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With Saturn in Scorpio, people are becoming aware of┬átheir depth, their psychological quirks and their various patterns and pathologies. I’ve Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn opposition Mars, Conjunction between sun, moon in Taurus, opposition sun-Pluto, and probably not finally, Saturn in Pluto in 8th. How well people handle not getting what they want in the way they want it is a topic of interest in my life at the moment. A daimon is not inherently evil or negative, but is a greater than human force within us that is very INTENSE and POWERFUL — which is why Scorpio has the power to face the daimons within and get to know them. There is even an ancient Greek concept of a specific type of daimon that was believed to be your inner spirit guide to the ideal, thriving, flourishing life.
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I am fine getting along by myself but I think I can do it all by myself in this world and I Believe its not the case. This tumblr is mostly about large models made of LEGO bricks (not so much things with LEGO mini-figures). I had some sort of psychosomatic reaction on my skin, it was red and rash-like, but I finally had to confess that I still haven’t resolved the rage issue I had in my adolescence. Its ridiculous I just go on okc and they have all these preconceptions about me which make them leave or even stay.. It’s a short, readable book, but I still have to read it in small chunks in order to absorb everything. I really just need to motivate myself to get out there aside from hobbies, and work and get a gf!

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