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We’ve already had you vote for Jelena versus Miliam for cutest couple, as well as Liam Payne and his GF versus Tom Parker of the Wanted and his lady. 1D member Louis, 21, and Eleanor, a 20-year-old student at the University of Manchester, are just too adorable together. Enter your email address below to receive daily updates on our readers polls and to read the hottest news stories of the day. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Teen Mom 2 returns for its third season later tonight and one of the major plot lines for star Kailyn Lowry will be struggling with the relationship between her son Isaac and his father Jonathan Rivera’s new girlfriend Vee. It’s clear in the video that Kail thought her hook ups with Jo meant there was a possibility of reconciliation, but Jo iterates that he thinks the two of them having a romantic relationship is a bad idea. The scene above could have been filmed more than a year ago, but it appears Kail’s feelings were just about the same last week when Jo brought Vee along to the Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping in New York City.
And Vee is no stranger to children, being the aunt to a newborn niece and toddler nephew, both of which seem incredibly fond of Jo.
And speaking of incredibly fond, here are a few photos of Vee looking nothing short of intimidating with her thin but very curvaceous figure!
The photo of Vee with the gray background above (credit: Ricardo Cabrera) is from one of her many shoots for School of Life Clothing Company. And for any Teen Mom 2 fans wanting to jump on the ol’ hater wagon this season, be forewarned that Vee will come back at you big time! Is it just a weird coincidence that Jo & Vee celebrated their one year on June 23, 2012 and Ryan & Dalis also celebrated their one year on June 23, 2012? I don’t get why Kailyn has a problem with her being around Isaac when she obviously has Javi around him all the time, and Jordan was too. Stepfathers and boyfriends are significantly more likely to physically or sexually abuse a child than a stepmother or girlfriend is. My opinion on the subject is that men seem less likely to force a mother-like relationship on the child with their girlfriend, but a woman will often force a father-like relationship with her boyfriend. LMAO Kailyn is in denial she had the nerve to post on her twitter that there is a difference between being jealous and simply not liking someone.
Vee seems like a all around good person, it appears to have eaten Kailyn to the core with jealousy. PHOTO Jenelle Evans reportedly pregnant again, Jenelle says ‘Nope’After a picture surfaces of  Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shopping at Target with what appears to be a sizable baby bump, a reliable source is confirming that she is pregnant again! The singer, who reportedly went to the hospital after the show, says he's "figuring out what happened" after collapsing backstage.

Justin Bieber says he's "getting better" after collapsing backstage at his 02 Arena concert in London on Thursday night (March 7).getting better. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business.
Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is very open about his relationship with girlfriend Eleanor Calder, but the same can’t be said for Big Time Rush member James Maslow and his GF Halston Sage, who have been keeping things fairly private since they were first seen together in April 2012. Now, we want to know who gets your pick for cutest couple out of Louis and Eleanor versus James and Halston! They’re constantly sharing cute couple pictures via Instagram (from Disney trips to getting comfy in some Coca-Cola PJs, pictured above) and they were recently photographed at the 2012 London Olympics smooching and getting lovey dovey in the stands.
They Nickelodeon stars been seen out in public together only a handful of times, but in our opinion, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your love life on the DL.
The two have enjoyed a rather flirty relationship online, with Vee sharing numerous (often funny) photos of the two of them together as well as almost daily affirmations of their affinity for each other. She seems to have zero tolerance for negativity and she’s ready and willing to let you know in a way that could be considered anything but gentle.
Both relationships were mentioned in this article and both of the girlfriends will probably have lots of haters because of the moms being the favorite.
What would be the ultimate is for the courts to grant Jo full custody while she’s playing Military wife in another state, because Kailyn thinks this is what Jo gets for rejecting her. Obviously she is around her son and if someone was spending time around my kid, I’d want to meet and know them for my own peace and mind. I don’t think it helps that most of them grew up in broken homes and are structured to think they need to tie people down before they run away. Here we go again how can you dislike someone you’ve already denied yourself from meeting.
Unless you have proof of a serious character flaw, there is nothing you can do about who your ex has around the kid. Keep reading to find out how Courtney and Doug told their close friends and family, and see our Photoshop prediction of what Courtney will look like pregnant. We love that they let fans get glimpses into their personal lives, and we’re so happy for the both of them!
Regardless of how serious they are, there’s no question that James and Halston make one heck of a good looking couple! Jo seems to want to maintain his bad boy image, but Vee will have none of it and seems determined to let the world know Jo is actually quite the fun-loving romantic. I only hope she’s given enough screen time this season for her personality to come through on the show!

And also on the Teen Dads Special, Jo & Ryan shared the couch together and declared they were single and not looking for a relationship, and about one month later on the exact same day they entered long term relationships lol. But some of these couples have only been together a few months, so even if Jo & Vee do, it actually makes sense, not some of these other couples moving in together after like a week. How has she not gotten over the fact that he’s moved on by now, ESPECIALLY since she’s married or getting married to Javi?! I’m shocked by how many times these girls and their parents think a judge is going to step in.
If she had such a problem with weed, she would have done something after Joe was arrested for it. Props to them for actually being mature about their relationships and not rushing them for absolutely no reason at all.
And about the whole comment of she doesn’t want this girl around Isaac, well i have news for Kail, Jo can bring his girlfriend around Isaac since you had Jordan around Isaac and currently have Javi around Isaac.
Both of their fathers seem to have very traditional gender-roles, but also keep their wives’ best interest in mind. I believe that Kailyn struggles with the fact that Jo has a gf because although Jo isn’t perfect he was good to her and Isaac. And by the way, she’s been trying to get with Jo since he started with Vee, sometime in June.
Out of all the dads, I think they’re the most likely to go onto live very happy divorce-less futures. I bet if Jo had met a female who wasn’t as beautiful or smart as Vee she would have a different attitude.
I will commend her tho cause she chooses really great guys that really do love her son (although I feel she could’ve gave Jo a chance before moving out). And I do understand her frustrations with being sexually active with Jo then finds out he’s dating someone. A rep for the singer confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that Bieber fainted and received oxygen for 20 minutes."Justin's got very light breath," his manager, Scooter Braun, told the crowd, in a video posted to TMZ. They say you never miss a good thing until its gone and I think it kills her to see another woman stand in the shoes she once stood. I commend Jo for being such a great dad and putting up with Kail’s contradicting demands.

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