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The girls went to the Pedicure place around the corner while Laurie taught me how to make movies on my laptop today!! Today I sang the classic pop tune without any influence but of God's- surrounded by about 10 prisoners in the Rizal Provincial Jail. The day typically starts off with an amazing praise and worship session-meaning that they are yelling at the top of their lungs, clapping off beat, dancing and no one has shame or a single care but to praise our Lord!
Last week our new friends showed off their dance ability and performed at least 7 dance routines. Who would have ever thought that I would be so blessed enough to meet brothers and sisters from across the world that pour into me so much without even realizing it?
It is amazing to see people praising God and joyful with so much less than we have in the States. Sign up for our newsletter and receive the free digital scrapbooking kit "Natural Breeze" instantly. This digital scrapbooking kit collection has been designed by Mistica Designs and can be used for summer, spring, nature, outdoors and love scrapbooking layouts. You can use these graphics for several crafting activities such as Digital Scrapbooking, Card Making, creating Photo Books, Calendar, Place Cards, Bookmarks, Notebooks, Mouse pads and you can even print out the graphics on a special foil to design your own T-Shirts, Bags, and so much more.

To use these supplies you will need a scrapbooking software you can get free, as a free trial, or you might already have on your computer. Depending on the license you buy you can even use these items to design your website or your own digital scrapbooking kits. Quick Pages for creating pre-made digital scrapbooking layouts are delivered as PNG files to make it easy for you to add your photo and create your own digital scrapbooking layouts. After purchase you are forwarded to download your digital scrapbooking supplies from Digidesignresort. Who would have thought I would be singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Respect" in the middle of a prison in the Philippines? And for the first time really living and experiencing what God is offering me beyond my wildest dreams.
If you prefer a later download you can log into your account and download the kits from here.
One minute I'm opening all the windows in my apartment because it's too hot, the next minute I'm under a blanket.
Who would ever thought that you could experience being the body of Christ with people that have been a€?banned' from society?

I love your undignified, at the top of your lungs worship and of course, Cyndi Lauper songs too. They fear God, they have an immeasurable amount of joy that is a blessing to experience and they love without holding back.
Who would have ever thought I would experience real joy with a bunch of strangers turned friends real quick? I love that this has become a way to connect with people, and a way to minister to them too. When we leave for the day, they ask if we are coming back to see them at least 10 times each.
Their joy is so contagious and one can't help but bask in HIS glory because HIS presence is so apparent there.

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