems and realized they are mostly just respect and effort things. They are problems I have worked hard to fix and believe I have been at least partially successful in doing so.
She says she has no reason not to believbe me, because when we’re together she can see these changes and agrees they are very good. I told her that while I can make no guarantees for the future (nobody possibly can), I can promise her that I will do my very best to have a relationship that works, and whether it’s with her or any other woman I will not make the same mistake twice.
Admittedly I have a way with words, but I would never intentionally mislead her for my own gain.

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