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I haven't waxed my legs in two weeks (and NO, it doesn't look like the picture above) but the fact that I'm in a country where majority of women don't shave or wax their legs (or anything for that matter) is so freeing.
It's no mystery that, for the most part, society and culture determine what is and what is not acceptable when it comes to beauty. Usually we do things for ourselves that's beneficial to our health and overall well being, like eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. In conclusion, I suppose hairiness is more associated with being a man than it is being a woman. I do take comfort in knowing that if ever I don't feel like waxing or shaving, I can proudly walk the streets of this great country in all my hairy glory, free from judging eyes and a scrutinizing public!

Growing up in America I noticed at a very young age that I was "hairier" than most girls, especially in comparison to most Asians.
How many of us women can really say we were excited to show off our sprouting chest hair as teenagers, or went to school proudly exhibiting a fashionable goatee? My parents would credit my hairiness to the fact that I ate a lot of balut (duck eggs) when I was smaller. I can understand why we 'crave to shave.' I personally wouldn't want a hairy chest or facial hair. But who can blame him, having been born and raised in America, his perspective of beauty has been skewed to the non hairy version.

So naturally, once I hit puberty I couldn't shake the urge to shave, wax, thread, and pluck anywhere and everywhere that didn't look appealing with hair.

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