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Those with dermatillomania should take measures to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects.
Dermatillomania frequently involves self-injury, because people will often pick at their scabs. People who engage in compulsive skin picking may benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy. Sometimes referred to as compulsive skin picking, dermatillomania is marked by the overwhelming compulsion to pick at one's own skin.
People with this disorder frequently focus on pre-existing lesions on the skin, such as scabs, ingrown hairs, or insect bites. In some cases, individuals with dermatillomania may be compelled to create surfaces at which to pick. While research in the area of dermatillomania is limited, the condition has been strongly linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Many individuals with dermatillomania also suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a psychological disorder in which patients experience a distorted body image. While the compulsion to pick at one's own skin is extremely overwhelming, some sufferers have found successful treatment through cognitive-behavioral therapy. I used to bite my nails mercilessly, but was able to mostly stop that as a child when my ballet teacher offered me a solo -- but only if my nails weren't bitten.
I also went the route of claiming I'm allergic to mosquito bites to help deflect the curious and others who wanted to tell me I was hurting myself and would have scars, as if I didn't already know that. I am covered almost everywhere with scars, and it causes me a great deal of grief, stops me from doing many things I want to do and wearing what I want to wear, especially in summer when it's hot.
Like some of the first few posters here, I am driven by the almost-overwhelming need to "make smooth" any area where there's roughness, a loose flap, or a distinct "edge" of any kind (for example between the hardness of a callus and the normal skin around it).
I'm not sure whether psychotherapy would be of much use; I also have ADD, ASD (used to be called Asperger's), mood disorder, and depression. For as long as I can remember, there has always been at least one area I pick at, but it usually changes every year or so.
Now both of my arms look as if I have been burned, and I have been in the hospital twice for staph, the first time caused by picking at a scab on my forehead, the last one for MRSA on my elbow. I literally cannot stop picking if there is a scab with that texture until it's picked smooth. I am 58 years old and have just recently decided to get professional help with my picking disorder(s). I'm 16, and for as long as I can remember, I've been biting and picking at my hands and fingers, especially my thumbs. I recently read that the dermo bit includes spending a long time in front of the mirror, over preening.
I know I get tired and then that's a bad time, but I have to stay up late (by myself - lethal) to do work on the computer.
Also, even weirder, I like to bend my eyelashes until they make a popping sensation on my fingertips, and I also like to put them under my nails to feel how sharp they are. I also like to run my nails down the bit of gum between my two front teeth in a line, and sometimes when I bite a sliver of nail off, I like to poke it in between my two front teeth to feel the sharpness. I'm actually glad to have found this site and reading everyone's posts has definitely made me not feel like a complete and total freak. I was also thinking perhaps giving yourself limited time in the bathroom in front of mirrors will help prevent the urge to pick if you can't see it.
You could also set an alarm on your phone for when you happen to be in the bathroom just to make sure you're only in there for a short time and not hours on end. I started out with exposure and response prevention, and it worked for a few days, but I went back to picking. I honestly don't know if I'll get through it, but it helps to remind myself that it could be much worse. I've been picking since before I have memory, starting with a rash I used to get yearly as a child on my butt, and inside of my knees and elbows. A podiatrist I once went to as an adult actually insisted on putting casts on my legs to make me stop. As a child, I mercilessly picked between my toes; now I destroy the bottoms of my heels as well as any other sores, bites, etc. That hasn't stopped me from doing the cuticles, but at least that's better than it was for the most part. At different stages, they have different tastes and textures, and I find different satisfactions at each point.
And even before that, it's almost like these sores and scabs call me and beg me to pick them, and I can't function until I do it. I'll sit and pick with them until the cows come home if my fingernails aren't doing the trick -- and also to try to even out rough edges of skin in an attempt to circumvent picking further.
My doctor has told me that due to circulatory issues, I'm going to be in big trouble down the line if I don't stop picking the feet at least, and still I can't stop. And I guess after 58 years, I'm accustomed enough to the always-scabbed and scarred skin that I'm at least somewhat indifferent to it.
I also bite my nails and the insides of my mouth, and any dry areas on my lips if they get chapped.
I do it everywhere including at work (where I have a nasty tendency to blot it off with computer printouts or the pages of the spiral notebooks where I record my daily activities). I haven't even been able to find a psychiatrist for that stuff, where I live (rural), so good luck to me finding one who knows dermatillomania.
Even when the area actually burns afterwards and I feel ultra-guilty and paranoid, I guess this is just my luck is life.
I will pick at nails, skin around the nails, sores, scabs, lips, and will usually do this for a little bit even after its been bleeding for a while.
One of the questions was, "What is your worst trait?" In the spirit of being honest, I wrote, "I am fat." As though being a chubby kid was some kind of moral failure.
We must lose weight in order to be successful, worthy people who have proved they have a right to be on the earth. I lost a good bit of weight a couple of years ago, but thyroid issues have made that much more difficult now. Words cannot express how good it feels to know that this habit has a name and people that experience the same things I go through. The most significant incidents where my weight has evidently put walls within my mind occurred when I was 6 or 7.

I told my mother I wanted to dye my hair like my best friend's hair, who was gorgeous and significantly smaller than I was. I still have anxiety and I am very sad, a different state of being than depression, I have found. I can't stand how crusty they feel so I always scratch them away and rub the remaining skin and blood until it's perfectly smooth. However, many years have passed and I find myself still scratching my eyebrows and pulling them out when really stressed.
I can pick at an eyebrow hair that's still under the skin until there is a big hole and lots of blood. This works best when I have mascara on but makes my nails look filthy and black where the mascara stains them! I always think the first step to recovering from something or getting past it is to admit you have a problem in the first place.
I plan on getting some minor laser surgery done to get rid of the broken capillaries I have managed to create around my nose and upper lip, but I refuse to even think of trying until I can fully beat the urge to pick or scrub like a crazy person. Filling in all your daily and night time with activities so you don't have a chance to even think about picking at all, might be good. Still, I'll have to live with the scars, so I have to just hope that people will be understanding of the situation.
The doctor said it was an allergy to grass and weeds, but whatever it was, it itched like hell, so I scratched it.
Of course, I found a way around that with knitting needles, and was eventually able to cut the casts away.
I'm not aware of any anxiety fueling it, but I sometimes get so roped into it that I can't stop even though I'm in great pain and crying from the stress of wanting to stop but not being able to.
On the other hand, for the ADD and ASD, it's already been recommended that I do CBT and mindfulness stuff, so maybe that will help. I started out just compulsively picking the skin off my lips but a couple years ago I started chewing the inside of my mouth.
Otherwise, we are obviously lazy, gluttonous pigs who should not be in the world, using its resources.
You are obviously an intelligent young woman and as I also know from experience, balancing a good mind and one's weight is often daunting. I claimed that I did not know what happened, so my parents came to the conclusion that I scratched in my sleep and my skin scars easily.
No one probably would have noticed that little hair beginning to grow, but I get right close to the mirror and can't stop. I can't seem to control myself from picking at the non existent blackheads on my nose and upper lip.
I think the acrylics sound like a good idea for stopping the picking and shall try that asap. I've also found moisturizing over the dead skin or scabs can help you resist from picking at it while it softens the skin and makes the surface seem less rough then it was previously.
I've been taking CBT for quite a few months now, and I recently started working on my skin and pimple picking problem. The problem for me is that even after getting help, though its easier to stop picking new points on my skin, I pick excessively at the scabs until they become scars, which really irritates my parents.
I could never understand why my mother objected; it just seemed logical to me to scratch something that itches.
I'd like to know more about what sorts of information would go into a "picking log," though. No one receives accolades like those who have either successfully lost weight, or keep their weight at a "normal" level. I've been married to a wonderful man for 17 years and I'm here to tell you that you can live a happy life. This feeling of fortune prevents me from telling my grievances, for I envision a spoiled, ugly, fat, teenage girl who is complaining about her life. Ever since I got braces, I will tear apart my lips until blood comes gushing out.I've scratched my scalp to the point where I'm losing large chunks of hair which is fabulous, since I already have fine hair.
Also avoid using any tools that you would normally use to help you remove scabs and dead skin such as tweezers and pins – and get your eyebrows done professionally if you can so you have no need for tweezers (gets them completely out of the equation).
These are all things I have started doing and plan to continue doing in the hope that it may help put everything back under some sort of control. I'm going through grieving right now, so obviously, my stress levels are beyond reasonable. I will chew on the little bits of skin that come off, particularly if I've been picking off really hard crusts from an earlier session. I have scratched my skin hard enough where it had no blood, but attempted to repair itself, a process I do not allow.
I mostly do it when I am tired or stressed, and I always feel so relieved and so guilty when I finish ripping one open. Sometimes, I'll punch my hard shell guitar case to bruise my hands, then run them under piping hot water, then super cold water. I chew them into a mass of teeny, tiny bits, then usually spit them out, though I recently caught myself having nothing left to spit out -- evidently I swallowed them while I wasn't paying attention. I think that's why picking one’s own scabs, and sometimes the need to pick others', is so satisfying. Wouldn't we love people to see past the weight and appreciate the intelligence, the creativity, the unique perspectives we bring to a conversation? Don't allow a broken, immoral, shallow culture to dictate to you what kind of person you are.
I feel like whenever I meet someone, all they see are the scabs inside my ears or a red, inflamed nose. I have tried to stop in the middle of picking one off but it makes my heart race and I start feeling really anxious and I have to finish, even though I feel guilty. My husband and daughter know and with my permission tell me to 'stop picking' when they catch me.
Marie Drouillard nods and shares the solemn sentiment with her fellow mariners but her emotions quickly change once her feet hit the docks and she is filled with joy.It is a sunnyA April morning, and a new day in a new world was ahead of Marie. She left behind her mother Marie Jeanne, and father Jacques, and the rest of her famille in Ville Marie, Saintonge.
As she set her feet on the rickety docks of settlement named Three Rivers, she took the capine from her head and shakes off the last mist of salt water in her hair and thus begins a romantic adventure that she played out in her mind since her youth.Marie takes a look at theA small settlement and all the activity going on around her.

It would be a kindness if you would allow me to take you to Father.MARIEVery well Monsieur, I just don't want to put you to any trouble. I am sure you must have other obligations.PIERREIf you are a friend of Fathers then I am obligated to see you safely to his presence. Now then you would not like the good people of Three Rivers to look down on me as if I were one of the savages walking with empty arms while you tote a heavy load. My mother's name was Marie Madeleine.A MARIENow I know you are making jest of our conversation.A PIERREHonest!
I want to get away from these arrangements.PIERREWhy is that?MARIEWhen I marry, I want to marry for love and to whom I choose. As she stops walking she looks over and sees a man where before she seen only a trusted soldier. That is if you don't object?A MARIEI would like that Pierre.PIERREWell then we are here at the Chapel.
He is an old man and sometimes takes a while for him to answer.A A MARIEThat is not neccesary Pierre.
The strikingly beautiful Marie had captured his heart and there is no escaping the feelings he hasA for the demoiselle heA just met. It is the first time he has seen her in years.LALEMANTWell look who is all grown up!MARIEI suppose I have grown a little. How do you feel about Elisabeth marrying at so young a age?LALEMANTIt is long held family tradition to have ones parents betroth their daughter Marie.
Why your parents did the same to Gillette, giving her to her first husband and as well as to her second.
I pray Elisabeth will be fine.MARIEWhat issues with Julian do you speak of Father?LALEMANTJulien has been known to enjoy his wine and his work habits are less than desirable. Well I have crossed the ocean and I have come to the mind set that I cannot live in the past, or change my families mistakes.
He sold fish in the market place and he took on the resemblance of a halibut in his looks and also his smell; but that was no matter to my father. Do you think it is selfish of me, to want to find happiness in this life and a spouse who is not chosen for me, but one that I choose?LALEMANTMarie some do not understand my choice for a spouse.
I believe you will have many suitors Marie.MARIEI have not come this far and sacrificed so much to gamble on a stranger's heart.
I presume you have talked over your terms of employment with Monsieur Francois Peron?MARIEYes Father, I will be working at Peron's store as a merchard mercier and will also manage some of his business affairs.LALEMANTExcellent Marie, I am so proud of you. When we were children we promised that we would never allow this to happen to us or our children.LALEMANTNow Marie, you do not want cause a fuss? After all what is done is done and today is a day of celebration.MARIEMe Father that is the last thing I want to do. Jacques is a locksmith by trade, and he and Gillette have a small farm that barely sustains their 7 children.
He is spending most the afternoon in close proximity to the nearestA  keg of brandy and socializing with his rowdy group friends. Besides in his state of drunkenness, he is having trouble remembering which of the Bertault daughters he is suppose to be married too. I cannot remember.A (laughter from the crowd)The amusement is not shared by Elisabeth's father who looks on and glares his disapproval. Gillette has the look of surpriseA on her face.A GILLETTEYou have made the journey across the ocean Marie and arrived on all days the day of the wedding. She is so young and still acts yet like a child.GILLETTEWell I was 13 when I married my first husband Martin. Should it be any different for my children, Marie?A Gillette looks down at the seven-year-old sister of Elisabeth, Suzanne who she consoles in her arms.
I thought things would be different in New France but in so many ways it is the same as was back in Normandy.
Marie do you see life any other way?A MARIEI just hope that Julien takes good care of Elisabeth. Julien has a reputation for sloth and I hear he has a horrible temper when he has been drinking. It seems there is someA doubt on his ability to be a provider.GILLETTEJacques has had several talks with Julien. Julien has been told that he is expected to provide and care for Elisabeth and we think it will all work out.
It is just that everyone is just a step away from starvation with the hostilities with the Iroquois. Have you given the fish salesman an answer, yes or no to marriage?MARIEI have told the Halibut he will have to wait till my contract with Miser Peron is complete and then I can decide with more certainty on my future. Right now I am glad there is a ocean between us.A GILLETTEAnd does anyone else fit into my dear sisters future? I couldn't help to notice that handsome young soldier escorting you.A MARIEThere is no fit for anyone for a while, I suppose. To tell you the truth I have days when the thought of living with the Ursulene Sisters seems like the best of all options. I ask myself do I really need a man to take care of and complicate my life?GILLETTEYou are so independent Marie. Gillette rises from her chair and searches for her husband among the crowd but he is no where to be found. Elizabeth is in tears and quite upset by his behavior as Julien mocks and demeans his new bride for some miss cue of her speech and her untidy appearance. Elizabeth looks over to her mother for some help or reassurance but none is forth coming.Marie now sits alone taking in all the activity of the celebration into her heart and again ponders the value of marriage arranged or otherwise.
Among the women in line for eggs, flour and assorted food items is the familiar face of the stores newest most frequent customer Pierre.
Marie is hurrying as she runs late and holds two large hand sewn quilts in a bundle that the Sisters at the convent had sewn. Marie watches in amusement as Pierre fended off the big winged insect.MARIEPierre you are always so helpful and here when I need you.

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