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Comments: I want a man whose having an attitude of being patient, humble, vigorous and respectful to the person he loves and to the people who surrounds him.
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With the recent irrational moves by the Dodgers sweeping the baseball world, I figured we should compare and contrast the insignificant moves they made today. A few posts ago in the comments section one of our staff members made an outlandish claim: Matt stated that he was a Cubs fan and a Brewers fan.

However, fear not, both posts offer Jeter, Yankee, and general New York bashing (for the most part)!
Anyways, my post will not revolve around the travesty of Jeter's Gold Glove win this afternoon since I'm sure somewhere in a dark basement, Bill James is dying of a brain aneurysm. However, when Jeter finally signs this offseason, the only question is how much will the Yankees overpay him? But enough about that Derek Jeter contract bullshit, it's now time for the real reason I wanted to write this post. Since there are seemingly 2 schools of thought on how to value baseball talents, I would like to argue why Jeter winning makes no sense in any realm of thinking.
Jeter simply does not have the quickness anymore to play the position at even an average level.
First of all, I would like to show you the leaders in the AL this year in UZR (I acknowledge this is not a perfect stat, but still!). While enjoying lunch in my luxurious office I was surfing around about the baseball playoffs and found this absolute gem of a youtube video.
As many probably know (many as in the 10 people that even read this) that picture is when Bobby Valentine was kicked out of a game one day and returned in his amazing disguise. In the top of the 7th in tonight's World Series, the Giants had runners on first and second with no one out and Aubrey Huff at the plate. I know most of you would probably agree with the classic baseball stance of bunting right here, but let me try to explain the Sabermetric side.
The quite likely scenario of Pat Burrell striking out occurs (Cliff Lee was on the mound and mowing down batters at this point). We all know what really happened, Renteria was pitched to and jacked a 3 run shot, but I'm saying that if the Rangers were to play that one correctly they should have been out of the inning with no damage. Yesterday, during Game 4, Tim McCarver had some interesting things to say about Nate Schierholtz.
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Jeter is a future Hall of Famer, which comes with its usual end-of-a-star's-career pros and cons.
Jeter and everyone in baseball (except maybe Joe Buck and Tim McCarver) knows that he sucks.

Yes, his baseball production will not be anything worth what he will ultimately earn, but one also has to keep the dollar value of Derek Jeter the merchandise seller when signing him.
I feel that the travesty that the voters for the Gold Glove need to feel shamed without the simple pleasures of a good curse.
Not even close to being average, a decidedly terrible fielder just won the 2010 Gold Glove Award.
After giving up the out with Huff, a batter who had been doing well, you have Pat Burrell (huge playoff slump), Edgar Renteria (hot hitting this series), and Aaron Rowand (he has been bad for 3 seasons now).
What should have occurred next was pitching around (not intentionally walking, but pitching carefully) Edgar Renteria. I still believe in true love and be treated like a princess, I hope to find my price on this site. I'm not a kind of girl that is so choosy about the man of my life, all I want is to be happy, cared, respect and loved with a man with all his heart.
For example it lists scores for patience, loyalty, introversion, extroversion, how romantic you are, how logical you are etc. You are probably thinking that someone took Zach and I for some experimental lobotomies this weekend.
Instead, I will focus more on the other Jeter news that is setting the mass sports media on fire - the fact that, OMG, DEREK JETER DOESN"T HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE YANKEES NEXT YEAR!!!!1!1!!!1!! And of course, New Yorkers are not most people, which drives them to write terrible articles.
In fact, I really can't find any articles discussing another team being in the Derek Jeter negotiations; although, I'm surprised that Billy Beane hasn't phoned him up since he's all about bringing washed up veterans on board. Even after finding out that Huff had not bunted all year, the classic baseball mind thinks that you have to bunt here.
This would have taken the bat out of two of your hotter hitters in Huff and Renteria and put the onus of driving in runs on the horribly slumping Burrell and the guy you don't trust to start any other game this series in Rowand. I would much rather have three chances of Huff, Burrell, and Renteria trying to drive guys from first and second in then Burrell and Rowand with men on second and third. A woman with adventurous attitude and I work hard to finish my studies in order for me to accomplish my goals in life and to give my parents back what they have sacrifice for me and of course to have a better future. For example it lists scores for patience, loyalty, introversion, extroversion, how romantic they are, how logical they are etc. Instant systems use lookup tables for the current DST rules for a location, and are nearly always wrong for dates 20-50 years ago. The money and media hullabaloo to be made over that whole ordeal, much to the chagrin of Zach and I, will dominate most of early portion of the season. And yes, the Yankees and Brian Cashman said something stupid about their franchise existing without Jeter possibly, but that's not going to happen.
Hell, a fly ball or a slow grounder through the drawn in infield will score at least a run. Jeter will not be allowed to get his 3,000th hit with another team because the Yankees will never allow that situation to happen, Jeter knows he has a slight upper hand in the negotiations, which he will push just below the $20M range (he's got a Minka Kelly to feed!). I have the willingness to relocate to any place in this world as long, as I am with man of my life. The coaches and players in charge of giving this award sullied the spirit of the accomplishment. Sure, the father's name is also Vai, but if that name wasn't good enough for the first son, why is it good enough for the 2nd?
Hopefully without all those kids around you will be free to yuck it up (pictured not yucking it up: Josh Willingham) more with Nyjer Morgan in the outfield.

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