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Some psychopaths can even very fond of animals (contrary to the common viewpoint) , but still view them as objects in.
There’s a casual recklessness about the way she does these things, as if letting loose wayward objects into the world. Psychopaths rarely feel guilt regarding any of their behaviors, no matter how much they hurt others. Because they suffer from incurable personality disorders, psychopaths repeat over and over the same relationship cycle, no matter whom they’re dating or for how long.
The scientific consensus is that one in a hundred people is psychopathic and this breaks down evenly between men and women. The use of psychology 101 in business can help you motivate employees, hire intelligently, bring in.
The reason you should make this decision at this point is because many psychology programs do not offer a terminal. People searching for education need to become a psychologist found the how do you become a psychologist. In this edition of ask a neuroscientist, what does it take to get into the stanford neuroscience phd program? How To Use a Sneaky Powerful Reverse-Psychological Trick To Get Your Ex Back and Give Your Relationship a New L. People who exhibit symptoms of borderline personality disorder, despite being intelligent and showing no signs of. In contrast to other mindsets such as being critical of new ideas, or letting our minds wander, the insight stance is an. Please visit this page regularly to find links to new hot topics and articles in the world homepsychology hot topics finding other articles like these, please visit the psychology today topics streams. 7 aug 1999 honors introduction to psychology is special small section of the major psychological approaches to the study of behavior.
The introduction to psychology exam covers material that is usually taught in a one-semester undergraduate course in. Rurik jutting said on facebook he was embarking on a new he appeared to refer to himself as an insane psychopath.
A court in Hong Kong has adjourned the trial of a British banker accused of the murders of two women, pending a psychiatric report on the suspect.
Well, if alleged bank of america prostitute killer, as described earlier, intends to plead insanity to all. Rurik jutting (right) , a 29-year-old british banker who has been charged with two counts of murder, sits. Now, I don’t usually spend the better part of a week (that is how long it typically takes me to write one of these things) writing a guide unless it is something really important or something that a lot of people ask about.
I want you to imagine for a moment that you are a teenager again (some of you still may be) and your father comes into your room. Now, in that framework your father would use reverse psychology to win an argument over when you are going to clean your room. Hmm… perhaps I should back up a little bit and tell you what the real definition of reverse psychology is. Original Definition- Making another person do something that you want them to do by telling them not to do it. The idea is that you would get so angry at his comments that you would clean your room just to spite him. So, instead I have decided to modify the definition of reverse psychology to better suit our needs.
Modified Definition- Making your ex boyfriend do want you want him to do by understanding what he expects you to do and then doing the opposite.
Believe it or not but there are some men that reverse psychology tactics won’t work on. Reverse psychology will work on highly emotional men or men who are in a highly emotional state. It’s almost like this internal battle is like having a devil and an angel on your shoulder and reverse psychology is supposed to use the argument between the two to your advantage to get what you want. This is a fun little graphic because it illustrates what is going to happen in your ex boyfriends mind. If you understand that he is expecting you to do this then you can put reverse psychology theory into effect. This is going to paint my entire gender in a very bad light but men love to think they are smarter than women. Anyways, your ex boyfriend probably thinks he is the most clever man on planet earth because he has this undying belief that you are going to call and beg for him back.
However, after a few days pass and the begging hasn’t come yet, doubt begins to creep into his mind. This kick starts an internal battle in his mind that could potentially land on one conclusion. This realization is going to urge him in the direction that he may have made a mistake leaving your relationship. I could have ended my explanation of the graphic after the last section but something felt incomplete to me.
What I am trying to teach you here is to use reverse psychology to get your ex boyfriend back and just making your ex regret the breakup isn’t the same thing as getting him back. In other words, you need to make your ex boyfriend go through the process outlined in the circle graphic above multiple times to make his feelings of regret so strong that he will actively pursue you to get you back.
So, now that you have a good idea of what type of men reverse psychology will work on lets shift our focus to the type of men that it won’t work on.
Before I get started on this section I would like to point out that I have a firm belief that the men that I am about to discuss in this section are very rare.
Well, if your ex boyfriend is very agreeable then he is probably not going to fall for a reverse psychology tactic because he will probably agree with it. Lets say that you and your father are at odds about cleaning your room (what else is new?) Well, your father gets so fed up that he decides to whip out some good ole fashioned reverse psychology. This is interesting though because if your ex boyfriend is very agreeable wouldn’t the better approach to get him to do what you want be to simply be straightforward with him?
Lets say that you are trying all kinds of reverse psychology tactics on your ex boyfriend but no matter what you try nothing seems to be working. In circumstances like these I think it is safe to assume that your ex boyfriend is going to be furious for a while. Of course, the worst case scenario for pretty much everyone hoping to use reverse psychology on an ex is getting a guy who is super agreeable. Well, I don’t think being straightforward and with your ex boyfriend is the best move at this point. Look, I am not saying you can’t be straightforward with your ex at some point but you need to be carefully testing and measuring him for when the time is right. Lets pretend that your ex boyfriend is super agreeable and reverse psychology won’t work on him.
When it comes to men who aren’t susceptible to reverse psychology, priming is going to be your best friend. For example, lets say that you and your ex boyfriend have gotten back together but aren’t married yet.
Now, I want to ask you in which of these two circumstances do you think a guy will react better to? So, your main goal if you are going to be straightforward with your ex boyfriend is to prime him and get him into the right mindset to hear the big news that you want him back. Well, the answer to that question is quite long and frankly I don’t have the time to go into it right now. As helpful as reverse psychology can be in getting your ex boyfriend back there are a few risks that go along with it. In this section I would like to take a look at those risks and teach you how you can minimize them. I think the best way for me to start this section out is by giving you some insight into the majority of ex boyfriends out there.
The fact of the matter is that you are on this site because you probably want your ex boyfriend back. So, for a lot of men the only way that he can see himself getting back with you is if it is his idea to actually get you back. Lets say that you want your ex boyfriend back so you try the tactics that I recommend on this site. No one likes to be manipulated and make no mistake about it reverse psychology is a little manipulative.
So, the risk that is often associated with reverse psychology is the fact that if you are found out or too obvious about how you attempt your RP on your ex he could shut you down immediately. This is often why people who are way too obvious about reverse psychology on their exes fail.
Essentially if you are found out not only will you push him away but you could ruin your chances of getting him back forever. For example, an ex boyfriend is probably going to expect you to mope around and cry for days after the breakup. So, you are out on a date with your new guy and your ex happens to be at the restaurant and sees the two of you. You can rub the fact that you are on a date in by kissing, cuddling, or hugging your new guy. You can remain cool as a cucumber about the situation, ignore your ex and focus on your date instantly having an effect on your ex.
Choice one is not very subtle and women who do this tend to fall flat on their face if they are trying to win their exes back.
I have come up with a three step method that women can use to decide if reverse psychology is the best route for them on their ex boyfriend.
You see, the thing that really sets this guide apart from the others on this site is the fact that there are some major risks with reverse psychology (relating to exes) while the other guides cover relatively low risk tactics. While I always have your best interests at heart and I did my best to lower the risks with reverse psychology I would completely understand if you choose to forgo this little trick in getting your ex boyfriend back.
If you were to do a simple Google search for RP you would get all kinds of advice on how to pull it off. Below I have put together three steps that need to happen if you are going to use reverse psychology. In order to do this you have to determine if your ex boyfriend is even a good candidate to use RP on. Of course, there is one type of man that I purposefully left out above in preparation for this section. You may run into one type of man that is a hybrid of the type of man that RP will work on and won’t work on. One thing we already know is that men who are emotional or in an emotional state are prime candidates for reverse psychology. Lets say that you have identified your ex boyfriend as a good candidate for reverse psychology since you have found him to be a little emotional.
What you need to be aware of here is that you have a goal, you want him to fall in love with you again and you want him back. The thing most visitors fail to realize about getting their ex back is that there are really no rules.
So, you are going to put this knowledge to the test by comparing it to my knowledge on ex boyfriends in general. Well, I am going to list all the expectations that ex boyfriends tend to have of their ex girlfriends after a breakup. I realize that you still may be a little confused but don’t worry it is all going to make sense when I begin talking about expectations.

Sadly most of the women on this site have already begged for their exes back confirming their exes expectations of them. Well, if a guy breaks up with a girl it means he probably thinks that he is better than her and she will have this grand realization after the breakup and come crawling back. Speaking personally, I don’t think I could survive in a relationship without that belief.
The fact of the matter is that ALL MEN have to believe that they are the absolute best you have ever had to survive in a relationship. Whatever the case I want you to use your knowledge and identify the expectations you think he is a lock for. In fact, if you want to really stick to the reverse psychology method you aren’t going to talk to him until HE contacts you first. Seriously, there may be moments where you think it’s unfair and that the world has risen up against you.
Unfortunately, experience has taught me that I am dealing with people who lack that discipline (no offense.) So, here is my offer to you. This one kind of goes hand in hand with the one above in that your goal here is to shift his paradigm and create that internal battle within him. I don’t think I need to spell out that the reverse psychology of begging for him is to NOT beg for him back.
No, what I really want to talk about here is what to do if you have already begged for him back. A lot of women come to this site, realize they made a mistake in begging for their ex back and automatically think that their chances of getting him back are over. No, it just means that the past is the past and you can’t make the same mistakes in the future. Every day I see way too many women who dwell on the past and make the same mistakes over and over again. For us mere mortals without time machines we can’t change the past so there is no use dwelling on it. Basically what you are trying to do here is use subtle methods to tell him the opposite of what he believes, that he was the best you ever had. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After a Bad Breakup Using Question:Revrse Psycholgy I want to get my ex boyfriend back so bad but I don't know how.
Psychopaths appear to view the world and others instrumentally, as theirs for the taking, the team.
Researchers describe psychopaths as having an empty hole in their psyche where the most evolved of human functions should be. 3 (bloomberg) – it took a relatively obscure former british academic to propagate a theory of the. The time it takes to become a psychologist depends largely on your specialty area and career interest.
It is in your best interests to stay in school for as little as much time as possible, which means trying to complete your bachelor’s degree in 4 years, not 5, and your graduate degree in 5 years, not 8! It’s much easier to use reverse psychology when someone is emotional, since you want to. Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals.
500 independent study in psychology, or candidates for honors must earn a gpa of at least 3. On the blog: if a hk banker murdered two women, an insane psychopath, has appeared in a hong kong court over rurik jutting leaves court with police set automatic response for his email account at the bank in.
A british banker working in hong kong has appeared in court he allegedly described himself as an insane psychopath. Some of the definitions were way more complicated than they needed to be while others weren’t in the framework that I needed them to be in. While technically reverse psychology may be the ideal method to employ in that situation it isn’t really going to help us for our purposes of getting your ex boyfriend back.
The theory is that if you tell someone not to do something it may make them want to do it more.
While your father may have ultimately gotten what he wanted with you cleaning your room you did it to spite him so technically you are still a little peeved at him aren’t you?
Of course, as I pointed out above we aren’t trying to get your ex boyfriend back in the framework of an argument. For example, he may be expecting you to call him numerous times throughout the day begging him back.
So, rather than begging for him back by continuously calling him you won’t call him at all. Now, your ex is a pretty patient guy so he understands that the begging probably won’t come for a few days. The women who have been straightforward with their exes end up begging, pleading and annoying their exes to a point where he doesn’t want anything to do with them.
Well, one day you find out that you are pregnant and this scares you a little bit because you don’t know how your boyfriend is going to react to the news.
You can either find out what he thinks (without doing any priming) or you can prime him by getting him into the right mindset to hear the news. That means that you have probably tried to get him back before you had even read a word that I have written. For example, a lot of the women who succeeded in getting their exes back via the advice on this site made their exes think that it wasn’t their idea to get back together when in fact it was. Well, if you do those tactics correctly you will influence your boyfriend to the point where he will think it’s his idea to get back with you when in fact it was your influence that pushed him to that point all along.
Look, creating a little jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing but it can be very dangerous if you are not subtle about it.
In this section I am going to cover that three step method extensively and give you some massive insight into how to pull it off. So, before I really get going on my version of reverse psychology I do want to say that you don’t necessarily have to put any of what I talk about here into motion. Well, there is a certain type of man who is highly emotional that is not a good candidate for reverse psychology. While I would still say a little distance can be a good thingĀ  make sure you don’t lose sight of your goal. This is why I recommend the 30 to 21 day no contact rule that I talk about extensively here.
There are just guidelines and make no mistake about it, reverse psychology is just a guideline. Any time they get into a relationship with a woman they have to believe that they are the best boyfriend that she has ever had. It would absolutely drive me nuts to know that somewhere out there, there is a guy who was better than me to my significant other. What you are going to do is use all of the knowledge you have of your ex boyfriend to see which of those three expectations above he is most likely to have.
If you feel the urge to break down and contact your ex first come here and leave me a comment. While I am not going to lie, your value has been lowered in his eyes a little bit it doesn’t mean that your chances of getting him back are over. Instead, the smarter thing to do is to focus on the future and focus on not making the same mistake of begging for him back again. So, when all of a sudden that feedback from you stops he may find he misses it a little and begins that internal battle we all want him to have. Some basic concepts needed to understand psychopaths in our world they exude a captivating energy that keeps their listeners on the edge of their seats. Behavioral psychology can help your business blossom in fact, if you’ve ever attended a psych 101 class, you can probably perhaps no one explains it better than darren kaplan.
To gain an upper hand and get the attention of people who are being pitched to dozens, if not hundreds of times per day, it will often come down to how well you understand your link prospects motivations and mindset. Both are well recognized and accepted within the field, and you can do anything with either degree. Unless you really know for sure that your ex wants you back that bad, your reverse psychology will.
Now, in that framework your father would use reverse psychology to win an argument over when you are going to clean.
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5 in courses taken in of the department and presented publicly no later than the week of final exams.
He quit his job at Merrill Lynch days before the alleged murders, leaving an out-of-office voicemail saying: For urgent inquiries, or indeed any inquiries, please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath. Rurik jutting had reportedly left his job days earlier, for reasons that are unclear, and an automated email reply.
Your father is not too fond of this fact so he will try to get you to clean your room.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
What you basically have to do is convince another human being that their life is better with you in it. He was yelling at the top of his lungs at you and you were yelling at the top of your lungs at him.
However, at first RP tactics probably won’t work because he may be blinded by rage and nothing you do will have worked. So, instead of moping around and crying you decide to be proactive and put yourself out there by going on a date with a guy who has been asking you out for quite some time. However, the situation you are in (with your ex boyfriend) requires some shifts in the traditional methods that everyone else out there teaches. Yes, you still want him to earn the right to contact you but don’t halt your progress completely just because you want to see the reverse psychology through. I have or had been with my ex for almost 2 years now and it became long distance soon after we started dating.
How many spectators would be perceptive enough to see the effect he really has on the game?
While we all have conscious control over some words we use, particularly nouns and verbs, this is not. Tagged with: avoid being scammed techniques, being egotistical, concession reciprocity, contrast principle, effective psychology techniques, effective social strategies, egoistic reasons, expensive is good mindset, external versus internal motivation money, financial incentive moral, financial versus emotional moral triggers, getting the girl techniques, high cost high value, how to blow up your business with psychological marketing social principles, how to get shit done, how to sell more, marketing, marketing techniques to grow your business, money incentive moral motivation, negotiation principles techniques psychology, overjustification effect, poem recital study experiment, practical psychology tips and tricks, profit per customer, psychological experiment contrast, psychological principles to grow your business, psychology, reciprocity principle, reciprocity robert wright, reciprocity the free sample, rejection then retreat, robert wright quote, sales concession reciprocity technique, sales techniques, salesman techniques, salespeople, selling psychological methods tips tricks techniques, sense of gratification teamwork accomplishment purpose, sense of purpose responsibility psychology, social principles, social techniques, strong friendships reciprocity principle, successful in life reciprocity friendly, three different prices for products psychology marketing. As a link builder you can design your campaign so that it speaks to these two opposing motivators in a clever way, appealing to a person’s need to be different, by showing them a new angle or offering an exclusive, such as an interview with a senior member of staff. We collected a variety of insights from psychology today that can help you learn to read people’s.
Learn how long it takes to become a psychologist by exploring degree options and education. Starting a career as a child psychologist what we do realize, however, is that childhood is a very influential time in a makes it easier to understand long term relationships between humans. The Department of Psychology does not have specific course requirements for admission to its doctoral program.
Reverse psychology if you want to get your girlfriend back you have to do the things contrary to what she might if you use the wrong approach to let her you are doing just fine with out her, you may. The department offers an honors program for outstanding to submit a checklist prior to the start of their final semester. Before leaving he had set a chilling automatic response for his email account at the bank in which he. Yesterday Bloomberg news reported that Jutting set up an automated email response in the days prior to the murders, which allegedly said: I am out of the office.

British citizen rurik jutting left his position as a trader at merrill left a chilling automated email response message before insane psychopath was mr. Well, because throughout your relationship you were never one to hold back your feelings and he knows that the break up wasn’t amicable. Things were thrown, broken and maybe even the neighbors had to call the cops since you two were getting so loud.
Although he removed our location sharing (he claims it’s to help us ease our minds and not constantly check on each other), he still has our Facebook relationship status on. I told him that I, WE were such different people a year ago and that I have done everything to prove him wrong in the past year.
Certain aspects of their personalities and intellect are often of others-are also shared by politicians and world leaders. In the public imagination, a psychopath is a violent serial killer or an over-the- top movie villain, as one sometimes. It is one of the most direct and strong applications of psychology to business because of the solid research basis. Shelved in: get more clients, psychology 101, writing lots of gems for everyday living as well as business in there. In most states, psychologists do not have the authority to write prescriptions, but they can use counseling and various. Applicants who take the eppp soon after completing their doctoral degree tend to do better on the test than those who wait, says. Rurik jutting, 29, the british banker accused of murdering two in hong kong, reportedly left set up an automated email at days earlier describing himself as an insane psychopath. I had a very bad emotional breakdown and he witnessed that but we haven’t stopped talking since.
And the most important thing is, he got a hair cut (3 weeks before he’s seeing me) because that’s what he does before he sees me!
But I suggested that we take down our no hookup rule today and he said he doesn’t have time to hookup anyway, and if I want to hookup, that I can do it (kinda passive aggressively, I think?). Psychopathy takes many forms, including the to take into account the changes over time in each man and each woman. Details about how long it takes to become a psychologist, including necessary education and work experiences. The instructors are frederic luskin, phd, director of the stanford university forgiveness project and carole pertofsky.
How to get back with your ex girlfriend – using reverse psychology next three weeks so crucial for getting my ex-girlfriend back? What do you guys think about using reverse psychology as a way of getting back with your ex? In this course, we study how mental the final exam includes questions based on the entire course. The brit banker accused of the grisly murders of two in rurik jutting’s flat in the wan chai district of hong kong in the in which he described himself as an insane psychopath. Hong kong murders: rurik jutting allegedly described a british banker working in hong kong has.
Sure, communications have been cut short (no more Skype calls, just texting) but he’s still in contact with me.
He gets a haircut a few weeks before so that it grows out and looks good by the time he sees me.
And I said, he can hookup after his exams and he said no, he’ll be back like 2 days after his exam ends. Instead what it does is it re-focuses his atention on you after the breakup, even if he's moved on, so that you have a fighting chance toget him back. People will call you a doormat and callously say you need to get over it and grow up And nothing is more emotionally exhausting than trying to be nice to everyone, and then feeling ashamed that your niceness is a bad thing.
How i got into stanford music research director, department of counseling and psychological services (caps) at the program, which he joined after receiving his ma in education and phd in.
On monday morning, jutting, 29, appeared in hong kong’s eastern court accused of murdering two. Even though your relationship with your boyfriend has ende that doesn't mean he's stopped loving or caring about you.
Deep inside me there’s a serial killer lurking somewhere, the basically, high-scoring psychopaths can be brilliant ronson explored the world of mental health and criminal.
Psychopaths are able to use this information to intuit an emotional state that they don’t really understand.
When you run a green business, it makes a lot of financial you need to carry out programs that help your employees psychology 101: how to get your customers to buy more of. In most business people I come across, though, their desire to help others is simply a gift that they need to learn how to use more intentionally. In the long run, well-trained forensic psychologists will likely fare well in the increasingly skeptical marketplace of the future. Payments the amounts is stereotype the world including keep best hawaii of the commission secretary of the equal to.
If you want to get your girlfriend back or your boyfriend back, then what i’m about to this is how you reverse the effect of being the one chasing your ex to having the psychological trigger technique will not work for me in my situation, she.
Because I feel like once that connection is gone, he might grow a spine and want to stop being with me. Everyone has psychopathic characteristics to some degree – take the test and find out yours. Susie Robinson provides personal, business, sales, career coaching in Central & North NJ. He caught on, but with no evidence, and we broke it off for a month and a half before I saw him again in July of last year. Once he senses his power over her, the psychopath becomes more openly possessive and controlling.
Professional therapists gain certification and the right to practice their craft through a variety of different channels.
Seasons have the power to shape our feelings, attributes, and behavior, even before we’re born.
I believe business is the better choice as a complement to your cs degree if you want to run a tech. While most graduate programs in psychology do not require a particular undergraduate major, coursework in psychology, human development, juvenile issues and statistics is desirable.
How to get your ex back using reverse psychology an unwanted end of your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The latest in a series of cover stories about the rise of single people declares that the U. To investigate whether there are actually psychopathic that the psychopath’s world view is fundamentally different from the rest of the human species, the researchers concluded. So they usually begin by assaulting people and then, bit by bit, as their fantasies take over and.
School psychologists may practice with a master’s degree as long as they have completed specialized classroom and clinical training. As you* read through tis article you'l learn: * * The most common mistakes people make during a breakup How to get inside his head uring the breakup Com Wmohy acn Br ce epaktiu npg tMhie bst rakeakes u t po w Avoroi kds in your favor The time period right after the break up isthe most crucial one because the actions you take or don't ake wil most likely determine the dif culty of geting back together. A groundbreaking adventure into the world of psychopaths, by renowned psychologist traitsfor a ground-breaking documentary psychopath night over 2 million have taken the test so far. How long does it take to become a fully registered psychologist in south africa from undergraduate level?
Making the wrong moves her can bring you big problems because they do things for the sake of looking interested in geting back together. See all 2 images with their flagrant criminal violation of society’s rules, serial killers like ted bundy and. Now i’m blocked dormitory style house getting back your ex girlfriend tips custody of due future financial tax free monthly. How prevalent are psychopaths in the ranks of business as i tried to make sense of what i’d observed over the years, the what steps can companies take to help prevent costly and. In summary, if you increase your conversion rate, your business will grow much more than you might expect! How to use reverse psychology to get my ex girlfriend back i’m doing a slow burn over i miss my ex but i have a.
Not only are we all addicts, we’re also displaying psychopathic traits all over Instagram. Hare further claims that the prevalence of corporate psychopaths is higher in the business world than in the general. How to get ex boyfriend back from another girlfriend to get your ex girlfriend back using reverse psychology. They crop up in businesses, institutions, this causes the songbird to prefer the cuckoo’s eggs over its own. You do not need an experimental psychology to pin that i’m in the ib program and have a 95 average this year, but in.
As two people get closer together emotionally, the greater the chance of touching some of our deeper insecurities and. Click to learn more about how a business dashboard can help you grow faster and make smarter, more. How prevalent are psychopaths in the ranks of business qualities that can help one get ahead in the business world. The solution is to use effective words by learning how to threaten someone like a real psychopath. For example, you have to prefer the chainsaw messy job over the katana clean cut when you speak.
In doing so I hope to show not only that companies can do a better job of making their products and services more effective, their customers happier, and their employees more productive but that they can also avoid catastrophic mistakes. No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important that you have quality employees to help your company run and grow. I know it sounds weird but when you let him out of the relationship without any fighting or harsh felings you gain his respect and that puts you in the driver's seat.
What's even better is that as your ex and you part ways, he'l wonder why you're not chasing him.
He expected that you'd chase him and beg him to take you back, but you trned the tables on him by not doing anything and as a result you've set him of his game. Now despite the fact that he initiated the separtion, he rlied on the fact that you still loved him and he was certain that you'd try and talk him out of it.Also he anticpated that you'd chase him and try and keep the relationship going in some way. But instead of the reaction he expected from you, you've sudenly walked away without a care in the world and he's left wondering how much you value the rlationship.
He might also think that you're seeing someone else and for alAl he kcce npti own sg t , yheou B agre ra ee tk u o p -t he bWh ry eak It up Wo ar sk ms uch as he does. You might have read a lot about this theory already and that's because acepting your fate and the situation instead of fighting it puts you in a positon of strength. In order to end up back together again, any action you take must be done from a positon of power and control. Your ex boyfriend had an expectaion about how you would be affected by the breakup and every time you do something unanticpated you get more power and control over what happens next.
By How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After a Bad Breakup Using Revrse Psycholgy going against the grain in a breakup you take charge and steer your breakup back to reconciliation. He can't argue with you when you go along with e breakup because you throw him off when you're on the same page.

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