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The most successful virtual tour providers don’t rely on real estate virtual tours alone when it comes to working with customers. Virtual tours are great for all types of businesses—large or small, indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, just about any business can use a great-looking, interactive virtual tour to reach more customers and promote their offerings. One of the bigger challenges opened up by outsourcing is how business leaders would stay caught up with their pool of virtual employees. Little adjustment is required to make things work between your staff from the virtual world and from your office.
Here are five ways that you can seize to motivate your virtual staff to work hard, up-to-speed and energized when dealing with workloads. The sense of personal attention you give can help the entire team feel more comfortable working with each other. As a result, you will achieve more when the hidden wall dividing two separate units of your employees – from the virtual world and physical location of your office – are broken. Promote team cohesion by holding meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly frequency to keep everyone up-to-speed.
When employees know how their hard work pays off for the organization and you acknowledge, they’ll feel more energized and motivated. When employees feel they’re immensely understood, given realistic deadline and reasonable workloads, they’ll be more motivated to contribute and do the job assigned them. Managing your full time employees is already difficult and the same can be said of virtual workers. Just about any type of business can benefit from a stunning and well-produced virtual tour as a marketing tool that lets their customers experience their facilities and grounds.
Below are some business types you might not have considered, that may want to take advantage of your virtual tour service for themselves. But today’s movie theaters put an emphasis on clean, well-designed facilities with plenty to offer theater patrons.
Modern convenience stores have more than gas pumps and overpriced snacks—they can offer a range of goods and services that are great for any time of day.
These include private or parochial schools, most colleges and universities, and specialty schools like police academies and beauty schools. More than ever now, keeping employees motivated, regardless of their physical and virtual locations, is something that employers should recognize how to do. While it’s difficult providing the personal touch when working with a virtual staff initially as compared when managing full-time teams that work together in an office, but not a second such should disappoint nor stop you from hiring virtual employees. Making your pool of virtual employees genuinely feel like they belong to your team would help a lot in making them feel motivated.

Working as one single unit could help ensure that your projects and goals are being achieved successfully. Giving gift cards or surprising your virtual worker with package delivery to reward exceptional work may be simple, but it go a long way in improving team morale and work culture. There are systems that you can use to keep track of hours, project deadlines, and more of the likes to keep every member of your team on the same page.
Movie theater virtual tours are a great way for theater owners and managers to attract new customers.
Providing a virtual tour can be a good way for them to offer comfort by letting people become familiar with their facilities before they visit.
Being the respectful boss of virtual employees can spell a whole bunch of difference than treating your remote staff or virtual team as if they’re your slaves from outer space.
Even if they’re from Manila or Beijing, talk or communicate with your virtual employees as if they were merely in the same room as you.
A team member who feels appreciated or recognized for the cooperation they render could help push the project moving forward through to its completion.
Getting intimate with them helps ensure that everything that you’re building up is going there to where you want it smoothly.
More often, it is through smart and smooth management style that keep employees motivated and virtually in synch with the rest of your workflow. Heck, Clyde Mandelin, the guy who did the fan translation of Mother 3, has actually offered his work to Nintendo for free. Don’t refuse giving a “pat on the back” or dispensing good responses as well to manage virtual staff more effectively. Doing so would help you understand and decide which tasks to assign to your full-time and virtual employees.
But when you step outside of the Mother franchise, you see that there are many, many games that have yet to grace the Virtual Console. Well it allows you to ask specific questions about the tasks they’re working on and it also impresses that you’re as invested in they’re project as they are. When this list initially started as just a general games-we-want-on-the-Virtual Console list, we came up with a list of well over 150 games that hadn’t even released on the Wii’s VC.So with that, we decided to split up the list into several lists, separated only by console. There will be mention of other games that were made for this system, but only one will be on the list. There can be exceptions where a franchise that saw many similar games can be listed, like the Super Bomberman series and the NHL games. Any game that appears on the Wii’s VC is off-limits, as well.No IP that is currently held by either Microsoft or Sony can make the list due to the legal wrangling it would take to get the game onto a Nintendo console again.

Therefore, no games like Killer Instinct are allowed.While I’m not completely sure what the issue is with the Donkey Kong Country games, we will refrain from listing them.
Secret of EvermoreThe only game in Sqaure’s line-up created by their North American developers, Secret of Evermore begins our list. It’s here that our protagonist comes across a laboratory and, through unfortunate circumstances, gets sent to Evermore.And from there, you travel through the four realms of Evermore, trying to find a way back and meeting up with scientists from Earth who experienced the same mishap 30 years prior.
On top of that, the game—while looking like a JRPG of the era—has a very American feel to it, with cultural references that are more familiar to a North American player than other JRPGs of the time.9. Demon’s CrestThe third and final game in the Gargoyle’s Quest trilogy, this game took everything that made the first two games great and put them on steroids. You can fly, swim, cling, and fight your way to the final battle with the demon Phalanx.On top of the cool new abilities, there’s the amazing soundtrack, the wonderful gothic art style, and a massive map to travel. And while it does have some slowdown, along with some cryptic hidden spots in the game, we still feel it deserves a spot on the Virtual Console, just like the Game Boy game that started this series.8. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s IslandOne of my personal favorite games from when I was a kid—and probably the game I spent the most time playing—this wonderful spin-off of the classic Super Mario World has still not received a proper release on the Virtual Console. And yes, I say that knowing full well that the 3DS Ambassador’s Club received the GBA port of the game.
That could make things interesting when Nintendo decides which version to bring to the VC.Regardless, Yoshi’s Island is one of the greatest games to have graced the system, with one of the most memorable fights with Bowser (Baby Bowser in this game), some of the best artwork on the system, and a slew of creative and colorful villains.
Joining in for E3 2012, he worked his way up the ranks quickly, making it to the Editing Manager post at the beginning of 2013. Jeff has a wide variety of tastes when it comes to gaming and pretty much likes anything that is quirky, although his favorite genres are Action, Platforming, and RPG. Outside of gaming, Jeff is a musician, being trained as a trombonist for Jazz and Classical music, and holds a degree in Sound Recording. Happy to see Tactics Ogre get an honorable mention, the Ogre Battle series deserves more recognition AlbedoAtoned So glad Terranigma was on the list. I mean, I never thought I would be saddened by the loss of a mountain goat, but this game managed to move me with such a loss. And when you reach land outside of the underworld (you start in the planet) it’s a wasteland, so you have to revive the plants, and animal life.

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