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Standard texting and phone call rates apply whenever sending a text message, and the phone number must be a recognized landline, not another cellular phone. As counterintuitive as it may sound, it is possible for certain cellular phone customers to send a text message to a landline. When a cellular phone customer sends a text message to a landline, he or she must first compose the message using a Short Message Service (SMS) format and then input the ten digit phone number of the recipient's landline phone.
Depending on the cellular provider, customers who have subscribed to the SMS service can send a text message to a landline anywhere in the United States, its territories, and possibly Canada. While it is possible to send a text to a landline, it is not generally possible to send a text from a landline to a cellular phone. Wow, I always thought that landline phone numbers were somehow barred from receiving text messages.
When the text comes through saying 'message sent,' does this mean they've actually heard it or that it's just gone through and is waiting to be heard? I have sent several text messages from my cell phone to a landline from which I have been blocked. I received one of these, did not recognize the phone number and they only stated the message once.
I can't understand them at all, and they will only repeat it once so doesn't really help me at all.

It is supposed to receive confirmation before it sends and mine is through sprint and didn't.
If you have never received one of these, I must tell you, they are creepy and pretty funny.
Two close friends of mine teamed-up to create a website that let users to send text messages or sms for free in the Philippines. We've actually been talking about this for quite some time now, and it's so nice that everything had finally materialized. I told them that I will be featuring them on my blog in case they made the site online, hey dudes, here it is (whink!). Do you have an event, announcement, or statement you want to broadcast to a group of people? The limit is only in your patience for manually adding every entry, hopefully Apple improves that.
Thanks for the tip, I found this searching in google, but what I want to do is set up an iCloud Group and be able to select it and send a text message to that group without having to select each contact individually.
To my utter surprise iphone dont have the option of selecting all the recipients in one go.You keep on jumping back and forward to add contacts which is time consuming.
I have sent it to cable company landlines, verizon landlines, even a VOIP line, and it announces the text message.

You can easily send out a mass text message to multiple recipients from the iPhone Messages app. Mass texting with SMS may not be, but some cell carrier fees wrap a single group text to count as one message rather than individual SMS’s. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! This is really a great service for our kababayans overseas as regular text message across country is a little expensive. The group text will work regardless of whether the contacts you are sending to have iMessage or SMS text messaging, though iMessage users will have a few more features than those who don’t. Of course, receiving replies will count against your standard texting plan as usual though, if the message is not transmitted through Apple iMessage protocol. The combination of a max of 10 recipients and having to jump back and forth to the contacts folder to select each recipient individually is a pain.

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