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Nicole is in an abusive relationship and for over three years her boyfriend has beaten her to the point where she is not pretty anymore.
Despite the subject matter, I wouldn’t call Don’t Make Me Beautiful a difficult book to read and it’s not really steamy. A good friend is one who knows your strengths and weaknesses and still treasures you for who you are. A friend indeed is someone who stands by you in hard times and always celebrate your successes. A friend who understands your tears and failures is precious than a million of friends who only know yours happiness and achievements. Anyone can make you joyful by doing something great but a special friend can make you happy without having done anything special for you.
Friendship does not requires daily conversation or being together everyday but rather true friendship resides in the hearts no matter what the distance or interval of conversation. Best friend is someone whom you can pour out the contents of your heart to him or her trusting that he or she will handle it diligently, keep what is worth and let the rest go without shaking off the contents to unintended recipients.

It’s a damsel in distress story line that will grip your heart from start to finish.I loved Shine Not Burn, so I was very excited for Elle Casey’s newest book, Don’t Make Me Beautiful. He’s no match for meYou listen to me, you stubborn little thing… you can’t tell me what I think about you, okay?
Realize it’s about a women who is traumatized, broken and is coming to terms with her situation, all in the process of a caring man trying to help her through it.
Okay, so “Romantic Suspense” isn’t a genre I usually read, BUT it’s an Elle Casey book, so I had to read it. I have never been abused, but I know people who have and it’s a very difficult and emotional subject to touch upon. Don’t make me beautiful made me realize how much I do love those deep emotional, you-want-to-give-the-Heroine-a-hug story line.
I believe Elle delivered and wrote a beautiful story and it shocked me when I read a note in the book that it was based on true events. Brian is just your average guy with an average life, but he soon finds himself in a situation he can’t walk away from.

Sometimes I create these images and after like the 2nd hour I'm like, do people even like them?
I felt like there was a lot that went on and when you add the whole image issue, it just creates another delicious layer. I like Brian, he’s such a sweet man and definitely has the guy-next-door vibe, plus you add in an adorable kid and well it’s a great duo. The relationship between Nicole and Brian progressives gradually and there’s plenty of push back on Nicole’s part to keep you interested in the read.

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