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There are a few unique symptoms for both a cold and allergies that can help you decipher what’s ailing you. Allergies also usually hit suddenly, whereas cold symptoms tend to show up gradually and worsen as the infection progresses.
A cold is a viral infection, and allergies are an immune response your body has to something in the environment.
Allergies, though, can be managed with anti-inflammatory medications such as anti-histamines and steroids, says Parikh. You can now buy popular allergy medications like Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra without a prescription. Smoothies also go down faster than foods that need to be chewed, so your brain often doesn’t get the signal as quickly as it should that you’re full and need to stop eating, Warren says. The faster it’s in and out of you, the less full you feel. For actual ratios, Warren recommends sticking to one cup of fruit and one or two sources of protein. Overall, experts say smoothies can be a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet—provided you’re smart about them.

The problem is that treating the wrong thing can make you feel crummy for longer (and up your risk of becoming resistant to antibiotics from overuse).
Since they’re caused by completely different things, colds and allergies require different treatments. Once springtime weather finally arrives, the last thing you want is an itchy, runny nose, holding you back from enjoying it. It’s not just you—experts say there are certain things about smoothies that can mess with how full you feel. Cording says a lot of her clients make the mistake of packing their smoothies with fruits and vegetables but no protein, which can help slow the digestion process and leave you feeling fuller, longer. If you want your smoothie to substitute for a meal, Cording stresses the importance of putting in a protein, like nut butter, Greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds, to help slow down the digestion process. Many people think they can’t possibly have allergies because they didn’t have them as a kid.

On the other hand, a cold can cause a low-grade fever, sore throat, swollen glands, and body aches. We know there’s no cure for a cold, but you can do some things to help ease symptoms. Even then, she says, you may need to plan to have a snack between meals, like a boiled egg or nut butter on whole wheat toast. And, since sugars can make you feel hungry (due to spikes and drops in blood sugar), Cording suggests trying to add more vegetables than fruits to your smoothies, if possible.

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