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The iOS Audio Message feature is easy to use but can cause a fair amount of confusion while first encountering it, even while figuring it out, since the interface to record, stop recording, playback, and send messages is a bit different from anything else in iOS. You’ll need iOS 8 or newer installed to have this feature, prior versions do not include audio texting support.
This is what an audio message looks like when it has been sent, being on the receiving end of a voice text looks pretty much identical too. Tapping on the (>) play button will play the message, which will automatically delete after a few moments unless that has been changed in the settings.
Users can also send and receive audio messages from a Mac running modern versions of OS X, and the feature works quite similar on the Mac both when recording, sending, and playing back audio messages. The only way to completely remove the voice texting microphone button in iOS Messages is to not use iMessage for sending messages, and instead rely on standard text message. It’s even easier to use the raise to listen and raise to talk options rather than tapping the play button or holding the microphone icon. Yea I like the Raise to Listen and Raise to Speak feature a lot, you literally just raise the iPhone to your face and start talking or listening to get it to work. BUT, screen protectors and screen covering cases will interfere with Raise to Speak and Raise to Listen, because the sensors are right above the ear microphone speaker thing.
When I text my big thumbs hit the microphone and the annoying tone emits from the bowels of my phone and I want to bash it into pieces. When I was younger, times where a little easier because man had not complicated so many aspects of our lives. Omg help so with the two minutes expiriration thing does mean at the time you’ve sent the audio or does it have to wait for the other person to listen to it?!
You can update your settings so that you can keep the messages forever instead of them expiring after two minutes. I get this, but how does one take a message that you’ve already sent to someone, and send it to someone else on a laptop?
I much preferred using the microphone to speak my text message and see it spelled out so I knew exactly what I was sending.
My problem is that when I am about to send a voice message (I am pressing the arrow button), it erases my message instead of sending it.
Cute Texts Tumblr, Another Way In Finding Cute Text Inspiration – If you want to get an inspiration in sending a text message to someone else with a unique language, you can try to find cute texts tumblr.
Especially by the growth of cell phone, the use of text message is getting more popular for all people since almost or even all people in this recent time has their own cell phone to be used in helping them in daily communication. Different from voice communication through phone, send message is claimed by many people that is easier, simpler, and more efficient.

Furthermore, since its easiness also make this kind of communication way is used by many people from any generation.
As for the teenagers, they usually use a unique language which is more expressed on their feeling.
This way is getting more popular for some teens who want to find inspiration in finding cute texts to be sent to other people.
With today’s smartphones it isn’t enough to have a fantastic minute plan for voice calls, which today are pretty affordable.
Now there’s nothing you can do about the data plan, but there are numerous options to cut down, or even eliminate your texting charges. If you have a Google account you have access to Google Voice, so the first thing you must do is set up your Google Voice account. Now that you have your Google Voice account set up and the mobile application on your phone it’s time to configure your Google Voice account to make the magic happen.
You are now ready to drop your texting plan with your carrier and text via your Google voice number. If you plan on implementing this system, I would highly suggest calling your carrier and having them “block” any text messages to your cellular phone number. Everyone will not feel comfortable strictly texting via Google Voice and the mobile application, but if you feel you can commit to this system it will save you anywhere from $5 to $30 per month. Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two children.
This can not only be an added fun way to communicate, but it can also be a nice way to have a more personable and casual conversation that isn’t particularly time sensitive, since hearing someones voice is a bit more meaningful than reading text (unless packed with emoji, maybe).
Also, if you tap and hold but move your finger up, you may accidentally send the audio message before you wanted to or before you finished recording. If you want to see the voice texting feature in action, you can also catch it in this iPhone 6 commercial which prominently featured the iOS audio messaging feature being used in a humorous manner.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I’ve sent 3 audio messages accidentally to people I work with and have no idea what I said.
There was nothing on it but i was so mad my finger did that and recorded me and sent it before i even reaized what was going on.
In this recent time, sending text message becomes a common way for people in their daily indirect language. It is not only for adults, but, the use of text message as a way in communication is also for teenagers.

That is why sometimes you can find a teenager send you a message with a funny language style.
Both iOS and Android have free texting applications, but I’ve always found those to be mediocre performers at best.
Google Voice is a service which uses a specific phone number issued by Google and you can specify what phones ring at what times when callers dial. Go to the bottom and click “even more”, you will then be directed to a Google products page. You will send and receive text messages through this interface as opposed to the default text message application on your phone. Click edit under your cellular phone number and you will then be able to configure how texts sent to your Google Voice number are handled. The key here is that you have to be disciplined enough to only give out your Google Voice number, otherwise people who have your regular cell number will continue to text that number and you will be charged texting fees. You don’t want people who already have your cell number texting it, thus creating additional expenses. The feature is really easy to use, but the way it works has led to a fair amount of confusion with some users and likely a large amount of accidental voice messages as well. Some users accidentally hit the button and send accidental messages because of it, so perhaps a future version of iOS will give users a toggle setting to disable voice texting if they do not want that feature on their iPhone. In making that funny language style, a teen may able to make it by their own which based on their experience. With AT&T  recently changing their texting plans there are now fewer options to choose from.
This isn’t an article about Google Voice but if you would like more details check out this fantastic article by our very own Sean Aune.
You can add more than one but if you want to set up free text messages one of them needs to be your mobile number. AT&T will now only offer 1000 text messages for $10 a month or unlimited for $20 per month, as opposed to the old plans of 200 texts for $5 per month, 1500 texts for $15 per month or the before mentioned unlimited.

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