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If you’ve read much relationship advice, you probably already know that one of the keys to getting your ex back is to go through a period of no contact immediately following a breakup.
There are many reasons to do this, but they basically boil down to giving yourself and your ex time to let the emotions from the breakup die down so you can act rationally and not do anything stupid.
The “fear of loss” is a very powerful psychological trigger as humans tend to take things for granted until they are gone.
Most importantly, no contact shows your ex that you are in control and not needy or desperate. I absolutely understand the horrible anxiety that rushes through your body every time you miss your ex and that desperate craving you have to contact him or her. What I’m talking about is how to stop from texting your ex during an initial phase of no contact so that you can actually get back together with him or her down the road.
Self-love is all about understanding that you WANT your ex in your life, but you don’t NEED your ex in your life to be happy.
I think “go shopping” could be categorized under “distraction” so I’ll talk about these together. One of the worst things you can do is to barricade yourself inside your room replaying every moment of your relationship over and over again. In my opinion, checking up on your ex by looking at their Facebook or Twitter accounts almost always makes it harder to resist contacting them. Have a friend change your password and then make them promise not to tell you what it is until it’s been at least a couple weeks.

Write it down (if you don’t have it memorized) so you can add it back in later, but lock it a way for a while. Play sports, work out, or find another hobby you really love that can keep your mind focused on something other than your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.
It doesn’t have to be anything serious, but it’s a great way to boost your confidence and keep you from becoming best friends with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
I know you probably have a mild panic attack when you don’t have your phone with you, but it’s not going to hurt to go do something without it. It can be friends, family, or a bunch of hobos from the street corner, but you’ll be much less likely to text your ex if you have other people fighting for your time and attention.
Challenging yourself will require more of you to be “in the moment” so you’ll spend less time thinking about texting your ex. If you find yourself thinking about your ex, immediately force yourself to think about something else.
Whenever you are missing your ex, write down your feelings in a journal instead of texting him or her. One reason I love the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program is because the social features allow members to interact with one another. If you feel like you’re going to cave to the pressure and text your ex, why not log into the member’s area first and get support from people who can help you get through the difficult times?
If I had just one tip to stop you from texting your ex, it would be, “Stay busy!” It’s ok to be sad and depressed.

Ask The People: How long do you think it takes to know that you want to be in a relationship with someone you’re dating?
So, what is a good way to find out quickly and reliable whether there is chemistry between you and your date whether it’s your first date or later? On the other hand, if as soon as you are planning a date, one of you or both of you is really anxious to figure what what you are going to be doing once you meet, because being in a company of each other doesn’t really do anything for either of you or both of you, it is a pretty strong indication that there is no good romantic chemistry between the two of you and there must be a better person out there for you to date. So, whenever you are going out on a date, do not worry so much about picking a unique destination. Most ViewedTagsThe Timing of Sexual Flirting Makes A Difference How Hitting Below The Belt Kills Love And Attraction Forever Two Common Questions Not to Ask When Meeting Someone Off The Dating Site Three Major Reasons Women Don't Find Love In A Big City Is The Stigma Against Divorced People Justified? Beyond an initial post-breakup debriefing, which should be done in person, all relationship lessons should be shared with friends and your journal, not the person who broke your heart. Although most people would have a hard time defining what chemistry between the two people means exactly, we all like to use that word to describe a connection that we have with the other person when we enjoy each other’s company finding each other interesting, funny, sharing various specific views, being on the same frequency when it comes to humor and sarcasm and are feeling strong sexual attraction toward each other. Rather focus on learning how to be interesting and using this simple way to find out whether there is that chemistry between you and her that you are interested in having. Interesting enough, when there is chemistry between two people they really, really enjoy being with each other even if they do absolutely nothing.

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