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The photos of the alleged conversation show James allegedly planning to meet up with the teen girl even after discovering that she is underage. As a young mum with glamorous looks, curvaceous figure and bee-sting pout, the simi­­lar­­ities with reality star Kim Kardashian are there for all to see. However unlike the US celeb’s heavies, the armed security of the Mexican beauty are not to protect her from over-zealous fans… but from assassins. For Claudia has reportedly become the new head of the world’s most ruthless hit squad Los Antrax, responsible for hundreds of bloody murders as the deadly Sinaloa drug cartel’s elite contract killer squad. The Mexican gang is known to US intelligence as “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organisation”, its hitmen feared as the planet’s deadliest. But after Los Antrax boss Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa – known as El Chino – was arrested, his Twitter-loving girlfriend Claudia is said to have been installed as the new chief. Until then her every move had been charted on social media sites where she regularly posted pictures of herself in stilettos, caressing her custom-made pink AK-47 automatic rifle, reclining among masked men and propping a deadly M16 assault rifle on her curvaceous hip. Her portrayal of a life of narcotics and narcissism undercut her emphatic denial that she is La Emperatriz de Los Antrax – the Empress of Los Antrax. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of every new video by email.

Photos of an alleged conversation between James Franco and a 17 year-old girl have surfaced, in which it appears that James is trying to arrange a meet-up in NYC. I can’t help but feel creeped out by the thought of it, but I also know that the internet is tricky when it comes to truthfulness sometimes. Genutzt werden dazu auch von Herlihey beliebte Motive wie beispielsweise das heimische Bad, GYM, Badewanne, Sauna sowie die Favo-Bar oder der Arbeitsplatz. Allerdings nutzt diese Dame nicht das eigene Antlitz fur Ihre Aufnahmen, sondern setzt ein Halloween-Skelett gekonnt in Szene.
What started as an inside joke between co-workers has become one of the funniest Instagram accounts around.
Yes, I can hear the question marks forming in your head and I’m right there with you. But I’m still experiencing a serious bout of side-eye at the moment because this kind of thing is not okay.
I was really hoping to have a little faith in humanity today but it’s so early and this would be so terrible. Was ursprunglich als Scherz unter Arbeitskollegen begann, hat sich mittlerweile zu einen ziemlich erfolgreichen Instagram-Phanomen mit fast 100.000 Followern entwickelt.

Social Media Manager Dana Herlihey couldn’t resist creating an Instagram profile for the Halloween skeleton she and her coworkers used to prank each other. Three months after her first post she’s still posing and photographing Skellie and crafting her personality.
According to Times of Israel, the account launched in September,  shows young, beautiful and happy Iranians showing off their fast automobiles, expensive timepieces, designer apparel, mansions and fine dining experiences in expensive restaurants. There are no yachts, but a lot of pool party pictures and many miniskirts and bikinis.I know what you’re thinking, can Iranian women wear miniskirts or bikinis? They can’t in public but the Iranian law mandates do not regulate dress codes in private.
So, they are free to wear what they want in private and show off on their Instagram accounts and other social media environments.

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