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It's the one thing you always want to know: whether or not your boyfriend is being unfaithful. If you're asking yourself how can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me - you'll need to exactly know what to look for.
Many relationships have been ruined over unnecessary fights caused when one person thinks they have concrete evidence that their partner is being unfaithful. This is why it's always best to gather all the information and proof that you can, before finally confronting your man about his actions. When you're in a serious, committed relationship, there's little reason to hide your cellphone from your anyone - much less your partner.

Learn how to do a reverse phone lookup, and find out who's been calling your boyfriend totally anonymously and without him knowing you did anything. Guys who are involved in secret relationship tend to become more and more attached to the new woman they're seeing. One, the other romance is going well and they don't feel they should "take it anymore" (even if you're doing little to nothing wrong). Watch for your boyfriend picking unnecessary fights and then making quick exits, because these quick exits might just already be planned in advance. Although the signs above are all symptoms of infidelity, it doesn't mean your man is definitely screwing around.

I caught him on Facebook talking to some girl I think he might've cheated on me with but he says he hasn't. I don't want to seem jealous or controlling but I also don't want him hanging out with other girls.
If that’s the case, then why is he dating Karina Smirnoff, a Russian professional dancer who looks more masculine than Mr.

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