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However, if a guy approaches in a nervous way or appears intimidated by the woman, she will close herself off to the conversation and may even directly reject him.
I recommend that guys be good guys, but being way too nice to women never gets to you anywhere.
Only after she feels sexual attraction for you, will she be impressed by the fact that you’re also a good guy.
If you display nervousness, shyness or appear intimidated by the woman, she will naturally feel turned off by you.
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Many guys go through life feeling as though they would be annoying a woman by approaching her or would be an unwanted interruption if she is talking with friends. Women are attracted to confidence and emotional strength and turned off by nervousness, insecurity and other emotional weakness. When a guy approaches her, it is an opportunity for her to potentially meet the guy she has been hoping to find.
If she feels tense or awkward in response to the guy’s nervousness, she will want to get away from the interaction as quickly as she can.
When a woman gets that sense, she will then play hard to get or simply reject your attempts to pick her up. When you display the emotional strength of confidence, women can’t help but feel a natural attraction for you. The more confidence you allow yourself to feel, the more that women will naturally feel attracted to you.

Women can attract men for sex very easily, so they hope to meet a guy who needs to be impressed by her first, before he is willing to have sex with her. I felt sad about the fact that I didn’t have a girlfriend, while other guys were enjoying sex, love and great times with women.
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