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The year afterward,when I was 14, I attempted to get back together with my ex, only to be rejected. I haven’t dated any guys for a year and just got over a huge crush on my best friend.
To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. Around the same time, an old (male) friend of mine started contacting me more and more, getting more creepy as he talked to me. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion! I have trouble making guy friends because I never know what they’ll end up doing to me.

About a month after the breakup, I went to my best friend’s bar mitzvah to try and have some fun and distract myself.
Its hard for me to see myself as sexy or attractive because it makes me remember how badly I was treated. At the end of the night before he left, he decided he would get what he want even if I didn’t want to give it to him.
He pushed me up against a wall and felt me up while attempting to make out with me, while I cried and tried to push him off.

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