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First of all,I should tell you that I am a family person.I adore comfort and order at home, so when I have a minute I dedicate myself to planting, decorating, cooking and even embroidering. I am a person that searches true love and that`s why I`ve decided to register here to seek for my second half and destiny. I think I’m a very goal-oriented, serious, loyal and responsible young lady and I know very well what I want from life. As for personal jrelations, I’d like to have a happy and strong family, and a loving husband, whom I could not live without, who’d be my best friend, confident and lover. I am artistic, kindhearted, strong in every thing, pretty, sporty and always laughting lady.
My man should be interesting, clever person with whom I can talk about everything and who can listen to another person. My biggest dream is to find a tender, intelligent, loyal and caring man with a kind heart who will accept my love and give me an ocean of feelings and love. Believe it or not, my life is like a very interesting novel, that I write every day with my sensitive soul and my curious heart.
About myself, I can say that I am an open-minded and tender woman who comes with a great sense of humor. At 38, I want to meet an honest and responsible man, ideally between 30-45 years old and his children are welcome. People near me say that I am a tender, sensitive, loving and caring person – espacially with the peopole I love.
I’m 25 and I am looking for serious man between 25 and 35 who wants to have a family soon, preferably with children. I have traditional family values and I am very constant with my ideas and I would like to meet a man who will share my views. One can tell that I am from the old school, as all modern ladies travel a lot and perhaps hang in the clubs or many other things besides spending time at home. When the world is no longer romantic, I still believe that my man should be faithful and loyal in any aspect, kind and attentive to me. I like travelling, to go dancing very much, to spend time in nature and I like to have an active rest. I am just an ordinary girl who may become special for you due to her affectionate soul, loving and kind heart and romantic spirit.
I see my Chosen man as a successful man in all spheres of life and a man who loves children.
My eyes reflect my inner world with its victories and defeats and I am not afraid or shy to show my nature. I am also told to be a funny girl with perfect sense of humor for sure, people around me are always smiling and laughing.

My dream is to find my soulmate and if life is good to us; spend a lifetime travelling together! I would like that he will be kind, loving, thoughtful, caring man and I would like that he would like to creature the family. Hope he will have a good sense of humor and bright smile:) I like when man is responsible and independent.
I hope that you will get really interested in me and one day you will have a chance to see the beauty inside my soul, you will see that my heart is so full of love and passion which I want to give to you. I hope that he will be easy-going, kind, caring, loyal, gentle man, the one who loves home and family life. Some of my hobbies are: watching a good movie, reading about psychology and practicing my culinary skills I am a good cook and I can say that I am an expert in cooking healthy and tasty dishes.
With my friends, we enjoy being outdoors and every time we meet we always find something interesting and exciting to do together and keep up our communication. I love my profession a lot and I would like to improve my skills and knowledges in this field. I imagine my partner to be a serious and kind-hearted man, who possesses kindness, sincerity and reliability. I would like to create friendly and strong family with children, and to give them classical education and bring them up as honest and decent people. I am very romantic and emotional person and I understand the emotions of other people very good.
I like reading books about psychology and philosophy.I am fond of traveling and ice skating.
I`m very romantic inside, and I know that true love will find me for sure someday, because I believe that I was born under a lucky star. He can have some bad habits and disadvantages, but what I want is to feel that this person is my special one, my soulmate. For me, an ideal way of spending time together is sitting at the beach under the moon, and saying the words of love to each other.  I do not expect my soul mate to be a Super man and a millionaire.
I like to eat healthy, to exercise and to keep in shape, so fitness, massage and sauna help me with it. I never feel bored and lonely because I have many interests and hobbies which fill my free time with pleasure and enjoyment. I have many friends and I like to meet them – sometimes we all get together and sing karaoke.
I am an optimistic and purposeful person and I am always ready to help other people in the need. I would like him to be intelligent, full-hearted, considerate, caring, supportive and friendly, with good sense of humour and positive outlook.

I dream about a big house full of children running and laughing and a loving husband who will be not only my best friend but a great father to our children.
I can be a very gentle kitten in the morning which can turn into a passionate tiger in the evening! I do not want a superman or attractive model, my man will be always the best for me, no matter how he looks and what he does. Even if I am not involved in some activities, in my mind, I already plan something new and exciting. I wish him to be attentive and responsible, life-loving and active and not afraid of sharing his doubts, concerns and fears with me, because there are no such strong people in this world and I believe that a strong heart does not need love. I believe in the destiny and I think that it will help me and I will find my beloved and we will creature a lovely family. I do not live close to the sea, but when I am on vacation, I like morning walks along the sea. Yes, I can be unpredictable but you will never feel bored with me :)))) I want to be everything for my future beloved man! Listening to and playing different tunes helps me to de-stress, relax and it can also help to motivate me into everything. I am looking abroad, because I know you have other views on life, principles and treatment of a lady and kids. It is a pity that in modern world we do not have much time for inner development, because too often, we are in a hurry and hardly find time to ask ourselves if we are really happy.
I dream to talk or stay silent with him for hours and to share the warmth of our bodies and souls for eternity. I do not look on the date of man`s birth anymore, so I am not against if my man will be older than me, more experienced and wiser.
I definitely know that I am kind, loving, tender, sensual, loyal, attractive, determined, creative, life-loving and easy-going. I have a big collection of disks and I like to come home put on dvd and watch my favourite moves.
Even being so active-minded, I always find time to make my home cozy and warm, filling it with my care, tenderness, loe  and laughter.

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